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18th May 2005, 18:03

I was looking at a few piccies on A'Liners.net.
Suddenly all hell breaks loose and I get that friggin' frog tune blaring out of my PC speakers!!!! (advert on page)

Nearly Sh*t myself....

You have been warned!!!!

There is no safe place, nowhere to hide!!!!

18th May 2005, 18:37
Turn your speakers off and you won't hear it ;-)

18th May 2005, 19:13
Good news!

Advert is now stating the single is out 23rd May! Does that mean we need to hear it on the radio too? :suspect:

18th May 2005, 19:48
Bet it goes to No1:{

18th May 2005, 19:51
What is this bloody frog you lot have been carrying on about over the past week?

Wait, I just heard it...........that sucks donkey balls.

19th May 2005, 07:25
Like I said on another thread heard far too much of it.

Had yesterday off work, ah the peace, the bliss.

19th May 2005, 08:01
Check this out. Much better than frog


ps. offensive language so dont look if sensitive by nature.

19th May 2005, 08:28
Thanks for that link, how I laughed. I know just the sort of person for that one. :D

The frog ringtone is actually a "jingle" that was originally meant to imitate a CZ 2-stroke motorbike and it was around for some time before it appeared as a ringtone. As I have a CZ competition enduro bike from the 1970's, I can vouch that it's authentic!

tall and tasty
19th May 2005, 09:14
Even my kids find it annoying and that is saying something as they usually find tones like that a giggle.

Personally it drives me crazy :( but, have they brought out a game yet where you can what ever, to the little froggie?????

TnT :p

19th May 2005, 21:58
Baseball bat time then............... :E

20th May 2005, 05:03
I think the frog is cute; he curls me up every time, when I'm on leave in UK - but only if you can see him on the screen. Otherwise he just sounds like a Czech motorcycle.

Its a shame we don't hear him over here, but now its a ringtone its just a matter of time, eh ...?

20th May 2005, 07:29
Thought we were talking about Jacques Chirac when I saw this thread...:confused:

Now all I can hear is ying;dingdingdingdingdingding...!

20th May 2005, 07:32
Hope my SWH doesn't see it.She's already had her first 'kill' of the season.She bites off their toes then swings them around.It's pretty horrific..did you know that they actually scream.:ouch:

20th May 2005, 09:19
We've got a frog in Western Australia that we call the "motorbike frog" simply because it does sound like a motorbike. There's also one called the "banjo" frog because..........etc

I now need Blue Diamond and Avtrician (or any other WA resident) to back me up on this one!

Stoney X
20th May 2005, 09:29
I thought I should post this link (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/4210407.stm) for all the crazy frog fans here, or for those who aren't. It's an interview with the creator of the sound. Enjoy the audio link :E


20th May 2005, 10:29
I will back you up, and now theres that bloody dragon thingo as well. all at 5 beer vouchers a pop + the monthly club costs. What annoying expensive ripoffs.

:sad: :sad:

More info here.jamster (http://www.jamster.com.au/)

25th May 2005, 10:54
There is a God!

25th May 2005, 10:55
According to the news today, the Frog has a single out which has gone to number one ahead of Coldplay. Not a great fan of Coldplay - but good grief!!!

25th May 2005, 12:05
What amazes me is the number of times recently that I have see the Crazy Frog advertised on TV. TV advertising is by no means cheap but the obviously think it is worth it. I fail to see the point of paying for a ring tone. All I want my phone to do is ring if there is a call. If I had a ring tone I would be thinking 'what's that noise?'. If it rings you know its your phone going. Simple really.

25th May 2005, 12:08
Why don't they do a ringtone of the frog getting what he truly deserves, in a multitude of ways. There's hundreds of rocket launcher, punch, explosions, gunfire, squelching noises on sound librarys around the world that you could mix in to kill that &*(&(*%%%^$%ing frog.

25th May 2005, 13:02
Saintsman. When you have a product which is virtually free to ditribute once you have set up the thing in the first place (and a reasonably high-powered server and some phone lines aren't that expensive- maybe 250,000) and you are charging 2.50 per month to a lot (million maybe) punters it leaves some spare for the advertising budget.

nosefirsteverytime. You should hear some of the versions the engineers here have set up. My personal favourite involves a tank and the frog.

25th May 2005, 13:08
I could post a piccy of the frog playing with himself...:cool:

25th May 2005, 17:41
try this one to take revenge on a frog


25th May 2005, 19:42
Madsdad, D'you think your lads could mix in this)Dr. Cox gem (http://www.dawnfilan.com/scrubs/mybigmouth/aooga.mp3) from This site (http://www.dawnfilan.com/scrubs/index.htm) into something nice involving machine gun fire? Even if it doesn't leave your office from copyright etc, I can imagine something nice from the mix.......

"And there it is again that *insert frog sound*

luckily I know how to make the pain, go away.....

*insert deliciously satisfying weaponry and frog death sounds*

Ahhh, that's better...."



Looks commercial, but there's a satisfying movie involving a chainsaw

26th May 2005, 07:48
Wasn't online last night Nosefirst so I didn't see your request. And I can't get at the files here (we can't download vid/sound files, only the lab techs are allowed to do things like that).

I'll grab the files tonight and bring them in tomorrow to see if someone can help.

26th May 2005, 10:14
I thought the whole point of custom ringtones was that you could identify your phone as it would sound different to everyone else's. If everyone has that bloody frog, it kind of defeats the object, doesn't it? :rolleyes:

26th May 2005, 10:27
futurshox. That's a bit like the schools where they have stopped having a school uniform so the kids can express themselves and not all wear the same uniform.

Then they all wear the same clothes anyway. (I think it's called 'peer pressure', although that could be something to do with Blackpool. I confuse easily these days).