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henry crun
18th May 2005, 09:02
I asked this question a long time back without receiving a credible answer but there are more ladies present now so I will try again.

Fashion parade catwalks.
Why do the women (mostly of the stick insect variety) at these events prance around with a bootfaced thousand yard stare using that grotesque over stepping walk ?

18th May 2005, 09:33
Must admit ... I've never seen a model who appears to be enjoying herself ... or himself for that matter. Seems to be the required thing ... to convey the impression that the wearing of that particular designer's clothes turns you into a miserable git who's incapable of cracking a smile. Mind you ... when you look at some of the rubbish they are wearing ...

18th May 2005, 09:40
More importantly, who would actually part with cash for some of the gear they are modelling?

I think they aren't smiling because they make so much ca$h they don't actually give a sh!t what you think (and stuff)!!!

Would you be smiling if you were made to sashay (or is it sachet???) along wearing nothing more than a see-through beer-coaster, two clingfilm postage stamps and a pink, hairless cat wrapped around your head?

More importantly, why don't they get women with big jugs who will bounce when doing that harsh, over-step stride...

I like a girl with a little meat on her bones. Not too much but enough so you wouldn't see a tic-tac a she swallows it.

Flip Flop Flyer
18th May 2005, 09:47
1/ If you're so skinny that an averagely equipped male would split you in half during intercourse; if you haven't had a decent meal in years; if you're only 16 and been told you're a goddess but everyone else thinks you're an anorexic bitch; if you're surviving on a diet of drugs and ciggies - I bet you wouldn't be a happy smiling camper either!

2/ Oh, and remember the "industry" you're talking about here mate; noting can possibly be more fecked-up than the fashion industry, with the possible exception of marketing. Since a fashion show is a combination of the above, it stands to reason that some dimwitted **** may have decided anorexic teenagers with a sour face is the best way to promote overpriced garments.

So combine 1/ and 2/ and you may have your answer. In either case, who really gives a flying ****?

18th May 2005, 09:55
Wow. Sounds like someone around here fell out of the ugly tree, hit every branch on the way down, then while laying there stunned, was clobbered by a big sack of ugly right in the chops!!!

Why so anti fashion models? Were you dumped by a super model once?

Okay I agree they could use a little more meat on their frames but apart from that, they give the rest of us something to look at.

If Kate Moss draped her frame over you and licked your ear you'd sniff, say "No thanks, ya too skinny" and go back to your beer and darts game??

tony draper
18th May 2005, 10:04
Mainly one supposes because all the chaps who attend are more interested in each other than the skinny bints on the catwalk.

18th May 2005, 10:09
They aren't ALL fruit.

One was once employed as a male model for a short time and enjoyed the fruits of the labour but not the variety to which you refer.

tony draper
18th May 2005, 10:26
Yer prolly got out just in time Mr S, yer wouldn't realise you was walking and talking funny untill it was to late.

18th May 2005, 11:51
My old dad used to call them 'fruit', too. Funny! I guess it's a period thing eh...?

tall and tasty
18th May 2005, 12:31
henry crun

not sure why but the stare is so they can focus on where they are going and not supposed to catch anyone's eye. One really has to remember that they are only there to make the clothes move for the designer and nothing really more.

Designers should make clothes for the average miss/mr normal who fits into the size 14 dress/30 inch waist trouser and is about 5ft 6inches/6ft tall. But for some reason and maybe it is society that influences it you would expect models to be tall and slim.

But I think they are miserable cos the makeup/hair and clothes changes have to be done quickly and they probably have no say in how it should be applied or done.

Maybe there should be a pprune catwalk show and we could all have some fun


tony draper
18th May 2005, 13:08
Dunno Mr S, don't think the phrase was used much ashore, it was common parlance at sea and prolly the armed forces, tiz a bibical reference one thinks, Fruit of Sodom or Apple of Sodom or summat, thats Sodom as in Sodom and Gemmorra. they was the fruit capitals of ancient times.
They prolly had fashion shows twice a day there.
This of course was before the days of daytime TV,so employment options were limited forrem.

18th May 2005, 14:17
TnT hasgot it pretty much spot on, they're told to focus as it's the clothes that they're out thee to make look good, also the make up used has a tendency to crack to and they wear it to excess so smilijg is also very difficult let alone a cardinal sin...

mind you at 5'6" cat walk modelling opportunities for me are slim but I do a lot of of magazine / ad work (as those of you that know me will vouch for)..... which is a completely different ball game, they they want a certain look and they give you "motivation" to achieve that look and welcome your input which doesnt happen on the catwalk as they want it to be natural so having things to catch your eye or take your attention off the camera isn't too uncommon, things like, having friends on the shoot with you, or your boyfriend , lots of jokes and laughing,
They might take 1000 shots durng a shoot out of which as few as 3 or 4 might be any good!

Personally you wouldn't find me dead on the catwalk, done it once or twice and hated it....


18th May 2005, 15:12
mind you at 5'6" cat walk modelling opportunities for me are slim

Me too.

Then again I'm male, middle aged and somewhat porky.

18th May 2005, 16:26
The 'boot-faced thousand yard stare', 'step-over' sashaying while wearing a sashet', ( trying NOT to swallow the tic-tac, just suck on the darn thing), all this is there to make the gal's hips work, legs stretch and the eyes smolderrrrr...
How this 'vitally important mission' is carried out depends of course on the abilities of each individual involved...:hmm:

18th May 2005, 16:28
I see, Mr. D.

So would this have anything to do with Sherlock Holmes, whom as we all know was a sly closet miner of Marmite?

When questioned by his side-ckick as to just why he was rubbing a tart, citric fruit across the doctor's bare back-side, Holmes is said to have replied, "Lemon entry, my dear Watson."

(watson -----> :ooh: )

Flying Foxy
19th May 2005, 20:09
The fact remains though - IF you can remember what you saw the sticks wearing on the catwalk - have you EVER seen any of it on anyone in the High Street or even in a shop in the High Street come to that? Just who are these self-important geeks 'designing' for and perhaps I should ask.....why?

Most of the gear looks like a washing machine accident in which you would not be seen dead, even if you could afford it or were daft enough to part with moolah for any of it.

The sooner the jumped-up overpaid ex-spice-girl types stop buying the crap, the sooner it will disappear from the catwalks. But then again...

19th May 2005, 23:48
What you see on the catwalk is the 'artistic' part of the industry, often times completely unwearable in real life. New ways to treat materials, new (exaggerated) trends, colors for the season etc.

Personally I do like certain designers and I wear their clothes regularly - great cut and quality fabrics.

henry crun
19th May 2005, 23:54
But RaraAvis, when you are wearing them do you use that rediculous walk ?

20th May 2005, 00:32
Naaaah, that's so, like, done.:rolleyes:
I prefer the style/s generously displayed by the Ministry Of Silly Walks, much more satisfying...:}

I do suck on tic-tacs, though.... :ouch: