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17th May 2005, 19:04
Was making like a tourist today in our fair capital and found myself at Tower Bridge....54 years a Londoner, and that`s the first time I saw it open! Plus, hung around at noon for the 41 gun salute at the Tower to celebrate the opening of parliament. Couldn`t help but notice the guns were pointing at City Hall and (presumably) Red Ken.

Can anyone tell me why the soldiers in command of each gun gave a bow towards their respective guns at the end of the salute?

Also, when the troops were getting fell in afterwards, they were trotting about with their hands on their chests, as if they were clasping imaginary braces....puzzling.

17th May 2005, 19:09
I suspect that they might be HAC - a very odd bunch indeed.

17th May 2005, 19:11

That helps me not, please elaborate.

17th May 2005, 19:22
HAC = Honourable Artillery Company, a rather exclusive unit of the Territorial Army based in London who perform a lot of ceremonial duties such as the one you witnessed.

I'm no expert on Army matters, but I understand that the guns are also the Regimental Colours which may explain the bowing of heads you mentioned.

No doubt some army types will read this thread in due course and be able to elaborate further.

aero :)

Onan the Clumsy
17th May 2005, 19:23
Congrats on differentiating between Tower Bridge and London Bridge btw. Do they still do the tours of all the raising/lowering machinery? I wonder if the top bit is just a brace, or if it's a footpath.

As to your questions, I'm sorry I haven't a clue :( You could always post it on Arse though. :8

tony draper
17th May 2005, 19:29
Mr Onan I understand someone from that neck of the woods did not know the difference either,thats why yer have to fly the Atlantic to see London Bridge now, apparently he thought he was buying Tower Bridge.

17th May 2005, 19:38
The top bit is a gallery/posh room - rentable for functions at an exorpitant rate of pounds. Nice view tho'.

17th May 2005, 20:17

“I wonder if the top bit is just a brace, or if it's a footpath.”

Yes Onan, the 2 gantry’s are actually enclosed footpaths.

NB: These walkways were closed soon after the bridge was opened in 1894, because they were a favourite soliciting ground for prostitutes…..

001 (BA Hist.)

17th May 2005, 20:56
Various bits of the bridge are open to the public, the ticket office itself being on the Pool of London (HMS Belfast) side. I didn`t fork out the consideration, being a tight wad, and not wanting the company of assorted nationalities at such close quarters. As it was, I got asked to take photos of a number of people whilst wandering about. One obliged of course....but god only knows how the pics will turn out, `cos David Bailey one is not.

I was at school near Waterloo the day someone flew a Hunter between the roadway and "the top bit" of Tower bridge.....made a hell of a noise as he went past.

Yes, that bit about the guns also being the colours seems familiar.

17th May 2005, 21:09
Artillery experts please respondCareful what you wish for...