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17th May 2005, 16:24
Diverted to Bangor. En route Boston to Milan.
Possible terrorist target on board.

17th May 2005, 16:46
....and of course nobody will pay for this if it was just another histeric american alarm....Whatever.....!!

17th May 2005, 17:13
more about it here:


It was Milan -> Boston, I was already wondering since when flights to Europe are leaving early in the morning (except BA)...

17th May 2005, 17:36
You know, as a Yank, I have to agree with most on here. The TSA and Homeland Security are jokes. They go way overboard most of the time and end up doing nothing more than delay people and piss them off.

However, I take issue with the phrase "hysterical American reaction". As a country that has not been, historically, the focus of terrorist attacks like many of you in the UK and Europe have been, please keep in mind that it is only 4 years since 9/11. Please also keep in mind America is slow to change...eventually this non-sense will stop (at least I hope it will). What was the UK like when the IRA started blowing up red buses in London?

Duff beer
17th May 2005, 18:19
Wander if Manchester ATC will force Malcolm Glazier's flight to divert?????

17th May 2005, 18:51
This happened less than a week ago on an AF flight from CDG to BOS !! Yanks are overdoing it !
They are already harrassing their tourists by fingerprinting them, now they feel like diverting flights to do it in a more personal way !! Way to go, don't expect much money out of tourism anymore !

17th May 2005, 19:01
Airlines should sue the TSA! and all other countries should do the same to American Flagged airlines, this is nonsense!!!!!!!!!!!

Henry VIII
17th May 2005, 19:04
Referring to the Boston Globe website, indicated by grimmrad

The no-fly list is reserved for individuals who have known or suspected links to terrorism, or who have been otherwise identified as a threat to aviation, the TSA said.

the agency was "working with Alitalia to determine how the passenger was allowed to board the aircraft."

All the airlines flying to US MUST fill in and send via e-mail two different lists at least 1 hour before ETD, one affecting the crew members on board and the other affecting pax. TSA compares the crew list against a previous Master Crew List provided and up dated by the company itself (and currently verified by TSA) and the pax list against the no-fly list.

Well, my question is: does TSA realize there is a no-fly pax on board of a flight after many hours only ???

Fight against terrorists requires to be ahead, not behind...

17th May 2005, 20:33
As was mentioned regarding the Air France diversion a few days ago, the suspect passenger on that flight had a name similar to an individual on the no-fly list, and had an exact match of birth dates. The plane was diverted because of the birth date match, not because of an exact name match. The Air France passenger and his family were subsequently quickly cleared in Bangor and sent on their way to Boston.

The phrasing used by the TSA spokesperson, 'an abundance of caution' suggests some uncertainty on the part of TSA that the Alitalia person will turn out to be the person on the no-fly list.

17th May 2005, 21:08
What was the UK like when the IRA started blowing up red buses in London?

I recall being a little afraid and pretty angry at the same time. We also allowed our Government to pass internment laws and to construct prisons with dreadful regimes within the UK to hold unconvicted UK citizens, against our better judgement and our traditional liberal values.

On the other hand, there were UK citizens trying to terrorise their own fellow countryfolk into making political changes; I personally am pleased that we didn't give in, but I am ashamed of the treatment meted out in such places as the Maze (stand by for enormous blasting about how the prisoners did it to themselves etc etc)

Another thing that made me angry at the time was the news of where the funding was coming from - the bars & clubs of Boston and New York. The fighting symbol of the IRA wasn't the AK47, but the American Armalite rifle.

What we didn't do was to allow the terrorists to break our spirit or interfere intolerably with our daily lives. We probably learned this from our parents, who were similarly unbowed by another greater agressor, Hitler.

I guess you might be right; we're more prepared for this than the Americans. Of course the events of 11 September were absolutely awful, but I believe the Americans must learn to put it into perspective and develop a more mature approach.

The Odd One

ps Mods - should I have shoved this into Jet Blast - it seems to have crept a bit from 'Rumours & News!!!!!!'

17th May 2005, 21:19
The Air France passenger and his family were subsequently quickly cleared in Bangor and sent on their way to Boston
...or maybe JFK?

17th May 2005, 21:34
US media now reporting the Alitalia diversion being another bogus scare by the "Department of Homeland Stupidity".
I gotta get out of this country...

I really wonder why people travel here anymore, why bother...

Im bidding for anything else!

Oceancrosser (on a very short and soon ending layover in NY)

18th May 2005, 00:12
The FBI questioned the man on the Alitalia flight and said he was not a suspected terrorist, and released him to immigration authorities.

According to press accounts, on the Air France flight, the Egyptian family of four was flying CAI-CDG-BOS-MCO for a vacation in Orlando.

Jordan D
18th May 2005, 00:42
Story as ever on BBC News Online (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4556667.stm)


Captain Sand Dune
18th May 2005, 01:57
AliItalia Flight Diverted

Is Ali Italia the Middel East subsidiary of Alitalia?:p
Would explain the terrorists then.:E

18th May 2005, 09:54
sand dune..is middel the new way of spelling middle?

18th May 2005, 10:02
'Almost the same name and birthdate' - that'll do then! lock em up and throw away the key!!! Perhaps the yanks should be taught how to spell first.

18th May 2005, 10:11
I wonder how the folks in Bangor, ME feel about this. The guy is apparently too dangerous to be allowed to fly to Boston, but the risk of him landing in Bangor is acceptable. So are the people of Maine more dispensible? Or perhaps the Boston police can't be trusted to detain him but the Bangor police can. Or perhaps the whole thing is ludicrous.

18th May 2005, 11:57
Bangor is a former USAF base and is I believe a designated secure site for such "arrivals". Methinks the Maineiacs are quite proud of this status.

BTW, didn't Freddie's folks file to Bangor on LHR-JFK flights (about the legal westbound range in their DC-10-10's) then refile to JFK if winds permitted?

18th May 2005, 12:37

I agree with you completely. One of Irish-Americans most shameful actions were the support of the IRA that originated out of Boston and NYC. Unfortunately right now we have a leader hell bent on promoting the ideas of the religious right, and more pertinent to our discussion, promoting a feeling of fear with the public so that they will continue to support assinine policies which has lead to the various "airspace denial" incidents these past months. I do not think a large majority of the American public is allowing terrorism to alter affect their daily lives much. The good thing is that Bush will soon be gone, and hopefully we will be smart enough to elect a much more intelligent and open-minded government. One that will do away with Home Land Security and TSA.

Respectfully yours in Chicago

PS, I know the game is only a friendly, but if any of you will be in Chicago to watch the England v. US game, I would love to meet you out for a pint or many!

18th May 2005, 13:51
Actually Bangor promotes itself as a "diversion" airport. Has a courtroom in the terminal with judge on call for dealing with the air rage set. I heard one BGR offical say they could get your unwanted SLF off and fuel on in 20 minutes. I guess it is called "niche" marketing.

Captain Sand Dune
19th May 2005, 00:36

Nice one..........

19th May 2005, 01:14
'Almost the same name

OK, so how do you spell Mohammed, er, Muhamed, Muhammed, Mahammed.....

19th May 2005, 01:29
... Mahomet, Mahmoud, ...

There is no "spelling". They are all transliterations of the sound of a word written in Arabic. You might as well try to spell the sound your cat makes. Is it "miaou", "miaow", "meow"... ?

I rather like that comment "The Department of Homeland Stupidity". Just been studying up on it. I thought the Brit kneejerk reactions were brainless, but the American regs make them look like a masterpiece of well-thought-out rationality and sanity.

20th May 2005, 16:45

So Bangor has a Judge and a court in the Terminal. At the rate the TSA is getting it wrong, I reckon that Judge and that courtroom will be idle for a long time.

It will be interesting to see how long it will be until the make a correct call on one of these diversions

Can anyone explain to me, why the carriers concerned always seem to take this incompetence from the TSA without seeking compensation.

If the TSA make a correct call and identify someone correctly..fair enough, no complaint here.

But when its a wrong call each time, it is costing the airlines a fortune and passengers a lot of disruption