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17th May 2005, 02:59
In my state of utter exaustion, I left my cat in the computer room all last night. When I awoke this morning, I heard him meowing and pounding on the door to get out. I opened the computer room door and Ed led me to the front door so he could go pee. When I went back to the computer to check my email, I found the "Windows Help" fly-out displayed something like 50 times.

He must have fallen asleep with lying on the F1 key or had he done it on purpose to get help? You be the judge.

You may remember Ed from earlier postings, he is the white and black cat. Clever lad think's I. :cool:

17th May 2005, 03:05
If he's so clever, why didn't he manage to get himself out of the room???

You can never be sure if the cat did this on purpose or is just lucky. Best to remove the threat regardless.

Have you considered making him go "WOOF!!"?

Do you know how?

Maude Charlee
17th May 2005, 09:19
Smarter than you think AC. Just discovered he had sent an e-mail requesting assistance to my moggies, and I only just caught them on their way out the door with my car keys and tool box! ;)

17th May 2005, 09:25
"Anticrash, why have you been looking at 'Big boobed blondes who give head' on the internet?"

"It wasn't me dear, it must have been the cat!"

17th May 2005, 09:26
If he was that clever he would have known that "Windows Help" is completely useless to man or beast.

Mind you, my moggies would have widdled on the keyboard and left it at that.