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16th May 2005, 22:10
"Kuwaiti women win right to vote

Conservatives in parliament have been blocking the law since 1999
The Kuwaiti parliament has voted to give women full political rights.
The amendment to the Kuwait's electoral law means women can for the first time vote and stand in parliamentary and local elections.

It was passed by 35 votes for, 23 against, with one abstention. Council elections are due this year.

The result, announced by the speaker of parliament, was greeted with thunderous applause from the public gallery where backers of the amendment were gathered.

"I congratulate the women of Kuwait for having achieved their political rights," said Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah."


Welcome to the 20th century Kuwait. Care to try for the 21st?

tony draper
16th May 2005, 23:02
Oh dear,the bearded ones won't like that one little bit, its not in their instruction book you see.

16th May 2005, 23:30
Uhmmm, someone tell us how long it's been since Desert Storm swept through those parts?! One small step for... :rolleyes:

OK OK, better late than never... :}

Captain Sand Dune
17th May 2005, 00:06
True, better late then never.
Should put more pressure on places like Saudi Arabia to follow suit, although I wouldn't hold one's breath!:hmm:
Meanwhile here in Oz, a female Islamic high school student has secured the "right' to wear the appropriate religious garb, despite that schools's policy against such dress. The school's policy that was drafted with the assistance of local Muslim leaders.
If she's really pushes, maybe she can remove the right of Australian women to drive cars and vote!:yuk:

Darth Nigel
17th May 2005, 02:00
Well, removing the right of women to drive wouldn't be all bad, now would it? Make the roads safer, and we could make parking spots narrower again...

More seriously, my dear Captain Sand Dune, I think that your message
female Islamic high school student has secured the "right' to wear the appropriate religious garb
is a good thing. The girl (or boy, or woman or man) should have the right to chose whether to wear the traditional dress or not. Saying "thou shalt not wear the traditional dress" is every bit as authoritarian as saying "thou shalt...".

In a reasonable society, people can chose for themselves, as long as it harms no-one. Otherwise, we end up with something that a German mate once described as the end-state of the Bundes-whatsit, "That which is not obligatory, is forbidden!"

17th May 2005, 02:53
parliamentary and local elections....Council elections are due this year HAHAHAHAHAAAA....!!!

So women won't be allowed to vote for anything important, like the national leadership. But then... nither will the men. The Amir still runs the show.

....waiting for the US to invade and impose democracy upon Kuwait/Saudi/UAE/and all the othersfemale Islamic high school student has secured the "right' to wear the appropriate religious garb, despite etc etcIf she didn't like it, why didn't she just leave (the country)???

There are some great countries out there for people with certain beliefs.

Captain Sand Dune
17th May 2005, 05:25
Here in Oz (and many other Western countries too, I'm sure) we have people of many different religious beliefs.
Can't remember the last time I heard of a Hindu, Bhuddist, Sikh, 7th Day Adventist etc complain about not being able to wear particular religious garb.
The point is that the school in question has a dress policy which everyone else seems to be happy with - oh of course, except the ******s.

17th May 2005, 06:50
....on the long path toward equality!

( Seems we are only 50 years ahead here with women right of vote, in spite of our national motto.............)

17th May 2005, 08:51
It is a remarkable step forward by Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah (the Kuwaiti PM) but the Islamists in Kuwait are very miffed indeed, insisting on the concession is that the women must "abide by Sharia law" ! Whatever they think that means, it will still be a rocky road for many women who will be forced to vote the way their husbands tell them. However, very intelligent women in Kuwait are now active in the media and certain female members of the Al Sabah family are excellent role models and are very impressive when debating such issues on TV.

There is no doubt that US diplomatic pressure played a major role in opening up what is in fact a very tolerant society in many other ways.