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tony draper
16th May 2005, 17:53
Another man been beaten near to death by youths because he objected to them throwing a brick at his car, make a example of these stinking young scum give them 50 years,throw the key away, don't let them out until they are broken old men.
Alas the authorities will do buggah all but issue some mealy mouthed meaninless statement,and things will continue exactly as before.
Take the gloves off the police and the courts let them kick arse seriously and **** the fluffies and lib luuvies with their feckwit touchy feely schemes.

16th May 2005, 17:58
Yes, definitely the reaction of a reasonable intelligent man.

Drapes has obvioulsly considered all of the circumstances, and the situations of all concerned, and come to the same conclusion as me - hang the [email protected] - preferably by the [email protected]

16th May 2005, 18:19
I keep a "weapon" in my car. Not an illegal weapon. Just a handy "persuader".

Pal of mine suggested it.

$od the consequences if it's ever needed.....better than getting duffed up or worse.......well, more satisfying at any rate.

And that's how we'll end up. Law won't protect innocent people, so innocent people take the law into their own hands.


16th May 2005, 18:27
I also could not believe there is opposition to having the convicted louts wearing a uniform while they do their "community service". I'd have 'em in leg chains as well.


16th May 2005, 18:59
How about orange jump-suits? Maybe with "broad arrows" on them as well

(okay - I'm well-known as being "slightly to the Right of Attilla the Hun ;) )

16th May 2005, 19:02
Bring back the birch, that will cure a lot of the problem children. First of all, use it on the Islington luvvies first:{

16th May 2005, 19:21
National Service anyone ?

16th May 2005, 23:04
Take a leaf from Not the Nine O'Clock News.....

Cut off their goolies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th May 2005, 23:28
Hear Hear, are you listening Tony B Liar, O Prince of Darkness, we want drastic action against these *&$%*!!!!! Now!

CUt off their goolies? Nuts! Off with their heads and all other extremities... Harsh but, I think you'll find, fair!

17th May 2005, 02:39
Why did they throw a brick at his car in the first place????

He probably had it coming. The old fart was doubtless lambasting the youths as you often see or hear of old people doing. Swinging his cane until the kids had no option but to fight back.

You have to stand up for yourself eventually.

17th May 2005, 02:51
PLEASE don't anyone rise to Scrube (or should that be pronounced "pratt") bait.