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16th May 2005, 08:12

FD. (the un-real)

kdo neskace, neni Cech.... hop, hop, hop!

16th May 2005, 16:30
Uh boy.

Gonna be a lot of pissed of Canada folk at work today.

Well done the Czechs.

16th May 2005, 20:26
Doubt it Jerricho, the Canadians have never taken the World Championship particualrly seriously. It might have been a bit different this year with the NHL strike but I doubt it.

Now, when it comes to the next Winter Olympics things might be a bit different ;)

16th May 2005, 20:28
That's the exact reason Balix. They've all been sitting around the TV at work watching the games.

DC Meatloaf
17th May 2005, 03:31
Super frustrating for the few of us who are actually hockey fans here in the US was that there wasn't any easy way to watch the games on television (that I ever discovered anyway). Just as well that the US tanked early.

Congrats Czechs.

Maybe we'll actually have an NHL season next fall. Not holding my breath, though.

Sigh. :ugh:

17th May 2005, 07:04
After all it does not make that much of a difference. There certainly were dozens who had been pissed enough so not to come to work on monday.:} Hockey is the second favourite sport very close behind (the) football. How is it on the other side of the pond? I probably could take a guess on Canada but what about the US, compared to let's say, fishing?

I just looked up the impressive Canadian series for the last three years, Olympics, World Cup, World Championship twice - somebody had to put and end to this anyway. :ok:

(the un-real)

DC Meatloaf
17th May 2005, 18:45
Hockey popularity varies pretty dramatically by region in the US. In the DC area I'd say it goes:

1. Football (American variety) -- nothing else comes close.

Well behind are:
tie 2. College Football
tie 2. College Basketball
tie 2. NBA Basketball
tie 2. Major League Baseball
6. NHL Hockey
7. Bass Fishing/Monster Truck Car Crushing/Riding Mower Races

In other areas of the country, Hockey might be lower.


17th May 2005, 20:11
Well done and congratulations to the Czechs! :ok:

... behaviour of the Canadian team in the last minute was a disgrace BTW, not a lot of sportsmanship on display there..... :rolleyes:

17th May 2005, 20:41
I missed it Flappy. What happened?

Left Coaster
18th May 2005, 02:52
Actually it was the other way around! A yappy Czech and a proud Canadian kid who wouldnt want any one to talk about his mother that way! What would you have done? Lousy way to celebrate a win I would say.

Capn Notarious
18th May 2005, 05:42
Perhaps one of you could explain.
Why is it that at some televised ice hockey matches, following a goal, some individual takes it upon themselves to play crescendo chords on a keyboard WHY ?

Left Coaster
18th May 2005, 07:46
Sure, my pleasure! In actuality, you have to really be at the game to understand why, but in essence it's all part of the hype. Years ago, when you went to watch a game in such places as the Forum in Montreal or Boston "Gaaadens" or the old hallowed halls of Maple Leaf Gardens (sorry Canuck fans, the Coloseum doesn't count!) all there was was a PA announcer and an organist. But it was no ordinary organ , usually some monster machine converted from a pipe organ to a suitable noise maker for a hockey arena. So...after a goal, which has always been celebrated in various ways, (in Montreal they threw rubber "Galoshes" or other such goodies), hats etc. (see hat trick) and such, the organist would exort the crowd to cheer harder, longer and louder. It still happens today but in a much grander scale. It comes from the USA mostly as a marketing tool in between the many TV time outs and whistles in today's games. Sell the team products, advertise sponser's goods,and entertain the more upscale and "hipper" fans. These tend to have more cash to spend than yesterdays fans, and it keeps the place hoppin! To really experience the game in full, you need to go see a game, but at the moment....well if you're a fan of the NHL, you already know...SIGH
Hope this helps a bit...