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16th May 2005, 00:23
Evening (morning) all.
Scran and Cooda are in Hobart for the annual Tazmanian Devil wrasslin' competition.


1...Questions posted on monday, scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2..2 points for each lyrics questin, one for the artist and one for the song title. TOTW/SOTW and trivia questions are worth a point each, but some questions may ask for additional information worth extra points.

3...What rule 3?

4...The judge's decision is final. So there.

5...During the first 24 hours, only one post per player containing as amny answers as you like, will be accepted. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours, there is no restriction on posts (free for all).

Some of this week's question have been supplied by a player who wishes to remain anonymous. A big thanks to him/her. :ok:


1...Welcome to your life
Everybody Wants To Rule The World/Tears For Fears - Ms flygirl

2...When I was justa boy, just-a about-a 8th-a grade
Shaddup Ya Face/Joe Dolce - k-lo

3...Out where the creek turns shallow and sandy
Long Time Comin'/Bruce Springsteen - Richo

4...I, I will be king
Heros/David Bowie - Richo

5...Baby, do you understand me now?
(Please) Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood/Eric Burdon & the Animals - Ms flygirl

6...Maybe I didn't love you
Always On My Mind/Willie Nelson - Cooda

7...I told her when it comes to talking
Go Jimmy Go/Jimmy Clanton & His Rocketeers

8...Oh you need timin' a-tick a-tick a-ticka
Good Timin'/Lou Christie - Cooda
(Would have accepted Jimmy Jones)

9...On the banks of the river stood Running Bear, young Indian brave
Running Bear - Keygrip
Johnny Preston - Rushy

10..That fateful night the car was stalled upon the railroad tracks
Teen Angel - Richo
Mark Dinning
(One-hit-wonder I believe)

11..First the tide rushes in
Ebb Tide/Frank Sinatra - Ms flygirl
(Would have accepted the Righteous Brothers)

12..I'd give you everything and more and that's for sure
For Your Love/Yardbirds - desk jockey

13..Someone's dropped a bomb somewhere
Good News Week - Cooda
Hedgehoppers Anonymous - Simtech
(Cooda you just think up those groups on the spur of the moment, dontcha)? :D :D

14..Up every mornin' just to keep my job
Five O'clock World/Vogues - Richo

15..'Cause he gets up in the morning and he goes to work at nine
A Well Respected Man/The Kinks - desk jockey

16..You get up every morning from your alarm clock's warning
Taking Care Of Business/BTO - Ms flygirl

17..Early in the morning, I'm still in bed
Doin' It All For My Baby/Huey Lewis & The News - Ms flygirl

18..There is nothing that is wrong
Lay Down Sally/Eric Clapton - Ms flygirl

19..No more timing each tear that falls from my eyes
I Can Dream About You/Dan Hartman

20..Don't go out in the rain you're gonna melt, sugar
Don't Go Out In The Rain (You're Gonna Melt) - Ascend Charlie
Herman's Hermits

21..At last my love has come along
At Last/Etta James - Richo

22..Let me tell you a story about a boll weevil
The Boll eevil Song/Brook Benton

23..Well baby used to stay out all night long
It's All Over Now/Stones - Cooda

24..Hold me close, hold me tight
I Want You I Need You I love You/Elvis - Ms flygirl

25..Words of power are killing me
Savage/Annie Lennox

26..Someday, someway you'll realize that you've been blind
Just A Matter Of Time/Brook Benton

27..How many times do I have to try to tell you
Why/Annie Lennox - k-lo

28..Sunshine came softly through my window today
Sunshine Superman - desk jockey
Donovan - Cooda

29..As I walk this land with broken dreams
What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted/Jimmy Ruffian - Richo

30..Another summer's day has come and gone away
Home/Michael Buble'

The following ten questions are based on the song "Taxi" as recorded by Harry Chapin.

1...Name the city where the events in the song take place.
San Francisco - Ms flygirl

2...Name the two characters in the song.
Harry and Sue - Ms flygirl
Bonus point each, what did they want to become?
He a pilot, she an actress - Ms flygirl

3...What address does she give the driver?
16 Parkside Lane

4...Where did they learn about love?
In the back of the Dodge - Ms flygirl

5...What does he have hiding inside him?
A wild man

6...What is she afraid of?

7...Why was baby crying?
Because she's dying

8...How much did she pay for the taxi ride?
$20.00 - Ms flygirl
Bonus point, how much was the actual fare?
$2.50 - Ms flygirl

9...What did he do with the money?
Tucked it in his shirt pocket

10..What does he do inside his taxi?
Flying his taxi, taking tips and getting stoned - Ms flygirl

Trivia. (30, count 'em, 30 questions)

1...Finish the following line by Jimmy Ruffian:
What becomes of the broken hearted...
Who had love that's now departed - Richo

2...So if you want some fun, ha-ha-ha take...what?
Obladi-blada - desk jockey

3...Who was the first Welsh singer to top the US charts?
Bonnie Tyler - Richo
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Cooda

4...Which four cities - in order - get a name-check in the song "Pop Muzik?"
NYC, London, Paris and Munich - Ms flygirl

5...Point each, in which song does Joni Mitchell sing about
a...the Matalla moon.....Carey - Richo
b...the conquered moon.....Wiley - Richo

6...Her fingernails are filthy. What has she got on her feet?
Beach tar - johnfairr

7...The subject in the David Bowie song "The Jean Genie" is supposedly about which rock artist?
Iggy Pop - bentbanana
Bonus point, the song title is a reference to which novelist, playwright, poet and prostitute?
Jean Genet - bentbanana

8...George Underwood designed the covers of David Bowie's Space Oddity, Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust. Point each, what were two of his previous connections with Bowie?
Punched him in the eye and recorded with him in the "King Bees" -bentbanana

9...Which pop singer starred in the TV series "Circus Boy?"
Mickey Dolenz - Cooda

10..Which rock & roll star graduated from beauty school with a degree in hairdressing and cosmetology?
Chuck Berry

11..What word in what phrase in the song "Johny B Goode" was changed to make the song more commercially acceptable?
..little coloured boy could play/..little country boy could play

12..The Scorpions follow the Moskva to where?
Gorky Park - Richo
Bonus point, name the song.
Wind Of Change - Richo

13..There really is a Route 66. It goes from where to where?
Chicago to LA - desk jockey
Colorado River to Santa Monica - Ms flygirl
(The question is a little ambiguous. Except for bits and pieces in other states that's where it actually goes now. Have a point Ms flygirl)

14..Which Sheryl Crow hit was written by a group of musicians known as the "Tuesday Night Music Club?"
Leaving Las Vegas

15..None of the Beatles spoke French. Which one of their songs contained French lyrics?
Michelle - Ms flygirl

16..Which song was one of Led Zeps most popular concert songs?
(Hint, they often played it to open or close a concert).
Communication Breakdown

17..Eva Boyd was Louise Goffen's babysitter. Name Louise Goffen's parents.
Carole King and Gerry Goffen - desk jockey

18..Which Alice Cooper album opened up like a school desk and contained a pair of paper panties?
School's Out - Ms flygirl

19..Supply the next line:
Things got bad and things got worse...
I guess you will know the tune..
(Cooda I checked on four lyrics databases including misheard lyrics, they all say yer wrong). :)

20..Point each, name the missing player and group:
Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon...
Freddie Mercury/Queen - Keygrip

21..Name the group, originally called the Trendsetters, that was made up of five RAF pilots.
Hedgehoppers Anonymous - Simtech

22..This Bob Dylan song title is about a woman and her daughter who came into the recording studio to get out of the rain, and Dylan guessed their ages correctly. Allegedly.
Rainy Day Woman #12 & 35 - Rusty
(See, y'all thought it was about getting stoned). :E

23..Thelma Hopkins and Joyce Vincent sang back-up vocals on the Temptations "Reach Out I'll be There." They went on to become 2/3 of what group?
Tony Orlando & Dawn - Ms flygirl

24."Red Headed Woman" by Bruce Springsteen was written about whom?
Patti Scialfa - Ms flygirl

25..Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers were the backing band on which Johnny Cash album?

26..Point each, name the missing player and group:
Marcia Barrett, Bobby Farrell, Liz Mitchell...
Maisie Williams/Boney M - bentbanana
Bonus point, name another group that was a brainchild of producer Frank Farion?
Milli Vanilli

27..I don't know what day of the week he made the quote, but which Stones song was this Keith Richards quote about "...some chick you've broken up with. And all you have left is the piano and the guitar and a pair of panties."
Ruby Tuesday - desk jockey

28..Which Dan Fogelberg song title is another name for the Kentucky Derby?
Run For The Roses
Bonus point, name this year's Derby winner.
Giacomo - Richo
Hey Nani, you there? ;)

29..In 1971, Lori Lieberman wrote a poem that became the basis of the song "Killing Me Softly With His Song" after she saw this artist perform his song at the Troubador theatre in LA. Point each, name the artist and the song.
American Pie
Don McLean - Cooda

30..Now for a gimme. Which Johnny Cash song did co-writer Merle Kilgore want to use in a TV commercial for hemorrhoid medication?
Ring Of Fire - Keygrip

16th May 2005, 00:40
Lyrics 9: Running Bear (isn't it?)

Trivia 9: Mike Nesmith
Trivia 20: Freddie Mercury. Queen.

Forgot to say (but cannot edit the last post [even before you notice])..

Trivia 30: Ring of Fire

16th May 2005, 00:51

Good looking Quiz.


3. Im sure its Springsteen, cant think which song.
4. Heroes - David Bowie
14. Its the theme from the Drew Carey Show
15. Morning Train - Sheena Easton?
21. At Last - C Aguilera, Etta James etc. Heaps o' covers.
29. What becomes of the Broken Hearted - Jimmy Ruffian.


1. Who had love thats now departed.
3. Tom Jones?
5. a - Carey b- Willy
12. Down to Gorky Park - Winds of Change.
20. Freddie Mercury - Queen.
30. (i fell into) a Burning ring of fire.



16th May 2005, 01:10
Good evening Studmuffin and all,


1) Everybody wants to rule the world
Tears for fears
5) Don't let me be misunderstood
Eric Burdon and the Animals
11) Ebb Tide
Frank Sinatra
16) takin care of business
Bachman Turner overdrive
17) Doing it all for my baby
Huey lewis and the news
18) Lay down sally
Eric Clapton
21) At last
Ella Fitzgerald
24) I want you, I love you, I need you
Elvis Presley
29) What becomes of the broken hearted
Jimmy Ruffin


1) Frisco
2 Harry-pilot Sue-an actress
3) parkside lane
4) Back of a dodge
8) 20 for a 2.50 fare
9) Stuffed the bill in his shirt
10) flyin in his taxi, takin tips and getting stoned


1) Who had love that's now departed
4) New york, London, Paris , Munich
10) Little Richard
13) Colorado river to santa monica, ca
15) my michelle
18) school's out
20) Freddie mercury queen
23) tony orlando and dawn
14) patti scalfia

16th May 2005, 01:16
Hi Piggy!

Quick scan tonite as usual:

L13 - Anne Murray - A little good news today

T3 - Tom Jones - It's not unusual

T15 - Michelle

T20 - Queen, Freddie Mercury

T23 - Tony Orlando and Dawn :yuk: :ugh:

That'll have to do for now! See you tomorrow.

JC :ok:

16th May 2005, 01:46
Hey, watcha got against yellow ribbons and bangin' on pipes? :D :D

16th May 2005, 03:19
Scran and Cooda are in Hobart for the annual Tazmanian Devil wrasslin' competition. :uhoh:

Not quite piggy.

Why leave the clear blue skies and warmth (41C in the car yesterday) of a Darwin Autumn for the frozen wastes of Tassie? I'll leave that to scran; coming from Canberra, he's used to frozen wastes :E

6...Always on my mind - Willie Nelson
8...Good Timing - Lou Christie?
13...Good News Week - The Hedgehog Five
23...Its All Over Now - Rolling Stones
28....? - Donovan

9...Micky Dolenz (The Monkees)
19...I guess you know the two (one for the misheard lyrics thread?) CCR - Lodi
21...The Hedgehog Five were RAF ground crew :confused:
29...Don McLean not sure of the song....was it Vincent?

Catchya Later

Solid Rust Twotter
16th May 2005, 05:03

6. Always on my mind - Elvis/Willie Nelson


15. Michelle

22. Rainy Day Women # 12 and 35

16th May 2005, 05:12

2 : Shaddap Ya Face - Joe Dolce
27: Why - Annie Lennox


14: All I Wanna Do


16th May 2005, 07:12
Morning All,


13: (It's) Good News Week - Hedgehoppers Anonymous


13: Michelle
21: Hedgehoppers Anonymous??

16th May 2005, 07:39
Yawwn... good morning pop pickers...

Scrapin thru whats left....

T7 Supposed to be about Iggy Pop
T7 Jean Genet

T8 George Underwood was a childhood friend of Bowies/played in early groups with him and was responsible for damaging his eye in a fight

T16 Whole Lotta Love...(?)

T26 Maize Williams group Boney M
T26 Milli Vanilli

back to work then
have a good day all

16th May 2005, 08:23
Good morning - no it's not - working on a public holiday.

L12 - For Your Love - Yardbirds
L15 - ? - Well respected man about town - Kinks
L27 - Do you want to know a secret - Beatles/Billy J. Kramer
L28 - Sunshine Superman - Donovan

T13 - Chicago to LA (according to the song anyway)
T17 - Carole King, Gerry Goffin
T17 - ? - Ruby Tuesday

16th May 2005, 08:37
Morning Pigboat, great quiz, got me scratching my head, but at least you've put some decent questions for me to answer in!

Trivia 5a. Carey, from Blue

Trivia 6. Beach tar, again, Carey from Blue.

Can't stop any longer, sorry,


16th May 2005, 10:25
Late again

L9 - was by Johnny Preston?

17th May 2005, 00:24
Initial scores

Ms flygirl 27
Richo 12
Cooda 10
desk jockey 8
bentbanana 6
k-lo 4
Keygrip 4
Simtech 3
Rushy 1
johnfairr 1
Rusty 1

Cooda, you could be talking about Ottawa there instead of Canberra. It was 40 degrees in my car yesterday also. I've had the heater wirelocked to full hot since November. :D

17th May 2005, 02:04
Couple more..

3. Long Time Coming is the song
10. Teen Angel?
14. Five O'clock World - the vogues


14. All i wanna do?
28. This years winner was a longshot Giacomo.



17th May 2005, 05:06
OK Ok.....

there is only 1 Tasmania where I am, and seeing he is a 6'3 Goalkeeper (Male)..there ain't NO WAY I want to wrestle with him!! :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

Going well so far Piggy. Girls stunned last years champs in the first game...a 7-1 win looking very good on our board!!!

Next game a tight affair against the old nemisis Queensland, and we (unfortunatley) conceded a goal with 80 seconds to go..loosing 1-0.

Next was Victoria - a comfortable 6-1 win, leading 6 - 0 with 5 to go before they got lucky.

Men also undefeated so far, with tough game tomorrow and hard game Thursday.

So - appear to be on track with a real chance to compete for both titles.

We had a squad dinner last night and drew partners - and I got Di!!!! Looking even better now!!! :ok: :ok: :ok:

May send you a pic (if any Appropriate ones come out from the censor.......:hmm: :hmm: )

Good looking Quiz - I'm up next week!!!!!!

Cheers all

Scran in beautiful downtown Albury, NSW, Australia :hmm:

Ascend Charlie
17th May 2005, 05:49
10 agree, it is Teen Angel
20. The song title is the line you wrote, Don't go out into the rain, you're gonna melt, sugar" and the group was the Silkies or the Huskies or sumfing.

16 The Immigrant Song, and Led Zep hated singing it, but it was just so darn popular, they had to.

17th May 2005, 06:35
Missed an obvious one yesterday
T2 - Ob-la-di-bla-da (did I spell that rite?)

17th May 2005, 08:46
T3 ...if it wasnt "Jones the Voice" then it must have been "Burly Chassis" with Goldfinger...(?)

have a good day....

17th May 2005, 14:37
Updated scores..

Ms flygirl 27
Richo 18
Cooda 11
desk jockey 9
bentbanana 6
k-lo 4
Keygrip 4
Simtech 2
Rushy 1
johnfairr 1
Rusty 1
Ascend Charlie 1

Great to hear the hockey's going well, scran. Good luck for the rest of the tourney.:ok:
Looks like you got lucky at the squad dinner. Ya never pulled rank, huh? ;)
Yer up for the next two, I'll not be leaving until early Monday, my time, so I'll pop in on Sunday night to keep ya on yer toes. :D

Back before the UK group goes beddy bye with a few clues.

Clues as promised

L7....Obscure 50's - early 60's American group. One-hit-wonders?
L10..One-hit-wonder solo artist.
L19..R7B artist from Motor City.
L20..I have no idea if this Brit group kept dead prostitutes in their caves.
L22..Q & A song between a man and an insect.
L25..C'mon k-lo, ya got the first one.
L26..Artist from L22.
L30..Canadian artist with French last name singing in English. Song is still on the charts.

T3....Song title open.
T10..The answer is right in front of yez.
T11..The changed word was very politically incorrect.
T14..Nobody Lost Wages on this song.
T16..Cooda got the misheard lyrics correct.
(From the same song "Oh Lord I'm sucking on the old guy again")
T28..C'mon Rich, ya got the horse correct.

17th May 2005, 23:19

The only reason i got the horse right is cause ive got ESPN, ive got no idea about Dan Fogelberg!


I asked a mate who is a triv whiz and he reckons its Bonnie Tyler.
No idea about the song though.



18th May 2005, 02:49
Trivia 3 - Its a Heartache?

18th May 2005, 02:55
No, but heart figures somewhere in there. :D

18th May 2005, 05:33
Along with A....Total....Eclipse.....of.....The ?

19th May 2005, 02:45
That's the one. :ok:

19th May 2005, 23:40
Ok, thar she be.

Final scores

Ms flygirl 27
Richo 18
Cooda 11
desk jockey 9
bentbanana 6
k-lo 4
Keygrip 4
Simtech 2
Rushy 1
johnfairr 1
Rusty 1
Ascend Charlie 1

Scran'll be back for the next two weeks. See ya.