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15th May 2005, 19:46
Once again I find myself in a part of the world where men outnumber (available) ladies by about 800 to 1.(Discounting the 'Nightfighters' )....and the few ladies that are around are frumpies who seem to be part of a Campaign Against Wastelines.... and even they have men around them like moths to a flame...

Now does anyone out there know a place in the world where the odds are reversed... ? and that needs pilots.... Answers such as " A ladies prison " will not be appreciated..:}

15th May 2005, 19:56
Nottingham, UK. :} and this (http://www.robinhoodairport.com/) place has only just opened and isn't a million miles away...

15th May 2005, 20:04
I know of a couple of single birds in Sheringham?

Campaign Against Wastelines
Wastelines? Is this along the lines of...

I hate to see good food go to waste, let it go to my waist instead!!



15th May 2005, 20:57
I've heard rumours that any man stepping foot in Sheringham is likely to get eaten alive by the local women........ :uhoh:

If he's lucky ;)

15th May 2005, 21:02
Brazil, it's a man's paradise, according to my brother in law. Too many women chasing too few men.

And if the men have a decent job, they can take their pick (allegedly) on ipanema or copacabana beaches.

Somewhat hot temperaments, though...';)'


15th May 2005, 21:13
I will second Nottingham. If you go there on the sniff and can't pull there is something wrong with you ;)

15th May 2005, 21:37
You want to go to Caracas, Mungo - there's nine women for every guy !!!

- - -

Charlie: It's spelled wrong, you know.
Andy: What?
Charlie: Caracas. It's spelled c-a-s. You've spelled it c-u-s.
Andy: We've been standing here for four hours! Why didn't you tell me?!

15th May 2005, 21:48
If he's lucky ;)
Yes Shy, you'd be lucky :E :ok:



15th May 2005, 22:30
Don't tell me - your mother.........? :eek:

15th May 2005, 22:56
Yup - she'd eat you for breakfast ;) Especially as I'm sure fried ShiteHawk is permitted on Atkin's :E



15th May 2005, 23:00
Well if I'm ever out that way, get invited for breakfast :E and don't come back :ooh: ....... send TC my fried egg ;)

15th May 2005, 23:23
Is that along the lines of the famous, corny chat-up line...

"How do you like your eggs in the morning?"

"Unfertilized, thank you!"



16th May 2005, 00:59
I know one place where men are seriously outnumbered by women. Our house. Seven to one normally; eight to one at the moment, while SIL visits her daughter, who lives with us...

I'm still no closer to understanding women, though. Life in the barracks was so much simpler - just compare 'Hot Cars' with 'Her World' to get some idea...

Does anyone out there know of a good way to keep a razor sharp in an all female household? Should one take revenge by growing a beard? Why do women keep the shower curtain rail festooned in underwear? Since it never gets a chance to get dry, do they ever wear any of it again? How would they know who's is who's if they did?

Questions, questions, always so many questions... :confused:

16th May 2005, 09:07
Nottingham is full of men on a weekend who have all heard about the ratio of women to men. End result is the ratio is reversed. If slappers is what you're after - I could suggest some far better places - however a tradesman never gives away his secrets.

8 women eh Blacksheep? Imagine how bad tempered that house is going to become when all the ladies come into 'sync' with each other. :uhoh:

Send Clowns
16th May 2005, 11:54
Try Scandinavia. The women are fine (took us 3 days to find an unattractive woman in Oslo, and we were looking) and while the ratio is nothing special the Norwegian men, and I believe other Scanahooligans, don't treat them as well as they should. They don't tell them how beautiful they are, or how interesting they are, so a small amount of British charm hooks a lovely young lady ;)

Onan the Clumsy
16th May 2005, 12:03
I pulled in Nottingham once. Ah seventeen...such a very fine year.

Paraffin Budgie
16th May 2005, 12:15
Tallinn, Estonia. All Nordic, tall and slim.

16th May 2005, 14:42

If you want to keep "your" razor to yourself, I suggest you pay for the ladies' waxing appointments. Actually, I'm surprised they'd share their razor with a man.

16th May 2005, 17:31
What do you call an ugly woman in Norway? A tourist!

16th May 2005, 18:13
Try "The Jockey Bar" in DXB - when you walk in there's loads of women just waiting for you (in a line!). Unfortunately, they all look like the jockeys' mounts :( - and the guy who was "showing me the sights" is of the opinion that they all want to "share their one-night-boyfriend's cash"

Sh1ghte - They'd have to pay me - and I'm not suffering from an excess of women falling all over me!

AUH is getting the same, as well as BAH. I had to "get a girlfriend" in BAH earlier this month to fend off the (admittedly gorgeous) 25-year-old who was declaring undying love for me and groping me every time I went to the hotel bar (and if I posted my pic, at 56, you'd see how unlikely that is!)

Prices - (from what I'm told ;) )
DXB - Dhs 1,000 ($270) for a really good looker
AUH - Dhs 500 ($130)
BAH - BD 30 to 50 ($90 to 130)

Seriously, it's not safe for a married man (I ain't!) to venture into these palces!!!

16th May 2005, 19:26
Those prices are pretty high compared to here.... They never ask for money up front.... general concensus is that they cost around $50... for the night... and they are absolutely stunning...no exageration, in any one night there will be 20 ladies in our local bar that could stop the show while walking onto a super-yacht moored in Cannes for the film festival...beautiflully dressed..carry themselves with a huge amount of style and have bodies to die for...Unfortunately you probably would :(

When any western ladies appear they look like domestic cleaners by comparison ..AND THEY'RE PLAYING HARD TO GET ! :{

16th May 2005, 20:56
MungoP, what everyone wants to know(but are suddenly too shy to ask) whereabouts is dis local bar?

16th May 2005, 21:28
"Is that along the lines of the famous, corny chat-up line...
"How do you like your eggs in the morning?"
"Unfertilized, thank you!"

No, Whirly, it's along the lines of what RAF pilots say to each other before a mission regarded as a bit dicey... LOL

16th May 2005, 21:33
No, Whirly, it's along the lines of what RAF pilots say to each other before a mission regarded as a bit dicey... LOL

Oddly Sweetheart, never have been in the RAF, WTF does THAT mean then??!!

My favouritest teacher was ex-RAF, never heard such an expression. If you're not careful, I'll start quoting sections of the Companies Act 1985.

Oh BTW, my mother wants to know whether fried Shite Hawk would be tough or tender :E



16th May 2005, 21:47
I think it was because real eggs for breakfast were in short supply due to rationing in WWII. One pilot would say to another, after attending the briefing for a particularly dangerous mission: "If you don't come back, can I have your egg?"

A colleague of mine said it to me but he was the one who didn't come back - his aircraft crashed with no survivors. :( Er and no, it wasn't a WWII mission, before you ask. :suspect:

Regarding the other question - it depends which part you bite ;)

16th May 2005, 21:52
Sh1t ShyTe, that's awful :( didn't want to rake up bad memories for you - I genuinely didn't know the derivation of the expression).

I'm also sorry that you remember it from WWII; I have been under the misapprehension that you were a youthful sort of a chap!



PS - I'll let me Ma know to start with the head as that is obviously the part that is soft!

PPS - oo...er... missus... that really CAN be taken a couple of ways!! As can that!!

17th May 2005, 04:57
Washington DC:ok:

17th May 2005, 05:20
But I do pay for their waxing appointments ********* and their hairdressing appointments and most of their clothes and everything else besides... :sad:

I wouldn't swap life in the mad house for anything else though, they're very sweet to their poor old Husband/Dad/Uncle/Employer and a real fun bunch, most of the time.

Except when I take another chunk out of my chin in the morning, that is! Ouch! ;)

Scumbag O'Riley
17th May 2005, 08:16
Plenty of spare young flodge in Nottingham, but over half of it is completely pissed (big plus I suppose), and the other half is 40 lbs overweight and not ashamed to show it.

Nasty, very nasty.

I know one bar where the extra amount of "30-something, sophisticated, well groomed, will get their round in" totty is quite extraordinary. Around the back from the bar full of mutton dressed as lamb. Should be able to pull the girl of your dreams in one of them two.

17th May 2005, 09:27
Though I'm not in the game anymore, I still travel with those who are. Places to get lucky in general without having to grovel, with quality proportional to what you deserve or better:

1. Washington, DC
2. Honolulu
3. Austin, Texas
4. Florida Panhandle Beach towns
5. Minneapolis

Outside America:

1. Sydney
2. Costa del Sol
3. Moscow
4. Warsaw
5. Riga

The list is not scientific or all-inclusive, and is for Anglo searchers not looking for hookers.

19th May 2005, 20:15
In Barbados the ladies outnumber the men by a ratio of 13:1.
Something to do with WWII I'm told.