View Full Version : er82's "assets" (split)

7th May 2005, 06:55
From a brief walkround inspection, her assets are more than adequate so I can't understand why she didn't get in. ;)

7th May 2005, 11:32
Ham Phisted - Why thank you! Always nice to know my assets are appreciated! Better get another quick look before I go! Where did you see me?!?! Must have been SOU???

8th May 2005, 08:29

I'm not saying where I admired your assets but it wasn't SOU. :p

And while I don't wish to labour the point, BA isn't neccessarily looking for examples from within your aviation career during the interview process. They are well aware that a 22 year old will have a different set of experiences to draw upon than someone who's been in aviation all their life. Leadership, for example, could draw upon team sports. They are, as a few have posted already, looking for people who will integrate nicely in tothe BA Way. :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

Good luck with your next job. ;)


8th May 2005, 09:19
Hmmmmmmm. Now I'm worried I've been flashing again and can't remember it!

Seymour Butz
9th May 2005, 18:03
Anyway, Back to er82's asset's, that was a much more interesting topic, not saying BA isn't.

I have spent a bit of time studying er's form and I'm surprised they didn't get accepted, on two points anyway!

9th May 2005, 19:56
Oh hell! Now I really am worried........... Have I been flashing again?! Or are you all just perverts?!?! Can't think where you've seen them....
They're not bad though, I suppose. A decent handful with just a little excess. Not too much wastage! And still pert!

9th May 2005, 23:11
You really are a tease H !

10th May 2005, 08:41
Now you've given the game away, flybe.com. :)

10th May 2005, 09:12
This gets worse!!!!!!!!!!! Now everyone knows who I am, and what my assets are like! Go on, give me a clue as to where you've all been perving!

10th May 2005, 13:58
er82 - although I do know you, it's a long time since I've seen you and I simply don't remember your assets.

Human Factor
10th May 2005, 17:01
It always amazes me how quickly a thread can go off at a complete tangent! :D

Maybe you should reapply..... ;)

Dirty Mach
12th May 2005, 00:46
I can also confirm the suitability of er82's assests. way back when she was a blushing new girl sat on my jumpseat and I broadcast her lovelife all over the company freq. Cruel but funny!

beauport potato man
12th May 2005, 08:06
an easyjet friend of mine still dines out on his story of juggling with "the assets" at EXT one day..........

I guess at that point he could say he was "visual with the puppies"


12th May 2005, 08:41
Boys boys..... stop making the others jealous!

Dirty Mach - had completely forgotten about that....and am now racking my brains to remember exactly who it was that did that!

BPM - the old Stone...yeah, he did cop a feel didn't he!! I think, if I remember correctly, I wasn't even drunk when I told him he could!!

(Uh oh, now I sound like a slapper!)

beauport potato man
12th May 2005, 11:04
so pleased to see this thread has got a separate title all to itself now.

Now............ who else out there is guilty of jugg juggling the assets?


12th May 2005, 11:47

Can I apply to juggle your assets please.

12th May 2005, 11:55
Feel free!!

Am quite shocked my assets have got a thread to themselves...

And to think it all started out as BA's recruitment policies!!

12th May 2005, 12:31
just goes to show what a 'tits-up' recruitment policy BA have...

groan :ugh: :{

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2005, 12:37
Just wondering - purely for research purposes you understand - what... ummmmm ...... dimensions are involved. :eek:

12th May 2005, 13:58
A nice handful. A little excess but not lots of wastage!

12th May 2005, 14:13
"copy No2 with the puppies in sight....say again cup size?..err...altitude"

12th May 2005, 14:17
See I really can't be giving out details..... people I work with will read an know who I am! But let's just say they're a Cool size

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2005, 14:20
And if one were filling in one's lottery card (as one does) and one wanted a number in the thirties, what might be a lucky one?

12th May 2005, 14:20
Next thing BFU will make his usual offer to accompany you to Rigby & Peller, armed only with his warm spoons......

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2005, 14:21
.... it can't be that bad PP - you're still talking to me :p

12th May 2005, 14:26
Take a guess.....

12th May 2005, 14:29
Ok Im laughing an trying not to choke on my crunchy nut.......

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2005, 14:29
Somewhere between 33 and 35.....

Darth Nigel
12th May 2005, 14:32
Well, I was thinking "82".

Another number that rolls off the tongue is "42".

But I think we need photographic evidence, preferably with an object of known size nestled nearby -- just for comparison purposes.

12th May 2005, 14:45
BFU..... not quite.
My lucky number is 6.....

Darth Nigel - I should hope that you've never met a woman with an 82C chest... Why did 42 spring to mind?!?!?!

atyourcervix - crucnhy nut. hmmmmmmmmm. ice old milk. had a bowl myself this morning!!

12th May 2005, 16:19
Perhaps we could use that well known sized "medicine ball" from the PE gymnasium to size them up:D

Darth Nigel
12th May 2005, 16:53
"42" is the answer to the Ultimate Question, about Life, The Universe andEverything.

Paraphrased mightily from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.

And what's 82 cm in inches? It's about 33.

12th May 2005, 17:22
Ten years ago, the average bra size was 34B.

Today, it is 36C.

ergo, in ten years, er82 will be 38D, at which point I will propose...

12th May 2005, 17:23
If I had the money they'd be the D-size now!

Want to loan me the cash and in return you can be the proud 'owner' and cop a feel whenever?!?!?!


12th May 2005, 17:28
I have to honestly say, in all the years of filthy banter on jet-blast, I've never had such an offer.

My very own chest!!!

Can I sleep on it? :D

12th May 2005, 17:47
Absolutely! It would be the best pillow you've ever had!

12th May 2005, 17:57
Marvellous! Can I take you with for crew rest?

Darth Nigel
12th May 2005, 18:33
Can we all chip in on a Timeshare basis? :D

Biggles Flies Undone
12th May 2005, 18:36
:rolleyes: now that is a great idea :ok: :E

12th May 2005, 18:37
You can take me for crew rest - as long as it's a rest on the way to somewhere hot where I can then get my assets a nice tan!

As for time-share... you'd have to ask zulu seeing as he's the main shareholder!

12th May 2005, 18:46
Well I'm off to Barbados next week...:cool:

Everyone else - hands off! I've met your sort of investor before, just interested in asset-stripping...

12th May 2005, 18:48
Sounds good to me! Sun, sand, sea.......

CarltonBrowne the FO
12th May 2005, 18:57
I know how to make a lady's assets look bigger... :E

12th May 2005, 18:58

12th May 2005, 19:45
If that's what you're after.... whatever floats your boat!!!

Carlton - how?!?! Please explain!!

12th May 2005, 20:06
Oh! The other "S" you have on holiday!


CarltonBrowne the FO
12th May 2005, 20:28
I have small hands.

beauport potato man
12th May 2005, 20:51
they look like 'right said fred' poking their heads out of her jumper....

well, that's when i had my go in an EXT hotel in 2003...........


13th May 2005, 07:54
He's just upset because he hasn't seen them since!!

beauport potato man
13th May 2005, 10:08
well, you know where i live dear........

will be a good use of yr standby duty this morning.


beauport potato man
13th May 2005, 13:14
now - will one of you honest gentlemen put my friend out of her long term "Bridget Jones" existence and get her out on a date??

I can honestly say she's great fun to go out with, can drink as well as the next, enjoys her rugby..............and, well, we all know about those "assets" now too..............

Ooooooh, i feel like Cilla.


13th May 2005, 13:17
thanks BPM..... maybe you should charge for your cupid services.....

I have a feeling there will be a lack of offers though!

13th May 2005, 13:26
Now you're fishing, er82! Didn't any of those lovely chaps in red offer you a date? :)

13th May 2005, 13:33
Nope.... not one! Disgraceful behaviour!! Wasn't actually fishing - just realistic!!!!

Darth Nigel
13th May 2005, 13:39
One merely wanted to step in and say that, at this very moment, the Jet Blast forum index has the following nugget:
er82's "assets" (split)
Screw Problem.........


One might comment that "split assets" would indeed lead to a screw problem, but perhaps that would be beyond the quiet decorum and good taste that this thread has shown so far.

13th May 2005, 14:06
Assets are not split.....
Screwing problem - the only problem I have is a lack of it at the moment!!

13th May 2005, 14:16
Don't worry about the lack of offers from the RAF's finest: they must be gay not too appreciate some of the best asset management in a regional airline!

13th May 2005, 14:29
Ah thanks!
I'll tell them that when I next see them!
And as for asset management.... what can I say. I look after my team well - and they in return look after me!;)

13th May 2005, 15:34
Don't suppose er82 is Omaha's new identity? :)

13th May 2005, 15:50
who's omaha????

i've been on here ages..... just never had my assets discussed at such great length before....

beauport potato man
14th May 2005, 11:50
Beause i'm a loyal and caring friend i'm just gonna knock this thread back onto the front page and give the "assets" the coverage they deserve.......

If all else fails how about me er82?

Love ya x


14th May 2005, 12:42
Thread headings make an intersting story.

will change after this post but here they are:

er82's "assets" (split)
Happy Slapping
How do you relax
Rectangular or Triangular

followed by a few more, then :

Screw Problem
Smart ass comments.

JB is an interesting place.:D

14th May 2005, 17:41
How well do they travel?
Can I see them in New York?

Can I see them from New York?

14th May 2005, 20:19
I am usually [email protected] at working out who's who on PRUNE but after reading this its a dead give away H:D

15th May 2005, 12:59
well seeing as someone else already mentioned that I'm an H it probably wasn't too hard to work out!! after all, who else would have no qualms about discussing such personal property with great ease!

who are you though!!

15th May 2005, 13:10
Don't suppose er82 is Omaha's new identity?

Hmmm ... you may be on to something there, timm, because ...

already mentioned that I'm an H
I believe Omaha's real name begins with "H."


15th May 2005, 13:16
seriously people... i'm not omaha.... ask many of the posters on here.... i'm a gorgeous girl from down south, with a dirty laugh, and according to the perverts in my company who have been watching me when i do a walkround, a decent pair!!

15th May 2005, 20:05
Hey guys, sounds kind cruel - splitting ER's assets:eek:

Anyway, if you're after sun, sand, and . . . .
Can I suggest RUH? Plenty of sun, plenty of sand, but the tide went out by some 400 km - pity about that, but I have a pool :8

Biggles Flies Undone
15th May 2005, 21:24
Well, H, on the basis that your cover is blown, methinks 'tis time for a pic..... ;)

15th May 2005, 21:41
H, if you don't post a picture that you like I'm sure someone from EGxx will post one you're not so keen on! Do the decent thing: put them out of their misery.

Biggles Flies Undone
15th May 2005, 21:50
Never know - you might even get a hot date out of it.... :p

16th May 2005, 08:55
see that's just not fair......
i'm being ganged up on......
and i've not even had a cup of tea yet....

Biggles Flies Undone
16th May 2005, 08:58
All this talk about cups..... :E

Maude Charlee
17th May 2005, 09:24
Didn't know you could wear beer goggles for a class 1 renewal, but seems to be pretty obvious it happens. :rolleyes:

17th May 2005, 13:00
Really you naughty people!

You can't take your eyes off you for a sec.

Which 'H' are you talking about BFU?

17th May 2005, 13:22
Well done all, 5 pages of assets, the auditors will be happy.:E :E

Biggles Flies Undone
17th May 2005, 14:06
Omaha - see the post above BlueDiamond's from er82... ;)

17th May 2005, 16:19
Well as you know anyway BFU I'm as flat as a bleedin pancake so er82 couldn't be me. ;)

Accused, tried & exonerated. :ok:

beauport potato man
17th May 2005, 17:38
Omaha don't put yourself down like that......

Shape, more than size, for me...........

Besides, was lucky enough to watch 'celebrity love island' last night in a crew hotel with the "assets" close by my side.

There are indeed worth 6 pages of your pprune time.....

Visual with the puppies? damn right.

Camera with film in - NO!!!! (damn it)


17th May 2005, 18:29
Yup. Tis all true. He tried to have a fondle, but had no such luck.....!! BPM - try harder next time.

notice i've had no offers of a hot date!

17th May 2005, 18:54
you will soon (perhaps...)

:p ;)