View Full Version : Happy Israeli Independence Day

12th May 2005, 08:40
To Danny et al,

Best wishes today.



12th May 2005, 11:02
Israel has survived and thrived from the ashes of WW II, in the face of challenges which would have overwhelmed the heartiest of lesser nations.

It is testament to their courage and unwavering commitment that their humanity and democracy have not been breeched, and their hope for a better tomorrow is undiminished.

Israel has my utmost respect and wholehearted support.

12th May 2005, 11:20
/me reaches for the sick bag

12th May 2005, 12:19
Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut!

A little Jewish humour for the occasion: conversation between old friends, overheard at a recent PPRuNe wedding...

"Hey Ariel, how you been keeping ya old schmuck?!"
"Isaac, where've you been hiding ya putz?!"
"Fine looking boychick that Daniel huh? Wish that was my son there Isaac."
"Oy, you sound sad there Ariel?"
"Well, my son, he's living in a crummy bedsit in Clapton with another boy called Miguel..."
"Oy Oy Oy!"
"I know, I know, why couldn't he have found himself a nice Jewish boy...?!"

Is there a universal law like MC˛ which governs the amount of good time and bad time available on the planet? It may be sobering to consider that everytime someone rejoices, someone else has to have a bad time in compensation. OK, I'll get back to me bagels. Shalom!