View Full Version : now, if I can just find a cat.......

10th May 2005, 14:38

I'll be rich!!!

10th May 2005, 14:42
I believe this story featured as the "and finally" bit on the lunchtime news and I still can't believe it.

Only in America eh?

10th May 2005, 16:20
In the grand scheme of ludicrous awards it seems strange that 'only' $15,000 was for the emotional trauma and the bulk of the payment was apparently material value for the cat.

Where on earth can you buy a cat for $30,000?

10th May 2005, 16:24
I could get you one for $20,000. It may be second hand and a little on the wet side.

Krystal n chips
10th May 2005, 16:37
You really are an ungrateful sod Jerricho ! :p

Given you only got where you are today because of this :


Never mind---those nice long Canadian dark nights will soon be with you again---and puddy's come into their own at night don't they ?.

10th May 2005, 16:38

It was my kangaroo that got run over. Couldn't get to school.

Darth Nigel
10th May 2005, 16:45
Well, you should tie yer kangaroo down, sport. It's your own fault.

Darth wanders off, knowing that many many ppruners will now be humming crap Rolf Harris songs for the rest of the day

Solid Rust Twotter
10th May 2005, 16:52
...They go up-tiddley-up-up, they go down-tiddley-down-down....


Krystal n chips
10th May 2005, 17:21
Hmmmmm ??? About this predilection you have for four legged furry mammals Jerricho ?;)

10th May 2005, 17:52
......humming crap Rolf Harris songs for the rest of the day

Ooooh, ahhhh, ooooh, aaah......addum....baddum.... bumdi....buddummm....dumm......

(Can ya tell what it is yet?)

Darth Nigel
10th May 2005, 18:19
Some sort of urinary tract infection?

10th May 2005, 22:11
Let me Abos go loose, Lou, *
let me Abos go loose.
They're of no further use, Lou,
so let me Abos go loose.


Buster Hyman
10th May 2005, 22:18
when Wallace Gray's dog

Was the dogs name Gromit?

Seriously though, I ran over a cat the other night. The car in front of me braked & swerved and a tumbling bundle of white & ginger fluff emerged from beneath it! I braked as well (as I didn't realise it was a cat), and ran over the top of it. I think it was up to its seventh life when I had my turn at it. Heard a few bumps below the chassis but there was no evidence there the next day...Lucky me huh?

Irish Steve
10th May 2005, 22:24
Darth wanders off, knowing that many many ppruners will now be humming crap Rolf Harris songs for the rest of the day


Is it the Michael Jackson effect that means no one before me has mentioned "Two little boys had two little toys"? :}

hat...coat, flame and bullet proof armour

Ian Corrigible
11th May 2005, 01:54
Leaving aside for now Jerricho's offer of a wet pussy for $20k, that's not the most expensive feline price tag I've ever seen: $50k for cloned cats (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3663277.stm).

And as a tenuous two-way link to Rolf Harris, didn't the Goodies try to breed some Rolfs that one time...?



11th May 2005, 09:23
30 thousand frickin' bucks for a 12 year old cat?

Where's Judge Judy when you need her??

11th May 2005, 11:59
I reckon the guy got off cheap at just $45,000. If anyone harmed a hair on my pudicats, going to court would be the least of their worries.

Like Buster, I'd probably be driving around one night just minding my own business. Hearing a few bumps under the chassis, I'd stop as quickly as possible and go into reverse, just to make sure I'd not been imagining it. I'd then get out, drag what was left to the side of the road out of the way of other traffic and into a conspicuous place. Just in case anyone was missing it and was out looking for it the next day. But I probably wouldn't leave a telephone number either... :}

11th May 2005, 12:20
Heard a real saddie a while back.

Bloke thinks he has just run over moggie and gets out to have a look. Finds moggie by the side of the road twitching a bit and thinks to himself "I can't just leave it here suffering" and procedes to batter it into oblivion with a tyre iron.

Onto the scene lurches very large and very unhappy householder. "Wotcha doin' to my cat then ?" he asks in a very undelicate way. When the motorist explains what had happened large householder says "Wotcha mean you run over it, there isn't a wheel mark on it"

They then both look under the car and, you guessed it, there is the original moggie nicely wrapped around the diff.

I think the next part got ugly.



11th May 2005, 13:06
In Oztralia, any imported species which becomes a nuisance soon realises which way the wind blows, whether they're moggies, froggies, doggies or camels...just so long as they don't vote, they're all just walking dead meat. :}

11th May 2005, 16:23
If it's feral, it's in peril ;)

11th May 2005, 17:54
The brother fired up the engine in his car. Great screams from below the hood. Investigated. Stray cat much mashed. Immediate trip to vet. Emergency surgery. The brother now has a GBP 1,000.00 three-legged cat.

11th May 2005, 18:39
Who built the car? Sue them! Why wasn't the "cold animal looking for a warm place" automatic alarm operational? Whaddya mean there isn't one? That's just downright irresponsible and should lead to punitive damages...

Defense attorney: "Judge, the case should be dismissed. The claimant doesn't have a leg to stand on, he has 3."

11th May 2005, 19:28
Our compound gate-guard has "adopted" a dog. Cute thing really, tan-and white mongrel.

When I come home at night, "stoopid dog" tries to race the car to my entrance and I manage (so far!) to avoid running down the stoopid animal.

But he has a new trick - pulling the washing off the line :mad: This morning I found not only my washing off the line and on the lawn (okay - in the past I could have put it down to "wind", the Shamal is quite strong here) but the pole was also pulled over:{

Complain to the compound Manager, and the damned dog gets confined to a cage all night? Can't complain the the gate guard as our only mutually understood words are "Asallaam aleykum", as I drive in at night?

If I wasn't an animal lover I'd shoot the bloody stoopid Mutt