View Full Version : DEATH to people who can't drive safely.

9th May 2005, 20:13

Sometimes avoiding going to jail for killing someone is a very fine line just begging to be overstepped.

Some a**hole smacked into the back of my Scooby a couple of weeks ago in a car park. I was parked way the hell away from everybody and this jerk-off managed to hit the back of my car.......while I was sitting in it.

AND NOT MORE THAN AN HOUR AGO, some tw*t has just cleaned up the side of Mrs J's car by, get this, trying to overtake her while she was turning. She had her indicator on and was fully stopped before she was turning because somebody was crossing the road. The tool that did it was from another country, with a foreign driver licence and in a hire car. He got out of the car and started yelling in Chinese...........till an eyewitness who just happned to be an off duty police officer who saw the whole thing came over. Our Chinese friend suddenly spoke very fluent english.

Is it any freakin wonder insurance costs so damn much.


9th May 2005, 20:20
I had a guy crash right into the back of me this morning on the outside lane of the M8. His clapped out astra was a crumpled heap while my volkswagen managed to escape with just some minor scratches.....just. Luckily everyone was ok but he shouldn't have been so far up my a**e that he couldn't brake in time.

Not the best start to the week I might add.

rant over

9th May 2005, 20:20
DEATH to people who can't drive safely.Hmmm. We'll file that under "Prophecies (Self-fulfilling)" shall we? :ok:

9th May 2005, 20:31
Maybe Cas,

but it's the other innocent unfortunates that get involved that boils my piss.

9th May 2005, 20:34
I'm of the opinion that drivers should require currency checks in a similar fashion to pilots. Especially considering the number of coffin dodgers who have made it their mission to run me off the road. Nothing against senior drivers, just the unsafe ones!:*

Hope the missus is OK Jerricho.

Princess Fiona
9th May 2005, 20:34
The worst thing is, all that is done to stop bad driving is 'speed cameras'. This country now has more cameras than Jessops and there are still tail-gators, people switching lane without looking or indicating, people hogging the middle lane on motorways whilst doing 60 and dare I say it, dopey women with no awareness of any other traffic (and no, I'm not one of those before you ask).

And another thing that gets my goat, able bodied people parking in disabled parking spaces, or people parking so close to you, you need a sunroof to get out of your car and then find a nice 'ding' in your door after deliberately parking in the most remote spot in the car park.


9th May 2005, 20:45
I never actually realised how much of a fright you get when involved in something like that. Not pleasant.

9th May 2005, 20:55
Sk- thanks mate :ok: Mrs J is ok, just a little shook up. By the sounds of it, our little Chinese man really went ape-sh*t till Mr Policeman got there.

Speeding/speed camera issues aside (I think we've done that one before ;) ), it's blatently obvious drivers range from those who have a serious lack of judgement/anticipation to those that are just downright dangerous. And it's us poor innocent minding my own business folks that get drawn into it. ****ers.

9th May 2005, 21:08
Yonks ago, I was driving on a normal suburban road in the nearside lane when an idiot exited a petrol station on my nearside , missed a lamppost [streetlight] by a fraction [unfortunately] and hit the offside of my car! :mad: It was a "hire car". The "Driver" was Foreign, the "hiree" was sat in the back. :mad: :mad:
Fortunately, I was fully comp/protected.

9th May 2005, 21:11
I'm a Salfordian, lived in and around Manchester all my life, and find myself wondering, as I wander around my City, How many of my, how shall I put it, Asian neighbours, actually have a driving licence ? Driving in North Manchester or The southern inner city belt is just like being in Bangkok, or worse Cairo.
Sympathies to those involved in accidents.

9th May 2005, 21:14
How about the guy yesterday who thought it big and clever to drive at 38 mph in a 60 limit, for many miles, but twice, when I, and two other drivers ahead of me tried to overtake him, each time he rapidly sped up to 70 mph, forcing the overtaker to fall back again? But then, he WAS a Ford Scorpio driver, with a caravan hitch on the back.... When I got past him on a corner (safely - I had good vis past him, but he couldn't drive on corners so he didn't speed up) he gave me the middle finger. To$$er.

How about the increasing number of drivers who accelerate round a parked car, against oncoming traffic, even if they are completely unsighted because of the car ahead of them that they are following too closely? Often on the phone, these ones...

Or the idiots who drive down the centre of a narrow country road and stay almost in the middle against oncoming traffic, risking a head on accident rather than slow down a little or pull in to their own side of the road? Normally this type stare blankly straight ahead, as if in a daze.

Some motorists have been conned by government policy into thinking they are a perfectly good driver as long as they stay inside the speed limit. So what more can we expect? :rolleyes:

9th May 2005, 21:15
Death ? Death's too good for 'em !

Like the tw*t who reversed (at speed !) into my Impreza in a car park a couple of years
back. First question I asked him:

"Is this your car ?"

"No mate, it's a company car" :rolleyes:

Well no f*ing surprise there then. Every time I've been hit it's a :mad:ing company car.

Paid for it yourself you'd be a bit more sodding careful (like actually looking behind you when you're reversing) F*ckwit.

We've got a government that likes banning things. So ban company cars. Ban the f*ing lot of 'em.

9th May 2005, 21:15
Actually Woderick, you raise an interesting point that I didn't even think of. Manitoba law states that if you have resided in the province for more than 3 months requires you to obtain a Manitoba Drivers Licence to drive. Hmmmm, very curious as to how long our friend has been living here........... thank mate :ok:

Irish Steve
9th May 2005, 21:17

Yup. There's a certain ex F1 driver in Ireland fits that category too. Have a search in the camera thread for his come uppance:E :E :E

Drivers ( and some thread drift) I hate, in no specific order.

Elderly, either sex, wearing hats. The more hats in the vehicle, the more danger to everyone and everything around them.

Elderly that haven't had a sight test since they got their licence, and see nothing wrong in having to stop to read the 50 Ft high road signs.

Drivers that can't see at night, even with beam lights on, and can see nothing with dip lights, so they play Beethoven's 5th on the brake pedal every time a car comes the other way.

Young female 20 somethings driving Suzuki SUV's with 2 kids in the back, neither of them in seats or belts, and a mobile phone jammed in one ear.

(Irish one) GAA fans that drive through the town with teens or younger hanging out of every window, waving scarves or anything else, blowing horns as loud and often as they can. [RANT on] I've seen this with kids as young as 8 or 10, hanging out of the window while the driver is doing 40 to 50 mph on open roads outside of the towns. I can't think of anything more asinine! [RANT off]

Morons that think the central white line protected area is an overtake lane dedicated to them!

Irish drivers on sidelights or no lights cos "It's saving the battery"!

Architects that design supermarket car parks so that the busiest piece of road in the entire place is outside the main entrance.

Anything to do with parking at Dublin Airport.

Potholes that are so deep, the only way to know if it's safe to cross is if the waves are breaking on the surface.

Serious for a moment, Jerrico, make sure that Mrs J gets properly checked out. Mrs IS had a similar occurrence about 8 years ago, and at the time, seemed OK. Several months later, a problem showed up with a knee, where she's clattered against the lower dash, which resulted in all sorts of tests. checks, investigations and eventually surgery, followed by several months of physiotherapy before it was sorted, and an even longer hassle getting it all paid for by the other side.

Apparently, it was a bone chip on the kneecap, quite common, and VERY painful if not treated, and possibly more problematic later in life if ignored.

9th May 2005, 21:22
Oh I've had experience of this one!

December night about 22h00, very close to christmas. Teaming with rain. Very bad viz. I'm driving a Passat into town and signal left to go into the filter lane.

Check mirrors - nothing. Turn left......hear a 'thud' and this guy AND his moped go hurtling in front of my car!

Put the brakes on, get out and look across the junction.....bike is in pieces and he's on his back....not moving.

Then all of a sudden....like Terminator in all the leather gear which undoubtedly saved his life (along with the helmet!).....he gets up and starts towards me, flinging helmet and gloves off like a deranged F1 driver.....and proceeds to scream at me in broken English.......

I'm in shock....because he actually survived and because you have no idea what insurance prices were like in Ireland!!

He was Chinese but spoke fine until the ambulance came.....he actually collapsed when he heard the siren....then lost the power of speech.......in English only - his Chinese was fine.

Again, an off-duty police officer saved my ass. The guy had no lights, no reflective gear, faulty brakes and was rushing around because he was the Chinese delivery guy!

I thought I had hit him from the side but what actually happened according to the cop was that he came off the footpath at 90 to the car......

I always think about that night and that w**ker! and imagine if there was no policeman and the guy was killed.....i could've ended up in jail for that! Too close!

9th May 2005, 21:22
Whoa Grainger - don't hold back! Say what you think! :ok:

When I was in charge of a company car fleet of 30 cars and 20 vans, we (I) had a policy that anyone involved in an accident that was shown to be their fault, they had to pay the excess. In order to keep the company insurance down, we had quite a high excess!

Actually, I think it worked! Didn't have too many accidents in that company which is pretty good considering they were all builders!



PS - the tax on company cars virtually means they're banned :p

9th May 2005, 21:35
Make 'em pay the excess WG - I like your style !

It was just the attitude of the guy - like he couldn't care less: it wasn't his car and he had no no-claims bonus to lose. So I won't shed a tear if they tax 'em till they bleed !

9th May 2005, 23:18
If you have a company vehicle from my company, you have a 250 excess for the first accident in a rolling 12 months taken in one payment from salary. A second accident has 500 excess (again a single payment) and the third gets the car removed.

These excesses are levied not for 'fault' accidents, buit where the costs cannot be recovered from the other party - for whatever reason

10th May 2005, 08:58
A former colleague, an arty unworldly type, came into work one day chuckling. "I've been run into by a cardboard motorcycle"
he said, a scooter having run up his back end while he was parked at the lights and disintegrated into fragments. The rider had picked himself up, gathered up the components and disappeared.
You guessed it.
A year later a summons from the court arrived, alleging my colleague was completely responsible and that the scooter rider was maimed for life.
My colleague worried for a bit, then took out his camera. An enthusiastic photographer, he records everything, including a full roll of the accident aftermath and healthy rider.
Case dismissed.
A five quid disposable camera is a must in every glove box.

10th May 2005, 09:17
A five quid disposable camera is a must in every glove box. This is something an American friend has just advised me to do as well - she was in the car park of a mall last weekend and someone shot through a "give way" (American equivalent) line and crashed in to her vehicle. Fortunately her van is pretty robust so she wasn't injured - out came her camera and she immediately took pics. The other driver (a young chicky driving her equally young chicky friends + loud music blaring enough to vibrate the neighbourhood) had started a tirade of abuse about the stupidity and, interestingly enough, whiteness of my friend (who is Native American) but when she saw the camera immediately backed down and exchanged insurance details.

So thanks Taildragger55 - on my shopping list for the weekend is a disposable cam! :ok:

Have to say that the amount of road rage one sees here in the south of UK makes me think it would be awful to be involved in any kind of incident - even if one were not injured by the car accident, physical harm from the other driver cannot be ruled out!

10th May 2005, 12:04
Am going to have to agree with woderwick as a fellow Manc I know exactly what he means.

Have been saved by a copper during an accident myself, little chav ran out of pub into a main road with his pint still in his hand. We hit him he dived into a wating minibus and Mr Plod went and got him and seriously ruined his night:D

10th May 2005, 12:27
Almost had a pretty serious accident myself last week. Was driving along a pretty fast country road which i know very well. was travelling a safe distance behind an old clapped out astra. He suddenly stopped, but i didn't realise because not one of his brake lights worked, and he turned right (no indicator or that was broken too) the only thing that save my a$$ was the fact that i'm not a tail gaiting to**er and that i maintain my car quite well, so the breaks work very well too.

slammed on the brakes and missed him by about 5 yards. I thought i was just being dappy, but i saw him stop about 10 yards past the junction, again no brake lights. I thought we're meant to have MOT's in this country, and they pick up on stuff like that. Must be my imagination then.

10th May 2005, 12:39
Cortilla, I had a similar experience recently. Took the reg plate and reported to the local police and was told in no uncertain terms that had I hit this unroadworthy vehicle with no functioning brake lights, I would still have been at fault. (That's the last time I do the job I pay council tax for them to do)

The vehicle in question was an 04 reg Lancashire County Council van!!


10th May 2005, 12:41
About 6 months ago in slow moving traffic, I had the pleasure of the man behind driving into my rear bumper - as you do!

Got out, "said" a few words, calmed down a bit and I thought I would try to educate him about what happens when you drive too close to the car in front.

"I won't have an accident", he quipped. "But you just have you utter t**t!", I replied.

"Yeah but there is no damage". His headlight was hanging down on the wires, my bumper was all deformed, his cars front suspension was compressed as his car was tucked under mine.

I showed him the damage as his reply was classic, "How do you know I just did that?"

feet dry
10th May 2005, 13:35
Stirring things up a little,

why, in these threads, do we never read....

I almost caused an accident last night, driving home trying to retune the radio and nearly hit a parked car


I was thinking about a complex problem at home/work and almost went up the back of car waiting at a junction.

A little more honesty about our own failings might make us all safer drivers.

"Me I am a totally useless driver, cannot drive for toffee then went home to the missus and completley failed to get it up....", see does not happen does it.

Come on folks, everyone has an off day

10th May 2005, 14:05
A little more honesty about our own failings might make us all safer drivers.
It certainly would.

I do my best when I am driving, I try not to speed or tailgate and when I do either of those things, I'll react to correct it. But I am not 100% perfect, and we should remember that no-one is.

10th May 2005, 15:17
Come on folks, everyone has an off day

And if everybody here tried to overtake somebody who was turning.............

10th May 2005, 15:33
The day I did my PPL test....... Stayed the night at a friends house was driving home to change before going back to the airport to do my test. Was getting on the highway, and some wa!ker comes flying over from the otherside and swerves into my lane. I have a yield so I yield, and this women in a BMW comes flying around the corner and smacks into the back of me. :mad: :mad: My head goes flying and whacked my face on the stearing wheel and sprained both wrists. Bruised ribs too. This is how fast she was going around the corner. Pull over to the side, and get out of the car. First thing I do is look at my bumper. NO DAMAGE APART FROM A TINY DENT. Man you cant beat those old opels. She gets out of her car and starts swearing. Dearie, I say in a very calm voice, dont you know what a F***ing yield is?? The front of her brand new BMW is badly damaged. Shes not even sure if its insured yet. Needless to say had to go to the police station to file a report and spent 3 hours in the police station. Eventually got home, changed, drove back to the airport, did my test with swollen face and sprained wrists and passed. :ok: :ok: :ok:

10th May 2005, 15:47
Who wants to hear a funny story about this?

Mrs J has just got back from the Insurance assessor. She has been told that if she didn't have a witness, the culpability for the accident would be proportioned 50/50. As there is an eye witness, they are saying 75/25 with a small chance of it being 100% the other guys fault. Can you fricken believe this? The a**hole drove into her.

She's been to the police to make a statement and the police officer (different to the witness) agreed that it's totally the other guys fault. I can't even begin to see the logic (if any) the insurance mob are using (here in Manitoba all insurance is done through Manitoba Public Insurance whch is administered by the province)

Pigboat, you out there mate? Does this happen elsewhere?

10th May 2005, 15:53
Yes, happens here as well. Insurance Corp of British Columbia also run by Gov't.

Last accident I had was to my bike. It was parked. Bloke backed into it and knocked it over. He was 100%. Smashed up the electronic instrument panel pretty well. ICBC asked me if I wanted to repair it myself, so they could save some money.

10th May 2005, 16:00
That just sucks RT. Isn't there some sort of legislation somewhere regarding a monopoly on a service like this. You don't have a choice, you must use MPI and the feckers set the rules how they like.

I'm just enraged by this whole thing. How the hell can the b*stards attempt to say that a vehicle that has signaled it's intentions well before commencing a manoeuvre is run into by somebody overtaking it, on the wrong side of the road, can even be remotely at fault.

10th May 2005, 16:14
why, in these threads, do we never read....

I almost caused an accident last night, driving home trying to retune the radio and nearly hit a parked car
'cos we are better drivers than the folks we write about here:E


Onan the Clumsy
10th May 2005, 16:20
why, in these threads, do we never read....

I almost caused an accident last night, driving home trying to retune the radio and nearly hit a parked car
Because most of those other idiots are SPEEDING and it's a well known fact that SPEEDING CAUSES ACCIDENTS!


10th May 2005, 16:21
These insurance corps are under legislation. The governments set them up by act of parliament. Don't think all the provinces are set up this way and there has been some talk of allowing private insurers back into the game to compete. Ironicaly, these corps were set up mainly because people were fed up with being ripped off by the private insurers.

10th May 2005, 20:57

Speeding does not 'cause' accidents... bad driving causes accidents...

Let's ban for three years anyone being involved in 3 accidents in 3 years...stop screwing around with technical offences...

No excuses....3 accidents...3 years ban....

10th May 2005, 21:07
Inanimate banana skins cause more accidents than "speeding".

"Speeding!!!" Wow. Try and speed in Perth and get your rage up at the mindless country bumpkins dribbling around at 50 in a 70 zone, all waving their fingers at anyone who dares to try 75.

How can a "speed" cause an accident?

It's usually the "nut" behind the wheel.

Just like a gun: "Guns don't kill people, people kill people..."

Except for those nice little surprises the diggers left for the Turks at Gallipoli when they flagged off overnight ;) :

three-ohs with water/pulley systems timed to go off randomly and plug the odd turk here and there. Prime case of a gun killing a person.

Never heard of a speed killing a person but...

tony draper
10th May 2005, 21:13
Incorrect Mr Scrubed, its neither the guns nor the people that kill, tiz the bullets that gets the job done.


feet dry
11th May 2005, 11:34
When I passed my motorcycle test, one of the things the examiner was looking for was the use of the lifesaver look. Last thing you do prior to any manoeuvre was to check over your shoulder (not in your mirror) to see if the way is clear....no one overtaking or sneaking up on the inside and so on. I do not practice most driving test requirements these days, but when driving/riding that is one I still do religiously. Not saying of course that this would have avoided your wife's mishap Jerricho, just offering my own view.

I do not care who you are, everyone but everyone has an off day. One of my old flying instructors used to say he had never had a flight where he did everything perfectly; he always forgot some thing or other and so always had something to learn. I learnt alot from him.

Oh yes and I forgot to add, just think yourself lucky you are not at sea, from the regs for preventing collisions Rule 17 states that if the actions of the give way vessel alone are not sufficient to avoid a collision, the stand on vessel (i.e. the non give way vessel) should also take avoiding action which means in a collision both parties are at fault.

11th May 2005, 16:32
FD I agree totally (especially if you're on a bike ;) ), the thing is she did check over both shoulders and mirrors. The fool that hit her was well behind and way in excess of the speed limit (as our police witness has just made a statement to.) There's only so much you can do........DEATH, DEATHm DEARTGsfdsmfs.////....... arrrgggghhh

Flying Torquewrench
20th May 2005, 20:12

Little bit late with my reply, so sorry for that.

Being a foreign (dutch) driver myself and living in the UK i am able to answer your question. Every foreigner who lives in the UK for longer than three years needs to change his/her drivers license for a UK drivers license. This is possible without doing any test as long as your drivers license has not expired. If your drivers license has expired than you need a letter from your country of origin and do a driving test before you get a UK drivers license.

However this is how it should work. Probably it won't work in real life and there is nobody who checks it.

Regards, FT

Onan the Clumsy
20th May 2005, 20:18
poor-w I have no problem with that because if he'd been in three accidents, it's certain that on each occasion he had been speeding. In fact, in as much as the set of accidents is a subset of the set of speedings, he must have sped at least three times and therefore a ban would be well overdue :8

21st May 2005, 08:57
In March of next year I would have been driving cars for 40 years...I started riding M/cycles 42 years ago....I've driven on every continent except the Antarctic ( the longest I've lived in any one place since 1969 is 3 years and most of the time lived outside of the UK )

In my driving career I've never paid much attention to speed limits...I look at road conditions and assess the safe speed for the given circumstances...anyone not able to do that should not be at the helm of any vehicle...a painted sign on a post is no substitute for skills needed to operate a piece of moving machinery....

In those forty years I've twice been hit by other cars....Both times shunted from the rear...Once having been sitting at a red light for a minute or more and once while stopped at a pedestrian crossing, hit hard by a lady driving a 'people mover' who admitted to not looking ahead because she was paying attention to her toddler strapped in the rear seat...the impact was such that it caused 7 thousand pounds worth of damage to my car...if I'd not been blocking the pedestrian crossing she would almost certainly killed the 2 ladies and baby that were crossing in front of my car.....Had she done so she would certainly have been prosecuted for causing death through dangerous driving but as no one was physically injured no charges were brought...yet her offence was exactly the same...So we have the ridiculous situation where people are prosecuted according to whether someone was injured by their poor driving rather than the offence...

The first words she spoke to me were " It's only the second accident I've ever had" she was about 25 years old !...How many accidents is she planning to have I wonder ?

My wife who is always telling me I'm driving too fast has had 3 accidents in 4 years....on 2 occasions writing off the car..she admits to all of them being her fault ( on 2 occasions hers was the only car involved ! )....

So...the police go on making profits for their budget by prosecuting technical offenders while bad driving is just ignored...unless causing injury....

People who are repeteadly involved in accidents will eventually cause injury so let's get them off the road...

21st May 2005, 09:52

A recent case here in Oz, an ex policeman now Barrister hit and killed a cyclist while drunk and got off with a fine and no conviction recorded. WTFTFFFFFWTF!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe this shit.

Unfortunately car licences are like pilots licences. Any fool can get one with the right money.

I hope D is OK. Why was I not informed of these events? I assume you did not tell R2. The advice would be coming thick and fast if you did.:ok:

So many arseholes, so few bullets.

21st May 2005, 11:51
Just to add some fire to the thread, those who complain about being tailgated are normally those who sit in the middle or outside lane of a motorway or dual carrigeway when they shouldn't be, forcing cars to either undertake, tailgate, or accept that this idiot has defined what speed the rest of the traffic must travel at.

And when these people are in the correct lane, and decide to overtake, they always pull out and accelerate by about 1.6mph over the speed of the car they are overtaking, and once again bring everything to a halt. ( They usually are in a 2 litre car + as well and have no excuse for this seeming lack of power in their car :rolleyes: )

And you will spot these people again pulling out of junctions when they spot a gap (always in front of you as well), and again fail to accelerate, then look at you in bewilderment as to why your screaming into their backside, wheels locked up, smoke pouring off your brakes and out of your ears.

These are the people who get my blood boiling when I'm behind the wheel.

If people drove at appropriate speeds (ie not too slowly as well as fastly, obeyed the highway code regarding multi lane roads (the outer lanes are actually overtaking lanes only) and worked out that when pulling out of junctions and overtaking the pedal on the right actually does work when you press it, they would get tailgated alot less.

If a driver is too nervous to travel at the appropriate speeds (usually the 40 car queue behind them is a good clue) then they should hand their license back to the DVLA as they are not fit to be on the road.

Rant over:ok:

21st May 2005, 12:06
those who complain about being tailgated are normally those who sit in the middle or outside lane of a motorway

sorry but I disagree in part with what you've said. I also despise mid-lane hoggers, but there's NO excuse for driving up someones backside. It's intimidating for the driver and causes them to lose concentration of what's going on ahead. Plus, I'm sure you don't have to be reminded that there could be a small child in the back seat.

21st May 2005, 12:20
Fair enough, but I am not advocating tailgating, merely pointing out that there are a number of situations that people put themselves in where they will get tailgated, ie -

- middle lane hogging
- failing to accelerate during overtaking
- pulling out in front of people at junctions
- being too nervous in the first place to get behind the wheel

These people themselves are causing the traffic offence, not the frustrated driver needlessly stuck behind them.

I do not condone some idiot in a GTI right up a family car's ar*se in a country lane because they aren't travelling as fast as the GTI driver wants to.

I'd like to point out that I also do not approve of tailgating when its a large commercial vehicle involved as these vehicles are incapable of high acceleration and the drivers are on tight schedules.


21st May 2005, 13:14

The problem is that if I do sit 50 mtrs behind the car who's hogging the outside lane the B*stard just stays there....
Britain is the only country I drive in where this problem exists...in Europe, USA and just about everywhere else people monitor their mirrors and move back into lane 2 at the earliest opportunity...

I have a simple philosophy....irrespective of my speed, if someone is coming up faster from behind I move over to let them through because if ;

1) they are a good driver in a decent car and concentrating on what they're doing then why should I cause huge frustration by blocking them ?


2) If they are a complete pratt driving at a speed in excess of their ability then I would rather that they had their accident well away from ME ..

The other thing that fascinates me when in the UK is that if I do finally run out of patience, pass on the inside and accelerate back to my chosen speed...as often as not the d*ckhead that's been holding everyone up will then accelerate close up behind me venting his anger with flashing lights 2 feet from my rear bumper....

Only in the UK


21st May 2005, 15:14
Only in the UK

Unfortunately Mungo, it's not just the UK. While they do move over, I'll bet you that they are actually increasing speed....and considering it a major insult in what you're about to do.