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9th May 2005, 16:59
Has anybody ever won anything from a competition they have entered at a shop or through a magazine (or internet ;)........ brides don't count )

Mrs J is relentless at entering any competition she can find, and hasn't ever won a single thing. But she keeps doing it. We were invited to a Subaru "grand opening" of a new showroom down the road a couple of weeks ago, and they had an entry box there to win a new car. She filled out 10 entries. Didn't win the car. She'll change what she buys at Safeway if there's a chance to win something.

9th May 2005, 17:07
I seem to remember ORAC won a bag of crisps or summat.
Me, won 65 on Lotto.
It will not change my way of life.:(

9th May 2005, 17:09
Yeah, Lotto don't count.

I'm talking one of them "Enter your name in our draw to win half a slab of whatever or a trip to Regina".

tony draper
9th May 2005, 17:14
Just this very morning a letter arrived from Littlewoods informing that one's name has been entered for a million pound draw,one is all of a tingle with excitement.
That's Littlewoods the Catalogue, not the Footy pools.
Makes a change from the Readers Digest ones.

9th May 2005, 17:15
I've just won 86 $ amazon's certificate gift after completing an internet survey.
I had to be pretty quick on the claim through, as this [email protected] certificate was valide only for 2 or 3 hrs. ([email protected]@rds !)

Anyway, now I'm waiting my futur "Fate is the hunter" book ehehehe

9th May 2005, 17:19
One pot of homemade jam. In all the time I've been alive.
It was very good though.

Does the pound coin I found under that transit van count at all??

9th May 2005, 17:21
Yes, went to The Outdoors show at the NEC a few years back and filled in a questionnaire at one of the stands.....still can`t remember exactly why I did it.

2 weeks later I got a letter telling me I`d won 200 worth of gear.

Snag was I had to drive to Worcester to the shop mentioned in the letter (I live in Berkshire). Still, I got a great pair of boots.....SCAPA Rangers (100) and a Leatherman multi tool (90), and some thick socks to go with the boots.

9th May 2005, 17:21
Did you have to enter the van to get it? If so, yeah, that counts.

9th May 2005, 17:27
Managed a hat-trick in as many months as a nine year old, a lego car, a shell suit and the chance to be a mascot for the local football team. 3 entries, 3 wins!

Had bugger all luck since though:{

9th May 2005, 17:30
Friends of our won a "Set for life" thing on some scratch-lotto thingies. They get $100,000 a year for 10 years. Lucky [email protected]

9th May 2005, 17:31
A couple of years ago when priceline hk opened. they ran a comp. for one trip per day.for thirty days, i was lucky enough to score a round trip ticket hk/paris(Charles De gualle)
they also gave me a good discount on my wifes ticket..
Great holiday, visited as much as we could. i can now brag i,ve been to The Lourve, been to the top of the eiffel tower. and seen the mona lisa. seen the arch de triumph.euro disney and the Lv shop on champes de lisi...(sp?) Most of you members probably travel there lots and seen every thing, but for an aussie bloke and chinesewife,., europe was great.
I found a few of the French a bit stuck up, but most were okay.

Onan the Clumsy
9th May 2005, 17:34
That's not "set for life" that's merely "keep the pressure off for a while"

I scored a Leatherman Multitool the other week, when I saw it lying in the middle of Mockingbird and Hillcrest. It's a little scratched, but the blades are all there ...and sharp as buggery :ouch:

9th May 2005, 17:49
Vroom vroom... :O

eastern wiseguy
9th May 2005, 17:57
Once won a coffee table.....useful for a seventeen year old. More recently however won an executive box for ManUtd vs West Ham...and I didn't even enter a competition ....just a random name drawn from a betting company hat!! (Quite good fun dinner etc thrown in ....only downside was watching those two teams!!!)

9th May 2005, 18:25
Won a full track day with lessons in a formula ford. Fantastic! Great fun.
Won a pair of shoes for my mum from a department store.
Won a set of rust proofing paints for a classic car. They turned out to be handy enough at the time.
Still working on the lottery though :*

Onan the Clumsy
9th May 2005, 18:28
A mate of mine went to work in New Zealand for six months and won a car

tony draper
9th May 2005, 18:40
People who have proper tool boxes treat leatherman multi tool users with well deserved distain.


9th May 2005, 18:41
Several poker tournements


9th May 2005, 18:51
A motorbike and a drum kit, but not at the same time. I think the trick is to enter competitions for things you already have.

9th May 2005, 19:01
Herr draper:

One has a proper toolbox too, but it`s a bugger lugging it to the top of an alp along with all the other gear.

9th May 2005, 19:41
500 worth of free flying which helped me to get my PPL back.

9th May 2005, 19:52
My late Granny once got all excited when she was informed she had won the football pools.

Until she found out it was only one shilling and elevenpence. :rolleyes:

The shilling went in the gas meter and the elevenpence was put away for Christmas.

9th May 2005, 19:57
My next question (especially to Flowman) is how. Was it just one of them "Stick your name in this barrel and we'll draw one out" things?

9th May 2005, 19:57
I too have a large toolkit at home (Oo-er, Missus) but I also carry a Leatherman with me on the aircraft for those awkward little jobs when I can't be bothered to open the official toolbox. It opens engine oil cans much better anyway.

tony draper
9th May 2005, 20:27
Father in law of brother once won a Shetland Pony, we all swore not to tell nephew who was about seven at the time, as far as I know he does not know of this even to this day.
One seems to recal said pony was donated unseen to a kiddies farm.

terrain safe
9th May 2005, 21:08
Won a computer once, missus won a holiday in a Centre Parc, and lots of other small things(but nothing recently(must try and enter some soon)).

9th May 2005, 23:44
I once won a pair of skiing goggles ina a caption competition.

"I would like to own a pair of Carrera google because..."

..."I can Carrera down the piste in comfort!"



Got a tip from an advertising executive.... when it comes to these "complete the sentence in less than 10 words" type competitions... the cheesier, the better!!! They may use them as advertising slogans! She won a two week skiing holiday with Crystal because... "it's clearly a gem of a holiday!"

10th May 2005, 01:52
Won first prize in the chrissie draw ar RAF Alcatraz Island, a "supposedly" reconditioned MGB GT. Great for about 9 months then the flaws started to appear.

Can't complain, also managed to escape "the island" in record time.


10th May 2005, 01:57
"I can Carrera down the piste in comfort!"


You're actually admitting to that. :p

10th May 2005, 03:52
Years ago I was at a p*ss up in Miri (Eastern Malaysia) and a travel company had organised a raffle in aid of something. My work rota at that time took me to Miri about 4 times a year on average, normally with a stopover in Singapore for a couple of days en route. Indeed, a couple of days after the party I was due out heading home, again via Singapore.

First prize? Flights and hotel in Singapore for a weekend.

Who won? Yes, moi.

I wanted to give it back but that would have caused much loss of face, embarresment, appearing arrogant etc etc. So I sold it for half it's value to an expat wanting a dirty weekend away.


10th May 2005, 04:32
One of those 'describe in X words why do you like XYZ' things, won a set of garden furniture and a fully catered boat trip for me and 12 of my friends.
Well, the point is, didn't have (and still don't) a slightest idea by whom or where or about what was the fabulous price-winning 'jingle' written ?!
I certainly wasn't the author, but what the heck, I got the price !:D

10th May 2005, 05:17
Our local filling station is running a "free hour of torrid sex" draw. I've never won it but the girlfriend seems to win it every time she goes there.

10th May 2005, 08:30
Ma & pa filled in a draw thingy for some brand of coffee or other & won an all in trip round South Africa for three weeks. Jammy gets.

Me? I won a tenner on the lottery years ago & decided that I can win fifty quid a year by not playing it no more.

10th May 2005, 09:23
I won my wife's hand.

It doesn't do much, just sits there on the coffe table. Makes a good ashtray, though.

10th May 2005, 09:50
Won a case of Cisca Blackcurrant liqueur some years ago with the slogan "Cisca Is Such-a Currant Affair" hehehe - you had to use the initials :E oh and I am still waiting for a prize of Mars bars 'cos many many years ago, back in the 80s, I submitted a slogan "A Mars a day helps you run rings round Saturn" heheheh :)

Flip Flop Flyer
10th May 2005, 10:06
Like Whirly I won in a caption competition. This one was for Avis, and I won a Group C car for a week-end. Called the nearest Avis outlet and upgraded to a Golf GTi 16V. All went swimmingly until time came to pick-up the car, and I showed my drivers license.

"Ehh, you're only 19?"
"Yup, now hand me the keys please!"
"No bloody way we'll let a teenager drive a GTi 16V - here, take these it's for a bog standard Golf 1.8"

Won a Philips car stereo at an autoshow, at a gig where you put your name in a hat (metaphorically speaking). Sold it to a mate for a 6-pack of beer :E

Won a dog once, but mom and dad wouldn't let me keep him, so gave him away to a friend with more understanding parents. Oscar was a Golden Retriever who died of old rather many years ago.

Won a couple of times in Lotto, but never more than a couple hundred DKK - which is **** all really.

However, the most bizarre price I ever won was at a stag party where we played billards (and I usually suck at billards) over some stag worthy prices. I won the competition, by blinding luck if I may add, and the price was one hour in a, ehh, pleasure house with a "partner" of my choosing. Good, clean, adult fun :E

10th May 2005, 10:29
I once won a ticket for two to some theme park somewhere at a pub I frequented. Definitely didn't want it so, since the office Xmas was coming up, I donated it to the office charity Xmas draw.

Guess who won a ticket for two to a theme park in the office Xmas draw?

10th May 2005, 11:59
Once won a Scalextrics in A Kellogs Coornflakes comp when I was 12

Flying Foxy
10th May 2005, 22:07
I joined a very successful Lottery Syndicate (in the UK) and we (our 49) won topside of 139,000 which was about 2800 each - I know 139,000 would have been nice but I was well pleased with the 2800 and without the syndicate it would have been something a great deal less. Meant I was able to set up a company selling my favourite Yamaha pianos.

Since I joined up to their Euro Lottery syndicate - I've won a prize almost every week since.


Capn Notarious
10th May 2005, 22:47
1978 or thereabouts I won a remote control record Turntable: an ADC Accutrac.
Bought and eat loads of weetabix to enter LandRover Comp. Did not win: kilos of mud!

Phil Kemp
10th May 2005, 23:11
In February this year, I won a 2005 Harley-Davidson Sportster at the HAI Helicopter convention in Anaheim, courtesy of Timken bearings.

A colleague dragged me over to fill out the entry form and every day we religiously returned to their booth, to see if ours were one of the five names drawn daily, for the final draw on the third day.

On the third day, a large number of people assembled for the last five names to be drawn and then the final part of the competition to select the winner. As the winners had to be present to participate, they called a lot of names out for individuals who were not there. My name was the final of the 15 to be drawn.

We then selected a piece of paper bearing a number (1-15), and then we were issued an envelope bearing the same number, which contained a key to the bike. I got first draw, and selected 13 - always a good number! :ok:

As the various participants tried their keys on the lock attached to the bike, and failed, it slowly came to my chance. At no time had I ever considered the possibility of winning this - at first my key wouldn't even fit, but then I got my key in the lock and it opened. To say I was overwhelmed, is a slight underestimation. My first thought was how I was going to get the damned thing home, and then probably more importantly, what the hell I was going to do with it!:uhoh:

Well, a couple of months and hundreds of miles later, the bike is in daily use and is a permanent fixture - I have NO doubts about what to do with it now. Now I remember what great fun I had on all my past bikes!

I have never won anything before, which on reflection, is probably because I had never entered anything before!:cool:

Buster Hyman
11th May 2005, 02:32
21 Bob Dylan albums...vinyl...anybody want em?:bored:

henry crun
11th May 2005, 04:41
Buster, I have just won a coupon entitling me to 1 regular size chips at any KFC, swop for your records ?

Buster Hyman
11th May 2005, 05:12
As much as this is an anonymous forum, I would still feel bad ripping you off like that henry!

11th May 2005, 07:10
Won a freezer in a Kellogg's Corn Flakes competition once. 'Twas quite a bonus as we were newly married and setting up home at the time. Only time I have ever entered such a competition.

Junior spittingimage won two tickets to an England v Romania football match at Wembley a while back in a magazine competition. Guess who chaperoned that trip ... !

Oh, and I have just found out I have won 100 on Premium Bonds this month. Useful but not life-transforming.

tony draper
11th May 2005, 08:03
Tell yer summat strange,when one first started playing Pub Dominos and had not a clue about the finer points of the game, one used to win all the time, but once one learned how to play the game properly one could not win a game to save ones life!!!
Strange what what!!!

11th May 2005, 08:29
Never won anything big, but I did do quite well in the GatBash raffle this year. However... considering I've been selling all the tickets and buying some myself for the last x years, it was about time I won something. :D

Nil nos tremefacit
11th May 2005, 11:16
Won 2 Glenfiddich miniatures - 'Glenfiddich is like pure gold.....because it tastes of carats!' was one slogan - I was drinking in a pub (George at Leadenham) and the entry forms were on the bar. First prize was one of each gold sovereign ever minted.

Won over 1000 on the pools - only one point short of the 1 million jackpot!

Won first prize in the lottery of life - I was born an Englishman!!! :cool:

11th May 2005, 12:13
Never won anything huge, but did win two tickets to the biggest american car show in the UK one year, was well pleased with that:ok:

One got sent a HUGE box of seabrooks crisps when I was about 8, I wrote to them asking how crisps were made for a school project, does that count?

tall and tasty
11th May 2005, 12:39
I am not very good at winning things but the kids are brillant.

Take them to choose a raffell ticket and one event I walked away with so many prizes that the children had one that they were not allowed to pick any more.

Best prize was SAS tickets to any of their destinations but was pregnant at the time and gave them to a friend.


11th May 2005, 16:46
When I was a kid, and the best age to appreciate it, my big sister won an entire Lego town from the TV Times (Ithink), worth several hundred pounds.

There was a firestation, police station, houses, shops, railway station, train and track, roads cars and more. Unfortunately there wasn't an airport though. There were enough sets to completely cover the lounge floor with a town.

Kept me happy for hours and hours.


11th May 2005, 17:30
Bottle of tomato ketchup on the school tombola 30-something years ago; I should have taken it as a sign 'of things to come'!

Kaptin M
11th May 2005, 23:33
Dropped into the take-away Bottle Shop at Carindale in Brisbane (Australia) to buy some p155 for a bbq, and filled in an entry form while I was waiting in line to be served.
A couple of weeks later got a phone call advising me I'd won the Bundaberg Rum (yellow) kayak that was 1st prize.

Think I used it once - it's still in storage in Bris, waiting for the day I return (to put it into storage again!).

11th May 2005, 23:44
A Texas Mickey in the departmental pool once.

GBP 134 in the British lottery once.

Saving my luck for the big one.

Still waiting.

13th May 2005, 11:33
Jubilee Year 1977, Hotel in Muscat runs mega raffle with tkts 1 Riyal each. Bought 13 of 'em and won first prize of Jaguar XJ6.
Got nuffink with the other 12 Rats, waste of bloody money! :(

13th May 2005, 13:37
Name drawn out of hat of all employees to go to French Guyana and witness Ariane Vol 150 with our bird onboard. VERY impressive rumble as she takes off :cool:

Won the odd few and on the UK/Dutch lotteries. Nothing big :(