View Full Version : The Simpsons and George W. Bush

8th May 2005, 15:10
Has anyone else noticed that the Simpsons are really holding back when it comes to criticising Bush. Every other president from Washington to Clinton has been fair game.
This has to be pressure coming from the government as the writers have never been known to exercise restraint.

Buster Hyman
8th May 2005, 21:07
Perhaps they can't think of anything that would make him funnier than he already is?

"...You can't say Nuclear, that really scares me!..."

8th May 2005, 21:14
It's because they're broadcast/owned by Fox. Read into that as required.......

8th May 2005, 21:27
Shut up, Flanders...... ^

Maybe they're saving up the Big Moment for when the show ends next year with a major bush slagging.

8th May 2005, 21:49
Oh sorry - I thought this was a 'spot the difference' comp.

I was beaten.

9th May 2005, 02:29
Because Bush is quite a lot more stupid than Homer.

That'd upset the balance of the cartoon ....

Lon More
9th May 2005, 11:15
Maybe they don't want to waste air-time beating about the bush?

Irish Steve
9th May 2005, 21:21
Because Bush is quite a lot more stupid than Homer.

Careful, Homer will be coming after you in a minute for insulting him:E :E :E

9th May 2005, 23:53

You are spot on. Fox has been very pro Bush and VERY pro war from the start. Lets face it, Murdoch doesn't care, it is not rich kids like his that fight dirty wars, it's the poor kids who fight the wars so the rich can benefit.

That's the system, always has been.

Besides, doom and gloom and fear sells lots of papers.

DC Meatloaf
10th May 2005, 00:15
Sigh. Here's the definitive breakdown of presidential references on the Simpsons:

The Simpsons Archive: Presidents on the Simpsons (http://www.snpp.com/guides/presidents.html)

Plenty of unflattering references to W.

And plenty of unflattering references to Fox News. In fact, Murdoch once threatened to sue the producers of the Simpsons for a parody of Fox News that was pretty amusing: From the Krusty for Congress episode:

In a TV debate between the two candidates, the reporter notes: "Welcome to Fox News, your voice for evil. Tonight we'll be interviewing the top two candidates for Springfield's 24th congressional district. For the Republicans, beloved children's entertainer, Krusty the Clown. And for the Democrats, this guy.

Armstrong: "I have a name."

Reporter: "Yes, I'm sure you do comrade. I do appreciate you're being here, you're usually so mired in sleaze, it must be an effort to come down to the studio."

Krusty: "May I say something?"

Reporter: "Certainly, Congressman."

Armstrong: "He hasn't won yet."

Reporter: "You make a very adulterous point. We will now conclude this debate with a Krusty campaign commercial."

While the debate was airing, the following ran on the news ticker: "Pointless news crawls up at 37 percent. ... Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out at Foxnews.com. ... Rupert Murdoch: Terrific Dancer. ... Dow down 5000 points. ... Study: 92 percent of Democrats are gay. ... JFK posthumously joins Republican Party. ... Oil slicks found to keep seals young, supple. ... Dan Quayle: Awesome."But do go on with the conspiracy theories....:rolleyes: