View Full Version : Censorship gone stupid?

8th May 2005, 14:37
I for one must admit to being amused by the Crazy Frog tune, although my prehistoric phone will not be having it I can assure you.
The thing is, did anyone notice that the sex of the original frog was not in doubt, but probably not noticed by most people untill his appendage was disguised by a great big black splurge.
This week I see a new ad on the TV for a new version of the frog tune. The little guy had all his 'bits'. However today I see that the black block has returned.
Is it just me, or does anyone else think that this is being a little too 'Correct'. I can visualise tens of thousands of children growing into perverts due to a crazy frog cartoon character...

8th May 2005, 15:34
Cant say I even noticed his 'bits' (or lack thereof) until I saw the floating black box!

Best way to censor that advert is to mute it or remove it entirely!

Onan the Clumsy
8th May 2005, 15:50
Maybe the frog got blasted with some weedkiller (http://www.sciam.com/article.cfm?articleID=00035F51-0C74-1CD0-B4A8809EC588EEDF)

8th May 2005, 20:50
I was quite intrigued to see this tune advertised as a ringtone as I previously had it on my computer some time ago, downloaded from a motorcycle site.

It was originally posted as a little joke about the noise made by the old 2-stroke CZ motorcycle engines. As such it's actually a pretty good impersonation!

Frogs don't have meat and two veg willies though, do they? Anyone consider themself a frog willy expert? :p

8th May 2005, 21:01
Given that modern weedkillers are causing frogs to change sex, surely this is just another manifestation this phenomenon?

A frog does not have "meat and two veg" willies (so coy, so coy); it has a "meat" willie and "two veg" testicles (am I allowed to say that?) And sometimes more, if they have been subjected to high doses of weedkiller !



PS - I thought "frog" was a slang term for the female a-hem....

8th May 2005, 22:22
I suppose in view of the amphibian nature of said creature, the expression "floating black box" is most apt!

Never heard the word frog used for .... "ahem". ;)

8th May 2005, 23:28
Yes. Ahem. It's called "having a frog in your throat" ;)



Buster Hyman
9th May 2005, 03:03
At least it wouldn't take long to find his black box in the event of an accident.