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7th May 2005, 20:18
A second series of The Apprentice, has been commissioned by the BBC, once again the winner will get an opportunity to work for Alan Sugar.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, (which I thought was streets ahead of the original (Donald Trump) U.S version), I'm not sure that it will be as good as the first, and it would be better if they had a different future employer, Richard Branson for example.

I know that you've got to find a potential employer in the first instance, but I cant help thinking that Sir Alan has latched on to a good thing, i.e. Using the media to do your advertising and selection for free is cheaper than paying a recruitment agency.;)

7th May 2005, 21:00
I think a 2nd BBC Apprentice season will be successful, even with Sir Alan at the helm again. It won't air till 2006 though.

I personally think the US Donald Trump original version is better (Season 3 at least - which I have been watching). I believe Season 4 has already been given the go-ahead.:ok:

8th May 2005, 06:19
For me, a large part of the enjoyment of Apprentice 1 (if we call the first UK series that) was watching Sugar in the Boardroom taking people apart with his questions.

Sugar obviously had the advantage of preparation.....he'd seen the performances of the candidates and had time to ponder his lines of attack. He may well have made his sacking decision before the Boardroom meetings.

There was considerable (lets be honest here) sadistic enjoyment to be had and this was an important element which needs to be retained.

Any Sugar replacement for Apprentice 2 would need the same nasty streak as Sugar, otherwise a lot of the enjoyment would be lost. For example, Dickie Branson stumbling his way apologetically through an assessment of performances wouldn't be much fun to watch.

The main improvement needed is a more closely matched shortlist of candidates from the beginning of the competition plus an overall much higher standard. There were far too many complete muppets in Apprentice 1 who had no place anywhere near the competition in the first place.

I wonder how the US version would go down in the UK?

8th May 2005, 11:22
It was so obvious from the start as to who would be staying and going. Too scripted, too predictable and Alan Sugar has the charisma of a dead frog. As for the candidates? Well rather average i would say across the board.

8th May 2005, 13:44
Should have known it I suppose...........bloody BEEB hasn't got an original idea. Copied it from Mr Trumps American show.
What a bunch of :mad: 's , I suppose that's what licence fees are for.

8th May 2005, 18:39
I didnt realise that the Donald Trump (U.S) series had gone beyond the original, in which case, it would be great if the Beeb would screen it so that we can make our own minds up.

I only mentioned Richar Branson cos I'm sure that he's not as daft as you all look, he's far wealthier than Alan Sugar, and despite his "Mr Nice Guy" public persona, I'm sure he's far more ruthless. However, I'm sure there are business people out there who could do just as good a job as Sir Alan did in humiliating the egos of any applicant....

9th May 2005, 08:23
Only ever saw the original US version on BBC2. Where do we get to watch future US ones???

Shaggy Sheep Driver
9th May 2005, 09:55
I think Sugar sees it as free marketing for his company as much as anything else. All publicity is good publicity and all that.

Branson is, I'm sure, at least as agressive as Sugar beneath that 'nice guy in a pullover' image - but I don't think he'd want to undermine that image by letting the public see his real personna on TV.


9th May 2005, 10:04
As you say er82, the original US series was shown on BBC2 apparently (I didnt see it myself). As far as I am aware there are no plans to show further US series on the BBC in the imediate future :confused: