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7th May 2005, 19:58
We have a portable cd player which was working fine until earlier on.

Now it does not 'recognise' music cds. Just gives a message 'No CD'.

Is this something simple or a fatal fault?

Views from anyone with knowledge of cd player systems would be appreciated.


7th May 2005, 20:01
If these are CDs that have been burned on a PC, have you finalized the session? I have found that CDs that I burn will play on some systems of mine (car, Walkman etc) but not on others, notably the older machines.

Or it may just be FUBAR'd. Sorry!



7th May 2005, 20:04
I recall I had the same problem with a portable CD player many moons ago. The main reason for discs not being read is due to a misalignment with the laser which reads the data from the disc. This happens when the rotating belt slips out of line, a bit like a bicycle chain. Mostly this occurs through time with general wear and tear.

7th May 2005, 20:06
Its probably full of dust and other atmospheric crap, depending on where you've been using it, or its reached the end of it's useful life.

The cleaning disks don't do a thorough job, the only real way is to take the top off and clean it with a liquid cleaner, although this is a fiddly job and really should be done by someone with the technical knowledge, and it will be cheaper to replace it
If you do it yourself, 1) dont forget to switch off all power sources, 2) Don't sniff or drink the liquid when you get bored with trying to clean the unit, and 3) if you do partake in 2, let the effect wear off before putting it all back together.

Personally, I'd nip down to Asda and get a new one for next to nothing, and then spend the money I'd saved on marker pens and glue.

7th May 2005, 20:28
My portable CD player spat the dummy a few years ago. Prior till then it had been a faithful player. As I was packing it up to ship it away for repair I dropped it.

It worked again. Voila. :D
The famous technical tap :D

7th May 2005, 20:36
Just give in and buy and iPod. Even the wee Shuffle is a breath of fresh air, having been through the progression of cassette walkman, CD player, minidisc player (which actually lasted a whopping 6 years!!), it's definately the best by far.


7th May 2005, 20:48
Got my eye on the 1Gb Shuffle. Got a minidisc at the mo and the battery is just starting to annoy me. I've had that one for 4 years.

7th May 2005, 20:53
I have the 512 one, ideal for just going out a run/at the gym etc. 120 songs is more than ample. No need for 10,000 songs in my pocket!

8th May 2005, 02:59
niknak, Marker pens and glue for what? :confused:

8th May 2005, 06:42
......the battery is just starting to annoy me
I'd get rid before it escalates into assault.

Onan the Clumsy
8th May 2005, 12:27
I never understood why aggravated assault is worse than regular assault. After all wouldn't the judge take it into consideration the the sorry bastard you duffed up had started it all by aggravating you?

8th May 2005, 12:55
Yes, but assault and battery is worse than either.

........even if one drops the charges.

8th May 2005, 13:02
Do CD players operate on a region thingy the same as DVD players?

8th May 2005, 18:06

The DVD Regional setup was made to match the distribution of new films, Region 1 getting the first release, Regions 2 next, 3 after that. You get the drift.

That is the only reason.

Most DVD players have the software modified so as to reject DVD discs from different Regions at the behest of the studios and film distributors.

Most DVDs can be unlocked from their Regional codes by inputing a specific code which is available on the Internet. The code varies by machine type and manufacturer

8th May 2005, 18:42
"marker pens and glue for what?"

Oh dear! What do you think we used to do before we could afford alcohol to get high....:E

8th May 2005, 19:03

It sounds like you have a carbon-copy of the situation FlyBlue had a year or two back, discussed in this thread: "No CD" (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=113363)

As I stated in the linked thread, there can be numerous causal factors at play here.

FlyBlue's issue was finally resolved when it was realised that the Ben Harper CD contained a copyright-protection code that didn't agree with the machine.

Annoyingly, the audio-group link I provided within FlyBlue's thread is now extinct... It showed a number of music-industry heavyweights giving their opinions on how copyright-protection, and lack of clear format direction has enabled the record-labels to alienate even more of the music buying public... Is it any wonder Napster is popular?... (excuse the mini rant)

Whirly's point regarding unfinalised CDRs is worth considering. Ham-fisted copy-code protection could be an issue. Cruddy QC at the CD pressing plant could also be a culprit - meaning the CD will work on some machines, and not on others (funnily enough I find players over 10 years old tend to be more forgiving on the tolerance issue).

Or it could be that your player is on the blink...

What else to say... Hmm... If all else fails, you could always put the CDs in the microwave and entertain yourself with a display of indoor fireworks :E

edit: If you check the link, the old "chamois polish with Isoprophyl" trick is worth noting - it has worked for me on some occasions.