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7th May 2005, 15:53
Does anyone know what music VUE cinema's use just before the film starts when they are various people sitting in a photo frame like thing above a large city etc? or is the music specially written for VUE?

Cheers for any help :ok:

Jordan D
7th May 2005, 18:12
Sorry, no idea, but I'd also like to know - there's something quite good about it.


9th May 2005, 10:07
Darn no-one out there seems to know! Its very catchy so if anyone ever finds out what it is, be sure to let me know plz :ok:

9th May 2005, 12:40
I suspect it was created purely for that little clip.

Must admit I like it too! :ok:

9th May 2005, 12:49
Why don't you ask (http://www.myvue.com/contact_us.asp?SessionID=C52CA48B65DA4A2C9BF24F20AF0CF464&cn=1&ln=1&ic=1) them?

9th May 2005, 18:18
I have sent Vue cinemas an email about music so fingers crossed I will get a response!

10th May 2005, 11:59
Wow, nice and quick response from Vue:

Thank you for your email. Please be informed that this music was specifically composed for Vue and is not available for public sale.


10th May 2005, 12:03
It's a shame the answer does not help you.

I have found that most companies will respond fairly quickly to enquiries about their products, whether a book, a song, an advert of general product information, I have had an informative answer just about every time. :ok: