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Onan the Clumsy
7th May 2005, 02:01

7th May 2005, 02:06
Which one did you try, Onan?


7th May 2005, 02:08
What, is that like beer flavoured coffee (know how much you like beer mate ;) ), or some other flavour........like marmite.

Onan the Clumsy
7th May 2005, 02:08
Oh I don't go near the things. I think they should employ all the out of work hazmat teams to destroy any that's still around.

Standard Noise
7th May 2005, 02:21
Tis the coffee flavoured coffee that I find most foul.:yuk:

7th May 2005, 02:33
Them people in Vancouver sure like their coffee. I think the only choices are large, extra large and "this will keep you awake for at least the next 6 hours"

7th May 2005, 02:42
I like the sound of Vancouver!


7th May 2005, 02:48
Bluey, do you have one of them "handbag" doggies like what Paris Hilton has, or into running a thousand kilometers a day? Seems that's what you have to do to live there.

(Oh, and it rains heaps)

7th May 2005, 03:12
Did you visit Wreck Beach? :E

7th May 2005, 03:18
No, but I did visit Jericho beach.........were you guys not watching the web cam (http://www.jericho.bc.ca/webcam/webcam.html)


7th May 2005, 03:30
"handbag" doggies
It would take four of those to equal the large, ginger cat currently sitting on my prooning desk.


Couldn't see you waving in the piccy, Jer ... it's nice to have a beach named after you though ... even if they did spell it wrong.


7th May 2005, 03:34
My petition is in the mail............I did try to raise an Aussie flag, but Mrs J didn't want to bail me out of jail ;)

Hangbag ginger moggie. Interesting concept. Expect to see it on the streets of Paris real soon.

Onan the Clumsy
7th May 2005, 13:17
Ok, now about the flavoured coffee


7th May 2005, 13:27
The Irish Cream flavoured one is quite nice.


7th May 2005, 15:23

Favorite line form the Simpsons:

"How about you Irish up this coffee for me?"

7th May 2005, 20:14
Ok, now about the flavoured coffee...
Well, if you spilled yer flavoured coffee in yer lap on Wreck Beach you'd be in for 3rd degree burns pronto. ;)

tall and tasty
7th May 2005, 20:19
I love the vanilla flavoured coffee

Haven't tried any of the others but also love Irish coffee with a dash of the real stuff


Morgan James
8th May 2005, 12:29
Agreed on the Irish Cream and the hazelnut is quite nice too. Nothing beats a real Irish coffee though, with lashings of fresh cream.


8th May 2005, 13:05
With you on the Gaelic coffee TnT,
Delish!!.........espescially after some nice vittels at the local favourite restaurant.
Never tried vanilla though, ....will have to look out for it.

8th May 2005, 17:59
Double espresso................. full stop!

8th May 2005, 19:08
Austin Powers anybody?

"Mmmmmm, nutty.........."

8th May 2005, 19:11
On a "good" day...Amaretto [glug of]
On a "bad" day...Tia Maria [2 glugs of] with whipped cream

8th May 2005, 22:55
Cheese and onion flavour is my favourite.

9th May 2005, 00:26
Yeaahhhh. . . . Bluey, Irish cream is the business.

Rather taken with a few in the "Jarrah" range, made it a point to try summat different in Vancouver every day.
GrabbaJabba, Second Cup, Blenz, Starbucks and a nifty li'l joint in Lac Louise, Rocky Mountain Cafe.
Great coffee thermos cups but leave yours unguarded for 5 secs and . . whooooosh!. . say goodbye to it. .

But, Jericho Beach? Had a blast, great youth hostel (ex-army hospital). Not there 24 hr and met a real h o n e y from Perth who'd run away from her wedding. S/thing about finding out the groom was a jerk on the eve of the Event.
Did the Grouse Mtn thing first in driving squalls and snow. . again when Mr. Sun came along. . , almost got to Cypress Park/Valley. Natch, was a tough choice betwixt mounting bike and yelling "Eastward ho!" or. . .. throwing it away in favour of dimples and hazel eyes. . .

She married a RNZA captain, in the end. Not the original groom, y'unnerstan.
Jeremy's bar, along Broadway, was my intro to hockey on big-screen. And a game actually broke out in the middle of a fight. Most impressed.

9th May 2005, 11:49
Shut up about coffee please, one finds that de-caff just isn't the same. So onto my list of things I want immediately sprog appears is a big mug of steaming coffee, one likes Vanilla a lot and finds the blend from Horrids food hall to be most palatable.