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6th May 2005, 17:40

Taken from link:

Grr, this is fraud!
No, this website is quite real. I have Toby in my possession and I will in fact eat him if I do not receive 50 thousand dollars. This of course is the worst possible outcome and one I desperately want to avoid. I love that little fella!

Toby Stew

Clean Toby and soak in salted water. This is called brining and it makes Toby nice and tender. Drain, disjoint it in pieces for serving and place in a large kettle with onions, bay leaf, celery and salt.Cover with cold water and cook slowly until tender, about two hours. Add chopped carrots and potatoes and continue cooking until these vegetables are done. Smooth flour with a little cold water and add slowly. When thickened, add chopped parsley and serve.


6th May 2005, 18:26
Is this (http://www.ebaumsworld.com/rabbitcar.html) the same guy? Think he has it in for wabbits :sad:

6th May 2005, 18:45
I think he's an evil idiot. :mad:

6th May 2005, 18:51
Actually, I think I have a fairly liberal sense of humour, but I fail to see anything even mildy amusing in that. I guess some people will attempt anything for money.

BTW, I have some very graphic pictures of Plazbot. If I don't get 10 cartons of VB delivered to my home in the next 6 hours, I'll publish them here.

Send to:

c/o Winnipeg AACC
Winnpeg, MB.

Clocks ticking.....tick-tock, tick-tock.

6th May 2005, 18:58
I'm not sure which is worse now


6th May 2005, 19:46
And I thought PPRUNE had enough bunny boilers already!

7th May 2005, 01:14
Did any of you really take that seriously or were you all just playing along with a rather juvenile joke.? (http://www.snopes.com/critters/crusader/savetoby.asp)

7th May 2005, 01:19

7th May 2005, 06:00
How do I cancel a credit card transaction?..............

7th May 2005, 08:53

7th May 2005, 09:32
How do I cancel a credit card transaction?..............
Just go through normal PayPal procedures, ideally on EBay.

It'll be cancelled in.....ooh......2 months?

Whilst I'm here, does he do Toby jugs?

(read into that what you wish....here's a clue for the current standard of Prooner -- "Friends, Romans, countrymen......")

7th May 2005, 09:35
...lend me your beers :}

Just go through normal PayPal procedures, ideally on EBay ............:rolleyes:

7th May 2005, 09:43
... I come to curry Csar ... I mean Toby ... not to braise him.


7th May 2005, 10:08
Now you're just splitting hares.

7th May 2005, 10:22
Toby or not Toby, that is the question. Sorry, I'm rabbitting on ....


7th May 2005, 12:28
Toby........hare today, gone tomorrow. :{

7th May 2005, 13:27
Heard on the radio today that some idiot thought this was such a good idea he is threatening to cut his own thumb off unless he recieves the same amount !!!!!!!

7th May 2005, 14:04

7th May 2005, 14:08
So sorry. Time for the airgun?:E

7th May 2005, 15:17
does he do Toby jugs?

First we had Fishtits.............

7th May 2005, 15:28
I am having a gallantine of rabbit stuffed with Napoli picante sausages, mozzarella and basil tonight, mMMmm cholesterol. Any suggestions as to wine? I've got my eye on an ancient Barberesco that has been knocking around for about ten years or so.:=

7th May 2005, 15:30
"Hare of the dog" perhaps?

7th May 2005, 15:59
;) effortless.
Such beautiful bunny bits prepared and cooked to such perfection. You asked for vinous suggestions.
Che peccato, ma in un sol colpo:
Barolo perhaps, if you have one. rather than Barbaresco. The wine making skills in Barbaresco are, in general, lower than that in Barolo. Unless, perhaps, you have a Barbaresco from Bricco di Nieve or Santo Stefano-wines known as 'Baroleggiano' ie: resembling Barolo. Of course, it is the fog on the lower slopes which make Barbaresco a slightly drier and a less fully ripened wine than Barolo.
If you can find a Barolo, I would avoid Fontanafredda try instead a Giuseppe Contratto. However, you will be fine with any good Barbaresco older than about seven years of age.
Now, that is quite enough swank for one afternoon so I bid you a delectable evening.

8th May 2005, 09:13
The rabbit was wonderful and the Barbaresco wasn't bad either. I wouldn't have left it any longer as it had definately softened. Pretty nice supper followed by Elgar Violin and Vaughn Williams Sea Symphony well presented at the Dome. Not so keen on Sea Symphony as I've never been keen on Walt Whitman.

I have noted down your wine suggestions cavortingcheetah and I'll sent a runner out to track 'em down. Just choosing summat to go with tonight's Lamb. Got some Pomerol that's been down a while. Corny I know but someone has to drink it. :=

8th May 2005, 09:23
:) Glad to here it was a haring success.
Did you get the Pomerol from Corney and Barrow ?
I still hoard my meagre few bottles of Petrus 1990.
Enjoy your gastronomic gourmet evening. With taste buds such as yours you are hardly a gourmand.;)
ps: Walt Whitman in Spanish translation has a rather mellifluous ring to it. Toodle Pip. Off to the seaside.:D

8th May 2005, 12:56
Soddit, ........just eat the little buggah!

8th May 2005, 15:26

8th May 2005, 16:28
:p Whoopsie
Would that be Welsh Rarebit, Doc?:confused: