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5th May 2005, 05:51
Having an indifferent round and was thinking back, way back to a couple of pretty good shots (well, there were only two). First as a kid when I made the green in two on a long par four, regulation two putt for my first par. The three wood off the fairway was a screamer, went further and straighter than the drive off the tee. Alas, a practice round and no witnesses. You are the first to know!

Second, perhaps 15 years ago, par three tee shot went wide of the green protected by really really high trees closely spaced. Had to go over the top (did I say it was really really high) couldn't see the pin, closed my eyes, wacked a sand wedge nearly into orbit and went looking for the ball. Couldn't find it. Mate found it in the hole. Talk about skill!!

And the cheat? Well in a friendly social comp saw an acquaintance club in hand beating the bush for a lost ball and drop one from his pocket. "Found it!" he yelled through the scrub. Always thought differently of him since then. I mean, why bother.

So what was your best ever golf shot? And tell us your cheat story. (Damn sure no Ppruner would cheat at golf.) ;)

5th May 2005, 08:26
The ninth hole at Seaford Head golf course in East Sussex, England. A downhill shot officially measured at 110-odd yards. You can actually putt the ball down the hill if you want to (watch out for the bunker at the front though).

A nine-iron lipped out. Got the putt though.

Cheating? Moi!:O

Ace Rimmer
5th May 2005, 11:30
Two have to tie

1st 18th Dukes Course Richmond Park (220yrds) Par 3 5 wood (a Teri Hatcher nice but a bit thin) bounced once and in.

2nd 7th Wyke Green 150yds 7 iron... sweet as a nut never left the hold bounced about 2ft short, checked and in that was in 2002 still waiting for the hat trick been close a couple of times but no joy...

If that seems greedy that's nothing I know a bloke who's had NINE!! (seven of em on the same hole).

Ref cheats seen em plenty but the one that really P1$$ed us off was the bloke who played in our gang (good player on the cusp of cat 1) anyway, he kept cheating kept getting caught...(not a lot of point like I say he would have been maybe a 6 or 7 h'cap instead of 5-6).... he dosent play in our gang anymore.

5th May 2005, 12:00
My best golf shot ever was immediately followed by my worst....

Par 4 312 yds.. Drove the ball onto the green from the tee, left it about a foot away from the hole.

Missed the putt..... :mad:

5th May 2005, 12:43
Par 3, Jwaneng.

First shot - hit tree dropped 10 yds from tee.
Second shot - hit tree, rebounded 20 yds behind tee.
Third shot - hit tree, dropped onto tee.

So playing 4 off the tee, got down in 5.

Gave up game soon after.

5th May 2005, 14:34
Dreadful short at Kogarah GC next to Sydney airport. The 8th hole, alongside the Cooks river - hit the worlds greatest slice into the river. There is 1 and only 1 small rock sticking up out of the water - landed the ball right on top of said rock - bounced back into the middle of the fairway.

Can anybody please explain to me what a f:mad: g mongrel is !!!!! Didn't know they allowed dogs onto a golf course.

Heat :hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

5th May 2005, 15:00
2 holes in one. One in 1974 170 yds 3 iron. Second last year 175 yds 7 wood. Both landed directly in hole! (handicap still 21 though!)

Similar story to Heatseeker - about a month ago my mate pushed one right off the tee, it landed on the top of a 3cm diameter metal yellow water hazard marker with a loud "ding" and rebounded about 30 degrees left to land on the green.

Once played a medal with a bloke (stranger) who was either cheating or 3 times managed to find and then hit a ball from impenetrable rhododendrons onto the fairway.

5th May 2005, 15:19
Best shot - At Royston last year, playing a friendly twoball on a summer evening.
Arrived on the 11th tee (tricky par 4) to see 2 players in front searching for a ball in the thick rough on the right.
They waved us to play through, and we both hit reasonable drives, though mine flirted with the out-of bounds on the left.
My partner played his second shot and hit a good 'un onto the green. I hit a pitching wedge which bounced once, hit the pin and dropped in the hole. I gave him his putt, we halved in nett 2 and walked swiftly to the next tee.:D :D
It's always a result not to shank one when you're being let through, and these guys must have thought we were a bit useful...if only they'd seen the rest of our game. :rolleyes:

Worst cheat - a 7 handicapper who constantly "picked his ball up to identify it" every time he went in the rough. Strangley enough, each time he replaced his ball, he seemed to have a good lie. :E

five iron
5th May 2005, 16:08
Best shot - chip in from the bunker on stroke index 1 at Southwood Golf Course for my first par!

2nd best - chip in from the bunker on stroke index 5 at Birds Hill to win a skins game!

Worst cheat - got to be my old man and his 'leather wedge'. He's always using it!!!