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12th Jun 2001, 15:23
Sorry to ask a boring question but any info out there on BA's finalday assesment? Am told by Waterside it is 3 parts, interview, group test and written exercise. Any more hints, advice or tips will be much appreciated.
cheers BB.... p.s. please don't turn this into another "don't bother applying" thread as from where i am it is a move up the fodder chain!! trust me!!

12th Jun 2001, 15:50
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">written exercise. Any more hints, advice or tips will be much appreciated.

Learn to spell first.

Final...not 'Fianl'
Assessment...not assesment.
Also, capitals after exclamation mark...trust me!
and spaces between words are normally preferred.

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Rusty A300
12th Jun 2001, 15:58
Not to worry BB, I'm sure somebody out there must know something about it. I don't, but at least I won't be giving you any of that sarcastic bullsh*t that the Great Sky-God Maxalt did. Wouldn't it just be nice if somebody could post an enquiry here without being attacked by dregs of British society...!?

jetset pete
12th Jun 2001, 16:19
Try a search (in Wannabees) there's oodles of info around. Written ex (1 yr ago) involved an hour essay essentially on how to save the company money by your actions as well as the other duties of a pilot. Hour interview with 2 ppl (1 pilot and a HR guy) so think when you've led a team up everest and similar stories.
1/2 hour group exercise to discuss what you'd do if the pilot died and you were over the desert in a plane. Nice lunch in the middle as well!