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3rd May 2005, 18:50
With (no) apologies to all those chelski fans out there!

Bloody hell, 4mins in and Liverpool are winning, as a die hard red from the next city along I wouldn't normally say that, but come on Liverpool!!

3rd May 2005, 20:00
Ooops - sorry - was about to "report this post to a moderator", but then realised it was not a pre-election push for the Labour Party:p

3rd May 2005, 20:15
And I thought lex was a die hard Queensland Reds super twelves supporter. ... oh well.

tony draper
3rd May 2005, 20:32
6 added minutes?, sounds like the timekeeper had a hand delivered blue envelope five minutes before full time.

3rd May 2005, 20:41
I thought that too drapes...

Its probably to allow for the two intruders plus other stoppages.

Good result for the Reds though!

3rd May 2005, 20:53
Premiership champions you may be but your not going to be champions of europe are you? You cant buy this one chelsea rent boys. :p

The Otter's Pocket
3rd May 2005, 20:54
Hose is ranting and the TV cameras turned him off.
Face it the Scousers won...who says that the better team is the one that attacks. The defence was unbreakable.

Fantastic game... on the edge of my seat for the the last 25 mins, now feeling horse.

The best part of the evening was a Chelsea supporter telling me in my pub about all of Chelsea's goals. He didn't understand the power of the Reds.

3rd May 2005, 20:59
Benitez made me laugh when asked if he thought it was a goal.

"I don't know. Was it a red card for their keeper?....."

3rd May 2005, 21:03
P.S, forgot to say, it is now 50/50 Liverpool win the european cup. Bluesnoses out there beware, could it be bye bye bluenoses in the european cup next season... :E (that is if you finish fourth of course........)

3rd May 2005, 21:04
Congrats to Liverpool from a Hoops fan. Where on earth did the 4th official get 6 minutes of added time?? :confused:

4th May 2005, 07:46
On a watch presented to him before the game by a large Russian gent with bulges under his coat.:suspect:

phoenix son
4th May 2005, 08:19
but come on Liverpool!!

Oi lexx...!!! behave yourself...!!! You're starting to sound like your Lo-Co pax now...Off to Elizabeth Duke with you immediately :ooh:

4th May 2005, 08:28
Though it kills me to say it, well done to the Pool from a bluenose. You may only have scored half a goal but it was still more than Chelski managed ;)

You're prolly right BRL - they'll change the rules to keep us out. Something like the team with the most players wearing Alice bands automatically qualify. With Kewell and Garcia you've got no competition on that front (must be the reason you've kept Kewell). :hmm: :hmm:

4th May 2005, 08:47
Ah, that's what I like to see, a bit of consistency. Ungracious in defeat AND in victory. :}

I've got to give it to Liverpool though, with a defence like that it looked like we would of struggled to score even given another 45 minutes.

The six minutes weren't so surprising really. A fairly standard 3, with 3 more added for the delays caused by those two :mad: running onto the pitch.

None the less, win or lose, a great game to watch, and well done. All you need to do now is go on and win it.

50/50 chances? I'm not so sure it's that even. ;)

As for CL places next season. UEFA have left that decision in the hands of the FA, who now seem to be sitting on the fence If an English team wins the Champions League and do not finish in the top four, The FA can request that this team qualify automatically for the Champions League, but the fourth-placed team in the Premiership is entered into the UEFA Cup.
This season's qualifiers: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United
One place to be confirmed.
but were originally very much in favour of the top four Prem teams going into the competition. I suspect that they will decide in favour of Liverpool though, imagine how unbearable the whinging would be otherwise. :ugh: :p

4th May 2005, 09:16
It was sad to see Nottingham Forest go down to the third division (now called the first division for some reason), so it's good to see another English team getting back to their Europe conquering ways of the seventies and eighties.

Biggles Flies Undone
4th May 2005, 09:23
None the less, win or lose, a great game to watch
I must have been watching another match then!

Anyway, good to see that money can't buy everything in one season :ok:

4th May 2005, 09:31
A bit of thread creep here but as much as I'm pleased for Liverpool, I feel really sorry for Wrexham who were relegated into League 2 (Division 4) last night. Had they not been deducted 10 points for going into administration, they would have stayed up. It must be awful for the players who have played well enough to stay up but have been punished because of the financial situation of the club.

I hope this relegation does not affect the future of the club because if it does, it would seem like the FA or whoever imposed this rule put the final nail in the coffin.

4th May 2005, 12:03
Yeah, but it's a new rule as clubs in administration are protected from some of the financial matters that other clubs who are better run (and therefore not in administration) have to put up with. Blame the people that caused the financial mess at Wrexham, not the league.

Back on topic, well done to Liverpool though, having hated them ever since they were good in the 70s, it rather pains me to say so. The goal controversy is a bit of a red herring - had it not been awarded Liverpool should have had a penalty (which they would have probably scored) and Cech would have been sent off. This latter point might not have mattered as he was never tested again all evening but there you go.

Must admit, I thought the Liverpool tactic of getting an early goal and sticking eleven men behind the ball for 85 (91, actually) minutes was very, very risky. It doesn't normally pay off. I had this vision of a Chelsea equalising winner :confused: :confused: in injury time. It should have happened, too. Gudjonsen (sp?) will be ruing that miss for the rest of his life...

Double Echo
4th May 2005, 12:21
So let me see if I understand this right....

Liverpool think that they might actually beat AC Milan?? HA HA HA HA:O HEE HEE HEE:O ho ho ho ho ho:O No stop it, no more ha ha ha ha:O hee hee hee hee:O my sides are splitting ho ho ho ho... no please ha ha ha ha ha ha:O :O :O


I rather doubt Messers Shevchenko, Kaka et al will be as wasteful in front of goal as Drogba and co were last night.

Don't get me wrong, with their limited resources, Liverpool have done amazingly well in Europe, however, the Milan wake up call is on its way.

Keep it real:rolleyes:

ps any truth to the rumour that "Drogba" is Russian slang for "Duffer"???? Sorry SC but he's crap. And as for Kezman will somebody call that guy a taxi and get him out of there...

4th May 2005, 12:45
One thing I was pleased to see was Djibril Cisse getting a good run out. How he has managed to recover from that double fracture to his leg so quickly and then got back into shape is nothing short of amazing.

4th May 2005, 13:29
Happy Days... €45 free money from the bookies!

Gonna stick €20 of it on PSV for tonight ;)

Thanks for being shite without Duff chelsea http://www.terranuts.com/forums/images/smilies/flipa.gif

4th May 2005, 15:30

Are you trying to say "Duff Chelsea were duff without Duff"?

4th May 2005, 15:43
easy for you to say! :p

4th May 2005, 16:32
"The Chelsea View:
Jose Mourinho accused linesman Roman Slysko of being intimidated by the Anfield roar in awarding Liverpool their controversial match-winning goal to reach the Champions League final.

The Chelsea boss insisted the "best team had lost" in the dramatic semi-final encounter, claiming that he was "still the special one" despite having tasted a rare knock-out defeat.

Mourinho declared: "I felt the power of Anfield, it was magnificent. I felt it didn't interfere with my players but maybe it interfered with other people and maybe it interfered with the result.""

AOL Sports News

Quit your whining Moroniho, you lost. The better team didn't lose, that's a paradox! The continual undermining of officials by managers I feel is disgraceful, they called it as they saw it. As for the Anfield faithful intimidating him, you had a chance to do the same at Stamford Moscow, shame your glory hunters weren't up to the task!

Liverpool's defence was unpenatrable, and as for Carragher - well, words fail me for the performance he put in! Excellent game, unlucky for Chelsea who perhaps didn;t deserve to lose in those circumstances.

Bring on Milan :uhoh:

4th May 2005, 16:50
6 added minutes?, sounds like the timekeeper had a hand delivered blue envelope five minutes before full time.

Nah, more like some thieving scouser nicked the stop watch:}

4th May 2005, 17:52
BFU, If you had been watching it where I was you would of seen some fairly excited people, even if mainly because hammer away at it as we did we just couldn't seem to crack the Liverpool blockade. Still, that just served to heighten the tension as the clock ran down. I would imagine it was fairly tense from the other side as well given that they were under virtually incessant attack, the success of which would of cost them no only the match but also the only remaining hope of any silverware this season.
On a knife edge for the duration of the second half. I call that good to watch.

DE, No worries. I'm not convinced about Dogbra either. Not sure what the problem with Lampard was though, barring his free kick he looked slightly lacklustre by comparison with his form of late. JT and Gudjohnsen both looked to be working their socks off too, but again seemed to be lacking their usual finesse.

I have to say, I'm torn now though. Part of me would rather see an English side win it, but another part would think it grossly unfair if Everton were to lose their well deserved CL place.
I suspect, however, that AC Milan will save anyone from the need to make such a controversial decision. :hmm:

eastern wiseguy
4th May 2005, 21:17
So TWO goalless draws gets them into Europe.....well Chelsea have had worse seasons!! and I have been following them since 1967. By the way did anyone else think that Cissies head looked like the blackboard used for tactics?:confused:

4th May 2005, 21:23
.......the team about to win the CL are the same team who were lucky to beat Celtic in the San Siro and were held to a draw at Parkhead. Shame we didn't have the same callibre of subs as Milan. They brought on Crespo and Inzaghi......Celtic brought on Momo Sylla :(

Good luck to Liverpool anyway :ok:

4th May 2005, 21:28
As a Gooner I admit that Chelsea are worthy champions but I will say that it gave me a huge amount of pleasure last night, to see Liverpool win. I couldn't pick a man of the match - just everyone in a red shirt (including Dudek who did an enormous save in the 2nd half)

Roman, yer can't buy everything even with your money!!!!

(Plus hopefully they will be distracted on saturday so we stuff them and get closer to putting Scum U in 3rd place).

So AC Milan - Come on Liverpool, you CAN do it!!

4th May 2005, 22:19
Does anyone have a link to that spoof Mastercard advert with Abramovich in it..?

Buster Hyman
5th May 2005, 03:16
So, do the top 4 FA teams automatically qualify for CL, or is there a playoff of some kind? I know the dilemma that faces the FA if LPL win, but what are the normal rules?:confused:

5th May 2005, 04:44
Top 2 teams automatically qualify, next 2 teams go into a play-off with the 3rd and 4th placed teams of the other nations. There is a hint that a 5th place may may be made available to the FA if Liverpool win and are placed 5th in the table.

Flying Lawyer
5th May 2005, 06:59
If a 5th place is available, it ought to be given to Chelsea who shouldn't have been knocked out by a goal that wasn't a goal - as the Hawkeye reconstruction on ITN last night proved. :mad:

The computer-generated system traces the flight of the ball, and is said to be 100% accurate to within 5 millimetres. The ball was 4.5 cms short of a goal.

Not that I'm biased in favour of my local team, of course. I would have mentioned this even if it wasn't in Chelsea's favour - maybe. ;)

5th May 2005, 07:05
So, If the goal had not been allowed, a penalty would have been given and the Chelski keeper sent orf.

We can all talk about what should have happenned, but didn't, in any game. This one was just a little more high profile than the norm.

5th May 2005, 07:15
Ah, this is the system developed using "missile technology". The technology used to build the Star Wars interceptors, Patriot et al. Pardon me if I doubt their claims to accuracy..... :E

5th May 2005, 07:23
Anyone seen the Sun this morning? Looks like they nicked their headline from this thread :} :} :}

On On

Curious Pax
5th May 2005, 07:30
I know you've got more than 11 very expensive players at Chelsea to utilise FL, but putting your reserves in the CL as well as the first team?

Buster Hyman
5th May 2005, 08:12
Cheers ORAC! That means that the back slapping at Goodison Park is somewhat premature.:ok:

5th May 2005, 09:16
Every time I see the title to this thread I think someone's having a go at me! :}

5th May 2005, 10:44
Sorry Buster, not to be, they have decided it is too late to change the rules for next year.

BBC: FA set to decide Liverpool's fate

The Football Association is set to decide on Thursday who will take the final Champions League spot for next season if Liverpool win the tournament. If the Reds beat AC Milan in the final and finish behind Everton in the league the FA would have the final decision. Uefa has said it would not allow five English clubs to take part but will look into changing the rule in future.......

The FA's professional game board is meeting at Soho Square to finalise their position if Liverpool are crowned European champions. It will be stupid to not have the defending champions, but the rules were there at the start of the season. Uefa has stated it would not allow Rafael Benitez's team to automatically enter next season's Champions League as holders.

"You cannot change the rule at this late stage of the season," insisted Uefa spokesman William Gaillard. "For future seasons, say from 2006-2007, the executive committee may look to change the rule. But for next season the rule stays at it is. "The English Premiership has four places and it would be unfair to tell another national association that they have lost one of theirs."

Biggles Flies Undone
5th May 2005, 11:11
SyllogismCheck – fair enough if you support one of the two teams involved. I watched the match in my local with a bunch of mainly uncommitted fans and the great majority of us found the match pretty boring. OK there was the tension of Liverpool defending their lead, but the match was killed in midfield and there were hardly any clear shots on goal.

5th May 2005, 11:21
Yep I agree. As far as Champions League games go, it was on par with the AC/Inter match a couple of years back :zzz:

Commentary was horrendous on ITV.

Andy Townsend: Can Liverpool take much more of this onslaught?!

My old man: CAN WE?!!

Nick Riviera
5th May 2005, 11:28
I am at a loss to understand why Cech wasn't sent off. I keep reading that if a goal hadn't been given then Liverpool would have got a penalty and Cech would have been sent off for the foul. So when did scoring a goal nullify a sending off? Just because the goal was scored it doesn't cancel out the foul. Or does this mean that if a player sees a ball heading into the net he can turn round and thump the nearest opposition player? He can't be sent off because there was a goal. I must have missed the announcement of this new rule.

And on the subject of the goal, get over it. What goes around comes around. I didn't see Jose making a fuss about the blatant foul by Carvalho on the Barcelona keeper that led directly to the winning goal for Chelsea in an earlier round.

Double Echo
5th May 2005, 16:14
Just like to add, after Milan's display in Eindhoven last night that perhaps my smug and dismissive post earlier may have been premature...

I would like to see Liverpool win, McAero you must be looking forward to it dude, 22 tims on the same pitch !!!;)

5th May 2005, 20:52
NR, I am at a loss to understand why Cech wasn't sent off. I keep reading that if a goal hadn't been given then Liverpool would have got a penalty and Cech would have been sent off for the foul. So when did scoring a goal nullify a sending off? Just because the goal was scored it doesn't cancel out the foul. Or does this mean that if a player sees a ball heading into the net he can turn round and thump the nearest opposition player? He can't be sent off because there was a goal. I must have missed the announcement of this new rule. There is no new rule and yes it does cancel out the foul. It's known as playing the advantage.
For the foul to be given play stops there and then, thus no goal can be scored. If the ref allows play to continue to allow the advantage to be played, the foul can't be penalised.
You can't stop play and allow a goal scored during the stoppage. Likewise you can't allow the advantage to be played then subsequently penalise the offender. You cant have it all ways.
And on the subject of the goal, get over it. Other than FL, who I believe was being more than a little tongue in cheek, not one person has mentioned it.
I was pretty sure right away it was marginal. However, I'm aware had it been at the other end I would of been quick enough to assume that the margin was over and not under.
Not all teams supporters are habitual whingers you know. ;)

BFU, I guess that's going to take the venom out of it. Believe you me it was very different from the point of view of a supporter. The faces in the crowd told that story.

6th May 2005, 07:08
The Times: Liverpool get new hope after FA's prior notice

A flaw in the ruling on qualification for Champions League

JUST when it seemed that the debate over the fourth Champions League place had been resolved, Liverpool were given fresh hope last night in their bid to qualify as competition winners when it emerged that the FA had made just such a provision to protect Arsenal or Chelsea last season.

The FA confirmed yesterday that the club finishing fourth in the Barclays Premiership, a position held at present by Everton, will be England’s fourth representative in next season’s Champions League, even if Liverpool triumph in the final against AC Milan on May 25. The decision had left Liverpool’s hopes at the whim of Uefa, European football’s governing body, whose stance on the matter appears to change from one day to the next. But they may feel that their case is strengthened by the FA’s previous edict on the matter, which came to light last night.

In an article published on its website on March 10 last year, after Arsenal and Chelsea were put on course to meet in the quarter-finals of the European Cup, the FA spelt out its regulations with regard to the hypothetical situation that it now faces. “Should Arsenal or Chelsea win the Champions League,” the FA said, “they will automatically qualify for next season’s competition but England will not gain an extra Champions League place, even if they finish outside of the top four in the Premiership. In that scenario the fourth-placed team in the Premiership will play in next season’s Uefa Cup.”

This stance — one that endorses the precedent set when the Spanish FA entered Real Madrid, as European champions, at the expense of Real Zaragoza in 2000 — is in direct contradiction to the “unanimous” decision that was made yesterday by the FA’s Professional Game Board, a six-man sub-committee of the full board, which endorsed the move.

Last night the FA declined to comment publicly on the apparent change in its interpretation of the regulations. Privately, officials at Soho Square suggested that the previous statement “was not official policy and did not relate to a specific situation like the one that has arisen this season”...........

Nick Riviera
6th May 2005, 11:26

Sorry, but you are wrong. It has been common practice for many years now to both play advantage and penalise an offender for any misdemeanour in the build up. I have seen many occasions where a player has been cautioned for foul play after the advantage has been played out, even if the result is a goal.

6th May 2005, 16:47
NR, You're right, I am wrong in as much as that I wasn't specific enough with regards to the situation.
You're quite right when you say a yellow card is fairly frequently given after an advantage is allowed to be played after a foul.
However, in the box and being the last defending man who fouls the attacking player who's in a goal scoring position would result in a red card and a penalty. In that situation the advantage is allowed to be played as equal to or better than a penalty.
I can't recall ever seeing the advantage being played, the goal to be allowed and then a red card given.
That particular straight red is afterall given for preventing the scoring opportunity, if the goal is scored and assuming the foul is of nature that would be no more than a yellow card offence in any other situation the sending off is is no longer really warranted.

I'm not certain it has never happened that the goal has been allowed and then the offender dismissed in such a situation but I don't recall having witnessed such a thing. In fact I'd be interested to know. :confused:

6th May 2005, 20:16
Click This. (http://www.hippychik.co.uk/webstore/kop204.wmv) Bit of a download but worth every second :ok:

6th May 2005, 20:43
What's so worthwhile about happy Scousers???? :E

Only kidding..... I really do hope they win it. :ok:

7th May 2005, 13:55
and to balance things out...it was not a penalty in the final minute against Charlton today!:suspect: