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3rd May 2005, 16:14
Been trying to fing the old cricket thread but seem to have misplaced it. But seeing as the ashes begin in July, with England & Wales' strongest team in years, about the same time as the Lions take on the All Blacks.........

What are your predictions?

I'll stick my neck out......

A comfortable win on home soil. Freddie Flintoff to smash 2 centuries with Trescothick and Strauss producing one each. Harmison to take a hat-trick and Warne to be involved in at least one drugs/sex/sledging/opening his mouth controversy.

An incredibly tough series, including a defeat to the Maoris, before the Lions rally to win the last 2 tests and the series 2-1. Gavin Henson to be player of the tour and the All Blacks to realise how daft they were not include Carlos Spencer. Graham Henry and Steve Hansen to manage one smile between them (to later turn out to have been wind). David Campese to be eaten by dingoes. Gav n' Chav to get married and name their first child Llanelli.

Any takers?

3rd May 2005, 16:25
Any takers?

Yeah I'll take that bet, but you forgot to mention Man United joining the SPL so they can win something, Colin Montgomerie winning the British Open and Scotland winning next years Six Nations ;)

3rd May 2005, 16:33
I'm tempted to bet on Monty. Definitely time he got a major.

3rd May 2005, 16:35
David Campese to be eaten by dingoes

I can think of a few Aussies who would like to see that.

3rd May 2005, 16:41
Surely you must have a prediction Jerricho?

3rd May 2005, 16:43
Mate, here in the frozen north you're lucky to hear about such games a cricket and rugby. I haven't got a clue about who's doing who ( :E )Give me a couple of days to collate a form sheet and I'll get back to you.

(Although, the Poms winning the Ashes.....yeah right) ;)

3rd May 2005, 16:45
stranger things have happened......................(cue the next post on what strange things have happened)

3rd May 2005, 16:46
True.......like a thread on how to pick up women :E

3rd May 2005, 16:48
Not a bad idea that. Has anyone started one?:E

3rd May 2005, 16:53
hey, I just noticed that I'm over the "150" post mark...wooohoo!! ....or maybe booohoooo! :{

Anyway, back to the question at hand....stranger things.......... I heard of a guy who reckoned he was a legend with the females species :rolleyes: