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3rd May 2005, 11:38
I have suffered from Hay Fever for many years - not a huge problem if I take the tablets before the season starts (and I try to abroad for it) which is always the week before Wimbledon.

But nature appears to be cheating this year - have been eyescratching, nosesniffling, sneezing and knackered for about 10 days now !

Are the seasons all to pot, or have I added rape or tree pollen (which happen earlier) to my grass pollen allegy ?

3rd May 2005, 14:19
those awfully nice chaps on the medical and health forum have suggested some remedies......here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=49673)

3rd May 2005, 15:44
Hi Tim,

I also had some great help from these guys and gals (http://www.pprune.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=94915) .

As hippy as it sounds, I found the honey suggestion seemed to work pretty damn well. And tasted good.

3rd May 2005, 15:52
Suffering from it for the first time in my whole life this year. Itchy eyes are the worse part.
Thanks Gingernut for the 'rinse eyes frequently tip' Already has made life easier (but left me wondering why the hell I didn't think of that myself??)

Jerricho, got a large jar of honey yesterday from my Welsh mate who married a local lass (and all the farmland that came with her) so will start eating that and will try to remember it for next year. PPRuNe is good for something afterall. ;)

3rd May 2005, 15:56
Flappy, I did find it was more effective (if that's the word for it) if you didn't water it down (ie - honey and lemon tea).

I also heard a little rumour somewhere that wearing glasses (sun or prescription) can help quite a bit as well. Stops some of the crap getting into your eyes. And if it's a really, really bad day, a sploge of vasoline up each nostril does help as well (but feels bloody gross)

3rd May 2005, 16:01
Thanks for the tips - generally I have it under reasonable control (and use many of the tips to do so, although the white wine vinegar was a new one on me).

Was particulalrly interested to learn if anyone else suffering earlier/worse than usual - and any suggestions as to why (having had a steady pattern for 25 + years - started when I was early twenties).

Welcome to the club Flaps - my commiserations (I read that many more people are becoming susceptable in recent years)


Biggles Flies Undone
3rd May 2005, 16:13
I got a bit of it for the first time a couple of years ago.

I blame the EU.

3rd May 2005, 18:40
I suffered dreadfully from hay fever from aged 8 to 38. Then, in the very hot summer of 2003 - I had no symptoms. Haven't had any since. I had heard that one can grow out of it but I didn't believe it. Now I do.

I did find though, that road pollution was a big factor and symptoms were worse in a large city.

I sympathize with all you sufferers; I went through hell each summer from May to September.

However, with the honey thing (and it does help) make sure it is local honey to where you live as those bees would have been feeding on the same stuff that is making you sneeze.

Failing that, I drugged mesel' up to the eyeballs and lead a zombie existence for half the year.



3rd May 2005, 20:19
Hayfever has definately hit me this year. For me it's the worst it's been for a few years and seems to have started earlier. :(

I'm going to have to go an see my GP to see what else can be added to my daily meds routine...... :rolleyes:

Sympathy to all those suffering too.


tony draper
3rd May 2005, 20:52
Luckily one is allergic to nothing except .45 bullets,perhaps its these vast fields of Oil Seed Rape that have appeared the last decade or so,I have no recollection of square miles of yellow fields up this end of the country until comparatively recent times.
Although one has read that allergic diseases of every kind are on the increase among the young.

3rd May 2005, 21:04
I never used to get hayfever, until the farmer planted rape seed in the fields which backed onto our house. As a kid I was taken to hospital one night with breathing difficulties - docs blamed the rape seed.

So far this year I've been lucky & not suffered, however the summer ain't over yet.

PS - the honey thing hasn't worked with me yet. :(

3rd May 2005, 21:55
Funny you should mention the rape seed TC, as some of the worst hayfever I ever had was when I lived just outside London, and we were surrounded by fields of the stuff.

I did find that living on the coast did alleviate it a bit. There ya go, move to Bournemouth :ok:

3rd May 2005, 22:24
Apologies for being so wordy. Cost me a lot to figure out my allergies. Hope the sharing may benefit others.

Some years back my nasal allergies - a bother since childhood - became suddenly almost intolerable - to the degree that even the latest and best apothecary antihistamines had insufficient effect. This was a bad situation for someone living on a farm and regularly flying through pollen-filled skies. I considered having an head-ectomy.

After finding no real help from my otherwise very competent physician, I started reading and experimenting on a do-it-self agenda. For several years...
.... (long-boring-trial-and-error story omitted).. thousands of hours later:

Now my allergies persist in mild form, but the intolerable symptoms of the past are near totally solved. I can go out and roll in a hayfield or fly treetops in spring and summer skies without too great a penalty. The BIG problem was solved by eliminating some specific sources of secondary irritation and causes of excess histamine production in the bod, using the following methods:

1) Altering my diet to eliminate gluten - This was an unrecognized lifelong allergy that had been noticeable (in retrospect) as recurring indigestion. I found it - on a whim - by deliberately eliminating all gluten ingestion for a month - it can take that long for one's intestines to calm down from prior gluten irritation. After that, I could clearly observe for myself the dramatic irritating effects that would come from eating as little as a single wheat cracker.

(This was undertaken on my own initiative.. doctors and other health-care providers seem to have real difficulty addressing the subtleties of problems that cannot be quickly resolved by a pill, a jab, or a quick slice. Stubborn allergies tend to fall in this gray zone.)

The human digestive system regulates itself with histamine. Acid indigestion typically indicates an excess of H, so abstaining from gluten helped two problems with one remedy. Even with a clear benefit, it was very hard to part with beer and ale and bread and pasta. Sometimes I deliberately backslide on single occasions, knowing the price will be a few weeks of modest misery.

I now believe this type of food allergy problem, especially with regard to wheat gluten, may affect as much as 10 to 20 percent of the (US & European) adult population, but is given no attention by commercial medicine because antacids and antihistamines are so hugely profitable and the profit from persons using those goes on forever.

2) Dental work to put caps in place of some old fillings with mischief hiding underneath. Expensive, but very helpful. Unhappy gums were irritating the trigeminal nerve complex, which connects nearly everything in the head that can register pain. Pre-aroused nerves thus amplified the irritation of my allergies to a larger misery.

3) Going very light on consumption of scombroid (family) fish - due to their naturally high content of amino acid histadine, which readily can convert to histamine before or after consumption. Tuna was a personal favorite for quick and easy protein from a can.... but no more.

4) Wearing eye protection and breathing filters when doing things like sanding and sawing wood, painting, weed whacking and other peripheral maintenance tasks, plus at least eye covers when in dust storms and rolling about in the lap of nature.

5) Using HEPA filter style recirculating air units in the indoor places where I spend the most time... my personal office and the bedroom at home. Occasional use of the fans cuts down the background aggravation during peak allergy season and at times when the world turns damp and mouldy.

and finally, the EASIEST and BEST of all the fixes:

6) An ongoing program of sluicing out the nasal passages with saline mist, blowing the nose a lot to clear out debris following obvious exposure to dust, pollen, etc. and carefully using moistened Q-tip type swabs on occasion to massage and clean the inner schnozzola.

Regular swimming can also have good effect, especially if you tend to half drown yourself in the process.

A tastefully oblique non-technical explanation: Think how it could be if you didn't wash your socks for twenty or thirty years.

For the portable solution (pun), one can purchase at a pharmacy small squeeze spray bottles filled with saline. Insert in a nostril and squeeze. Easy. After you have acquired and used a few of these you can mix your own refill solution from: 1 level tsp salt, 1/2 tsp bicarb soda, a drop or two of hydrogen peroxide or iodine for sanitation, mixed into 8 -12 ounces clean water. TO be safe, mix new solution frequently in warm circumstances, or every few weeks in cooler climes. Additional peroxide, tea, mint extract, etcetera can be added for recreation or effect. Go light on adding alcohol, tho, so you won't kill off the smell sensor nerves inside your nose near the bridge. I believe petroleum oils are NOT appropriate for any nasal spray.

Note of caution: I am just another number - not a doctor - so please appreciate that what has worked for me may not work for everybody... though most of the foregoing is deliberately fairly benign in method and effect, and thus fairly amenable to experimental use.

Whatever you do, be gentle, sensitive and patient in searching for cures to structural & chronic problems with allergies. Nature adapts gradually. Problems that took years to develop may require at least months to resolve.Apologies in advance for being so long and wordy. This subject cost me a lot of time and money and effort, so I hope someone else can benefit from the sharing. Apologies for being so wordy. It cost me a lot to understand something about hayfever,

3rd May 2005, 22:26
I used to suffer terribly with hayfever and the like nearly all year round. I got jabbed for it and it finally went away. i was treated in Oz and when I was in my early 20s

I come to the UK only to be told I was imagining the benefits. Like fark I was. Any way, the asthmatic tendencies are kept well under control by exercise and appropriate medication AND keeping fit(ish).

So, find an allergist you trust and get it sorted.

3rd May 2005, 23:20
I find that sucking on a Fisherman's Friend :ooh: sometimes helps. (For those outside the UK, FFs are a non-prescription decongestant).

I seem to be the only person to buy them in the summer!:rolleyes:

4th May 2005, 00:03
sucking on a Fisherman's Friend

See, move to Bournemouth. Lots of fishermen down there.

(Never been a remedy I've subscribed to)

Solid Rust Twotter
4th May 2005, 06:30

Virtually identical path to yourself, leading to the identification of yeast products as the culprit. Carbohydrates feed any remaining yeast cells so avoid those as well as alcohol, vinegar, beer, bread, Marmite and so on. Of course one can consume as much meat as one likes, along with green salads and some fruits. In all a healthy diet that also causes one to lose weight if one is overweight and feeling somewhat dodgy.

I just stop consuming yeast products for a few weeks each year and it works wonders.

4th May 2005, 08:17
I've suffered hayfever for as long as I can remember, which is a heck of a long time! It has certainly subsided over the years, to the point where I now only suffer for 2-3 weeks at the height of the grass pollen season.

Many years ago I was prescribed a tablet - phenergen if I recall correctly - that was really effective. I was told they actually stopped prescribing it, for whatever medical reason, and nothing I have taken since has come close to being so effective.

A strange thing is that when I am on the other side of the channel, I hardly suffer at all, so what is it in the air hear, that is missing in central Europe? Oilseed rape possibly?

4th May 2005, 17:06
..........rape possibly?
Well, historically, foreigners have invaded our sceptered isle for the rape, so maybe you're on the wrong track.