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3rd May 2005, 03:45
Have fun!!!


1. When you go it’s a sad goodbye

2. A lawyer or a doctor or a civil engineer
2. The Free Electric Band – Albert Hammond - Ndbfinal

3. Doctor and a lawyer and a [sic] Indian chief

4. Beating of the heart within

5. I’m younger than that now
5. I Was So Much Older Then – Dylan – Desk Jockey

6. Beneath a blue New Brunswick sky

7. Oy (That’s it. One word, not repeated, constitutes the entire ‘lyrics’ for this one)

8. All I ever see is them and you
8. Picture of Matchstick Men – Status Quo – desk jockey

9. Showing off their silver leaves
9. A Summer Song – Richo -
Artist open

10. I’m going back to the place that I love
10. Yellow River – desk jockey
artist - Tony Christie - Rushton

11. Young and impatient we may be

12. With the warm wind in her hair
12. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan – Marianne Faithful - Ndbfinal

13. There is no other place I want to be

14. Memories we’ve been sharing
14. Magic Moments – Perry Como - Ascend

15. I know boys shouldn’t cry

16. That’s my boy
c'mon Piggy.....
16. Watchin’ Scotty Grow – Mac Davis/Bobby Goldsboro - PIGBOAT

17. I’d find a way just to leave the past behind
17. Reason To Believe – desk jockey
artist open

18. Life really is too short

19. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile
19. Wild World – Cat Stevens - Ndbfinal

20. A terrible place to live

21. Then I crossed the empty street
21. Sunday Morning Coming Down – Kris Kristofferson - Richo

22. But the love that lives within

23. I long for your lips

24. All these nights get so long

25. I hope you get this message

26. Baby be friends with you
26. All I Really Want To Do – desk jockey
Dylan – desk jockey

27. I got troubles, ohhh ohhh
27. You Were On My Mind – Crispian St. Peters – desk jockey

28. She loudly exclaimed ‘Kick his balls’
28. The Woodbridge Dog Disaster – Stan Rogers - Pigboat

29. When the day is nearly done
29. Love Is In The Air – John Paul Young - Richo

30. On and off and on again

31. And the memories of what love could be

32. Shining down like water
32. Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival - Richo

33. I don’t even know if I’ll talk to you

34. My grandmother bought me a cute little toy
34. My Ding-a-Ling – Chuck Berry - Twotter

35. Gonna find out who was your friend

36. I’m just about to lose my mind

37. ‘Til the day I die
37. Part Of The Union - Ndbfinal - The Strawbs – desk jockey

38. Or is this your way to hide a broken heart
38. Mona Lisa – Nat ‘King’ Cole - Pigboat

39. Wonder why she pretends I’m not there

40. I’m sorry you couldn’t call me when you got home

41. And that’s the way to stay
41. Bachelor Boy – Cliff Richard - Bombay

42. Whatever happened to you and I

43. Caught a dragonfly inside a jar
43. The Circle Game – Joni Mitchell - Richo

44. So still beats my heart

45. If you’re quiet like you oughta be

46. Take me away from the girls
46. Make Me An Island – Joe Dolan – desk jockey

47. Not without a star

48. But my baby just loves to dance
48. I Love To Love – Tina Charles - Ndbfinal

49. At first Sarah Jane was to be his bride

50. In my home town

51. With all the windows open wide
51. Flowers In The Rain – The Move – desk jockey

52. I really learned a lot
52. Love Hurts – Nazareth - Ndbfinal

53. Instead of fussing and fighting

54. I can feel your body swaying
54. Knock Three Times – Twotter - Tony Orlando and Dawn - Pigboat

55. Tomorrow and today

56. The crying of humanity
56. Hurdy Gurdy Man – Richo – Donovan - Rushton

57. I will always be with you

58. I want to be your lover

59. From this day until forever

60. When love runs high

SONG OF THE WEEK – Part the first

1. Who was told not to think about tomorrow?
2. What was humming?
3. Where is he tonight?
4. What do the po-lice do?
5. Where do they do it?
6. Where aren’t there any policemen?
7. When will he find happiness?
8. What’s the song title?
9. Who sang it?

SONG OF THE WEEK – Part deux

1. Where is Willie McBride buried?
2. What was his rank?
3. How old was he when he died?
4. Who wrote (and sang) about him?
5. What are the two names for the song?
6. What two other tunes are mentioned?
7. What four musical instruments are mentioned?
8. Another song by this writer is about a war. Which war? (Probably not the one you think!)

1. France (in a war grave) - Pigboat
2. Private - Pigboat
3. 19 - Pigboat
4. Eric Bogle - Pigboat
5. No Man’s Land, The Green Fields Of France - Pigboat
6. The last Post (and chorus), Flowers Of The Forest - Pigboat
7. Bugle, Fife, Drum, Pipes. - Pigboat
8. It’s actually about the Viet Nam war, although it’s written in terms of WW1. - Pigboat


1. Who can make a man a king?

2. If you want a cathedral, who’s got one to spare?
2. Liverpool – desk jockey

3. What’s the song title in T3?(SORRY - Meant T2)
3. In My Liverpool Home – desk jockey

4. Which military-sounding gentleman sang a song that one regular of The Music Quiz oughta know?

5. What’s the song called?

6. What group of apparent corporate luminaries was he a member of?

7. There’s a connection between a grocer and an opera. What’s the grocer’s first name?
7. Jack - Rushton

8. What’s the song?
8. Excerpt From A Teenage Opera - Rushton

9. Who sang it?
9. Keith West - Rushton

10. Who was the 142nd fastest gun in the West?
10. Irving - ascend

11. Who sang about him?

12. A ‘strange’ group had a hit with a Simon and Garfunkel song – same song, somewhat different name; what was the group called?
12. Harper’s Bizarre – desk jockey

13. What was the name of their version?
13. Feelin’ Groovy – desk jockey

14. What was the original title?
14. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) – desk jockey

15. There’s a connection between a group which thanked you for ‘those sacred days you gave me’ and a Swedish group. What are the group names and the song titles?
15. The Kinks – Waterloo Sunset (they sang ‘Days’), and ABBA – Waterloo – desk jockey/Rushton - good team effort

16. What’s the same distance between the Seekers and the Proclaimers?
16. 500 miles – desk jockey

17. Who else had a hit with a different song, but with the same title as Lyrics 30?

PS - Supplied by a guest Quizmeister....who shall remain nameless....unless there are any arguments about the quiz....:hmm: :uhoh: :E :E

3rd May 2005, 04:21
the one day i get here on time is the day i know only one or two answers....


19. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile
"Wild World" Mr. Big

41. And that’s the way to stay

Bachelor Boy - Cliff Richards

3rd May 2005, 04:46
2. A lawyer or a doctor or a civil engineer

The Free Electric Band - Albert Hammond

12. With the warm wind in her hair

The Ballad of Lucy Jordan - Marianne Faithful

19. It’s hard to get by just upon a smile

I'll stick with the original by Cat Stevens

37. ‘Til the day I die

You Don't Get Me (I'm Part of the Union)

48. But my baby just loves to dance

I Love to Love (But my baby just loves to dance) - Tina Charles

52. I really learned a lot

Love Hurts - Nazareth or Jim Capaldi, take your pick

3rd May 2005, 04:51
Sorry Bombay...you need to grease my palm with more silver obviously....:E :E

and NDBFINAL - who let you loose to lurk on Pprune? Does your employer know what you are up to? A carton of VB will buy my silence........or a couple of your Flight Attendants (female variety only thanks.. :hmm: ) to "Quality Assess"......:ok: :ok: :uhoh:

3rd May 2005, 04:57
It'll have to be VB - check your PMs

3rd May 2005, 05:10
Ack. Wearing previous rank?

I'll have to plan a visit to Willy. Practice your saluting and the proper pronunciation of SIR...............:hmm: :hmm: :hmm:

Scran :E :E :E

(PS - check your PM's)

3rd May 2005, 07:29
Woohoo... Bonus Quiz!!


3. Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief - Frank Sinatra
7. The Gypsy Kings?
9. think its Summer Song - artist beyond me
21. Sunday Mornin Comin Down - Kris Kristofferson
27. If youve got Troubles - Beatles
29. Love is in the Air - John Paul Young
32. Have you ever seen rain - John Fogerty
43. Circle Game - Joni Mitchell
56. Hurdy Gurdy Man? some Aust band covered it a few years back but ive no idea whom.

SOTW1 - No blimmin ideas! Tough
SOTW2 - Still no blimmin ideas..


Nothing... brain all used up.



Solid Rust Twotter
3rd May 2005, 07:42

5. ? - Bob Dylan

34. My Ding-a-ling - Chuck Berry

50. My home town - Bruce Springsteen

53. We can work it out - Beatles/Petula Clark

54. Knock three times

3rd May 2005, 09:32
Wooo - having overslept yesterday morning I get another chance..

L5 - My Back Pages - Bob Dylan
L8 - Pictures of Matchstick Men - Status Quo
L10 - Yellow River - Middle of the Road
L17 - Reason to Believe - Glenn Campbell
L26 - All I really Want To Do - Bob Dylan
L27 - You Were on My Mind - Crispian St Peters
L36 - Heard it Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
L37 - The Strawbs
L46 - Make Me an Island - Joe Dolan
L51 - Flowers in the Rain - The Move

T2 - Liverpool (In My Liverpool Home)
T12 - Harpers Bizzarre
T13 - Feelin Groovy
T14 - 59th Bridge Street Song
T15 - First group was the Kinks. Second Abba?? Don't know of a connection
T16 - 500 miles

C'mon, bring on those points.

The Real Slim Shady
3rd May 2005, 10:10
49. Ode to Prince Charles - Guns n Roses
15. Another day in Paradise - Tony Blair and Gordon Brown
28. What's love got to do with it - Paris Hilton (Vinnie Jones remix)

3rd May 2005, 16:31
Oooohh!! A music quiz!!:D :D

L27..I Woke Up This Morning/Sylvia Tyson does it best ;)
L32..Have You Ever Seen The Rain/CCR
L36..Heard It Through The Grapevine/CCR
L38..Mona Lisa/Nat King Cole
L53..We Can Work It Out/Beatles
L54..Knock 3 Times/Tony Orlando & Dawn


1...In a cemetary in France
4...Eric Bogle
5...The Green Fields Of France/No Man's Land
6...The Last Post/Flowers Of The Forest
7...beat the drum slowly, play the fyfe lowly, bugles play the Last Post, pipes play the Flowers of the Forest
8...Welcome Home/Viet Nam

3rd May 2005, 19:32
Triv 7 Jack
Triv 8 Excerpt from a Teenage Opera
Triv 9 Keith West - (or was it Keith Harris and Orville?:D )
Triv 15 part of answer is Kinks, title Days

And now for Lyrics

20 - ELO - Living Thing ??
56 - Was sung by Donovan


3rd May 2005, 22:34
First post edited. Now, if you think you have been marked hard, complain to the Guest Quizmeister...:ok:

All you gotta do is find him.........:hmm:

Progress Scores:

Desk Jockey - 17
Ndbfinal - 11
Pigboat - 11
Richo - 10
Ruston - 5
Twotter - 3
Bombay - 2

Did anyone notice there are NO RULES for this quiz...:uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

And to the mystery Quizmeister......given that you may have several angry ppruners chasing you..still want me to reveal your identity via the points system you mentioned? :E :E :E :hmm:

Ascend Charlie
3rd May 2005, 22:58
14 Magic moments - Perry Como
26 artist was The Byrds
36 Heard it on the Grapevine - CCR

1. Lurv is a many splendoured thing (also known as Love is Money Splattered Thick) multiple singers including Perry again.
10 Irving
11 Benny Hill? I know he sang about Ernie, the fastest milk cart in the west.

3rd May 2005, 23:45
L5...My Back Pages/Bob Dylan
Ok ok,
L16.. Watching Scotty Grow/Bobby Goldsboro. 4 :yuk:
And if I find out who came up with that, and I think I know after the clue in L6, he starts from a -100 position in quiz 517. :E

4th May 2005, 08:54
Lyrics 10 - Christie ?
Lyrics 53 - Wonderful World, Beautiful People by ....


4th May 2005, 10:22
Did anyone notice there are NO RULES for this quiz... There seems to be a rule - it's just not written anywhere.
'Each question has only one permissible answer. All other correct answers will be disregarded'.

Wouldn't dare make a comment like that in a quiz *with* rules.

4th May 2005, 22:09
Well well.....

things were going along swimmingly for Desk Jockey - UNTIL THAT COMMENT.....

A few more correct answers.

Revised Progress Scores:

Pigboat - 13
Ndbfinal - 11
Richo - 10
Ruston - 7
Twotter - 3
Ascend - 3
Bombay - 2

Desk Jockey - 17 but docked 100 points for the smart comment :hmm:

puts you right out of the picture.........:ok:

Read the earlier post. This quiz was supplied to me by another Ppruner - with answers.

Now it takes long enough to put a quiz together, or in this case, administer it.....so I don't have time to run off and check each answer you guys come up with....

Feel free to take the burden from Music Quiz 517 if you think its that easy..:mad: :mad: :mad:

4th May 2005, 23:35
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I guess it's time to come out of the Music Quiz closet and point out a few facts of life to Desk Jockey.

I put this quiz together, as I did with one a couple of months ago. I wanted to give something back, rather than just sit back and wait for someone else to do all the work. I felt that Scran and Pigboat deserved some thanks and recognition - and a break - for all the work they have done on this forum.

Until the first one, I really had no idea quite how much work was involved in producing one of these things - listening to the tracks, picking out suitable lines (not too obvious, not too unrecognizable), writing down and then typing in all the questions and answers, making sure I got the words right, checking on those items where I felt there could be some ambiguity, re-checking (by lyric, title, artist, writer, release date) and correcting as necessary. This quiz, with a potential for about 160 points, took me about five or six hours in all. I imagine Scran and Piggy, with more experience between them, can do it a fair bit faster than that.

Then add on the time it takes to score and report the results. I left that for Scran to do (thanks, Scran!) so that a second pair of eyes might pick up any glaring errors I likely made.

Then stop and think what this is all about. IT'S A BIT OF FUN, AND A BIT OF A BRAIN-TEASER AND A BIT OF A MEMORY STRETCHER. Nothing more, nothing less. The points really don't mean very much, other than a tiny bit of pride that one hasn't totally lost all one's memory cells. Nobody gains by 'stealing' points from you. Nobody has any hidden agenda.

Similarly, nobody's perfect. Not even me. I based the projected answers for this quiz on my own hearing/reading of the lyrics, my own memory of the original artists, and my own checking and research abilities. My pop music days covered the late 50s to (generally) the late 70s, with a few (very few) exceptions, and my radio exposure came from the UK radio stations of that period. Remember that some artists got more exposure than others, according to which stations one favoured. So, I got a couple of answers wrong. Oops, sorry.

So, I've reviewed, to the best of my ability, Desk Jockey's answers.

L5 - Yes, it was a Dylan song, My Back Pages. I knew it as The Byrds' 'I was so much older then'.

L10 - I knew Yellow River as a Tony Christie song. The best I can find out, it was written by Jeff Christie. Related? Dunno.

L17 - As far as I know, this was written and first performed by Rod Stewart.

L26 - The first version of this which I remember was by Sonny and Cher, but, again, I forgot about Dylan.

L36 - I'm digging my heels in over this one. The line from 'I heard it through the grapevine' goes 'And I'm just about to lose my mind' - the song I have in mind doesn't include the 'And'.

T2/T3 - You got both of those right - I made a typo in T3, which should, of course, have referred to T2.

After all that, I reckon, subject to Scran's approval, that you scored 23 points. Six more than Scran gave you, based on my errors.

Was it really worth pi$$ing off Scran for the sake of six worthless points? Only you can answer that.

My opinion? - I think you owe Scran a very sincere, considered apology, and your thanks for all the time he and Piggy have put into these quizzes which we all enjoy. I just hope you haven't spoiled things for the rest of us.


5th May 2005, 00:51
Don't sweat it too much Jerry - I think you did a great job :ok:

I've had my little rant - I hope Desk Jockey realises he hit a nerve.

The issue is forgotten by me (but he ain't getting his points back this quiz :hmm: :hmm: ) and I'm moving on.

By the way - no more quiz's from me.......................................

:uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

Until I do 519 on May 23 :E :E :E

5th May 2005, 01:56
L28..The Woodbridge Dog Disaster/Stan Rogers

Hey scran, May 23rd is gonna work out great quiz-wise. I'll do the next two - the 8th and 16th - but then I leave on the 23rd, and here's the bad news. I won't be back till June 2nd, so you'll have to do May 30th also. :E :D

5th May 2005, 02:02
Ack May 30 is mine also....:ok:

Unless Desk Jockey wants to have a go?

:hmm: :hmm:

5th May 2005, 02:56
You ever notice how the shit hits the fan when I'm gone? :D Seriously, I knew this one had Mr. Coe written all over it! It's not fair some of us have to work for a living, I always miss the good stuff!

JC- Screw the sore losers! We appreciate your hard work. Not everyone can be my Big Daddy and Studmuffin! Thanks Jerry!


5th May 2005, 03:51
Hi flygirl!

Awwwwww! :O ... flutters eyelids ...

Hey - oodles of points still up for grabs!


5th May 2005, 05:33
OK...updated Revised Progress Scores:

Pigboat - 15
Ndbfinal - 11
Richo - 10
Ruston - 7
Twotter - 3
Ascend - 3
Bombay - 2

Desk Jockey - 23 but still docked 100 points for the smart comment ;)

Hey Munchkins.....sorry....misread your schedule.....:{

Thought I had it worked out so that you would be ready and waiting at the keyboard to pounce......:E :E :E

And Rule 1A - Munchkins (Nwaflygirl) can do no wrong...:ok: :ok: :ok:

5th May 2005, 08:01
Sorry folks - I got a HUGE grin on my face, my comment was entirely in jest but for personal reasons I refuse to use smileys.

Anyway, to redeem just an ounce of my credibility, I was the guest quizmaster about a month back - I couldn't manage a whole quiz so I'm in some awe of this one, but my Q's were spread over two weeks.

Anyway, peace and love.



Oh Sh*t I've just blown my cover, in more ways than one...
Not The SSK

5th May 2005, 14:19
OK, DJ/SSK - storm all blown over - but don't forget the basic rule of safe *** - wear a smiley on every conceivable situation, or you can get seriously :mad:ed...


*** = surfing, of course. What else did you think it meant?

5th May 2005, 21:46
OK...seeing YOU decided to blow your cover:

Revised updated Revised Progress Scores:

Desk Jockey - 23
Pigboat - 15
Ndbfinal - 11
Richo - 10
Ruston - 7
Twotter - 3
Ascend - 3
Bombay - 2

This looks like the final score.

JC, do we want to preserve any unanswered questions for a future Quiz, go put em out of their misery??

6th May 2005, 01:04
Put me outta my misery now. The song in SOTW 1 has been givin' me a headache for two bloody days and I can't think of the name of it. :oh:

6th May 2005, 02:59
Well...I'll leave JC to decide if he wants to do that Piggy.

Good luck for the next two weeks. Only day I'll actually be at work between now and Quiz 519 is next Thursday 12 May (and even then, have to be in the Hockey camp by 4pm in preparation for departure early AM Fri 13th.....6 hour drive to the venue....:{ )

6th May 2005, 03:00
Oooooo scran!

Can't let all that work go to waste! :E It's awfully tempting to make them suffer a bit longer. What about some clues, though?

Here are a few for starters:

This one's for Piggy: think Woody, almost; think transportation; don't think Louisiana.

L7 - Hoped somebody would get this one: it's a sort of instrumental, the main 'instrument' isn't part of an orchestra, it is a wind 'instrument', but you don't hold the 'instrument'. Go figure.

L4 - I gave this away on another current thread

L11 and T4/5/6 have a lot in common

L13 - Holy Nova Scotia, Piggy! Didn't you see their tourism TV ads last year?

L20 - Look in the mirror at breakfast

L44 - This one'll tickle you!

T4/5 - I said someone oughta know this; I mighta known I'd be wrong. Reada the question and thinka bout the clue.

Hey! Whadaya know? Making up clues is more fun than writing questions!

Have fun