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2nd May 2005, 20:06
Is it just me, or is this guy one of the most over-rated rugby players in recent years?

Quoting Sky News on Charles and Camilla meeting the Wales team:

"The couple spoke to captain Michael Owen, second row Brent Cockbain and star player Gavin Henson" :ugh:

OneBallBaby, Yeah
2nd May 2005, 20:08
Depends.. are you comparing him to other members of his pro-team or yourself?

2nd May 2005, 20:23
Is it just me, or is this guy one of the most over-rated rugby players in recent years?
I don't know McAero - are you one of the most over-rated rugby players in recent years?



BTW - Gavin Henson can put slippers under MY bed any day! Or night! :E

2nd May 2005, 20:30
After sinking that kick against England he can do no wrong for me. I'd definitely give hima place in the Lions' test team.

2nd May 2005, 20:37
Anyone who can kick goals from 53m with a good 5-10m to spare as he did against Ireland has got to be in the test starting XV in my book.

As an aside, my daughter who is home from Cardiff University at the moment tells me that current title amongst students for Mr Henson and his squeeze is "Gav and Chav".:O

2nd May 2005, 20:47
McAero... it's you... can't blame him for the way the media portray him and his metrosexual image...

Anyhow, he's a good lad... i've heard he's in Church every Sunday.....

2nd May 2005, 21:07
For the record, I'm not a rugby player. Enjoy watching it though and thoroughly enjoyed the Welsh teams performances.

Just wondered if he was over-rated - maybe it has been the media attention......but I have a friend that plays pro and says he is....:confused: Maybe just jealousy. Apart from that massive kick, I can't really remember much else of what he did.

If he's as good as he's made out to be, then good luck to the lad (although I can recommend a good barber to deal with that hair-do). Just wanted some more views on him.

2nd May 2005, 21:17
Very strong in the tackle, takes some of the tactical kicking pressure from Jones, but can also find the gain line and create breaks for the likes of Williams.

I just hope he doesn't start to believe his own hype too much.

2nd May 2005, 22:42
The "proof of the pudding" will be the Lions tour.

Its a shame there weren't more Welsh players selected, it would have been an ideal opportunity for our boys (the English players) to have a had a good rest and regroup for 2005/2006, and let the Taff bastards be stuffed into oblivion and injured to hell by, what is arguably going to be, the best NZ set up in many many years.

Your glory will be short lived. :E

2nd May 2005, 23:08
Aw come on Niknak, don't be shy. Say what you think!

2nd May 2005, 23:12
what a wonderful unifying attitude to display just before the start of a Lions tour! f:mad: g w:mad: r

aero :hmm:

3rd May 2005, 05:53
Very strong in the tackle........
Is that from visual observation, or did he give you permission for a feel?

(You would'nt have felt without permission, cos you're still here.)

Sorry......back to rugby. :yuk:

3rd May 2005, 11:46
I asked Charlotte Church :E