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1st May 2005, 12:36
Hi guys!

What's KLM Flight Academy all about? Is it a sponsorship scheme and can UK citizens apply?

Anyone know any sponsorship schemes currently available other than CTC's?

What about British Airways, anyone know of any plans to reopen their sponsorship scheme?

Thanks very much,


1st May 2005, 19:46
Those guys do the IR training here in Jerez.
they are not sponsored, they pay quit a lot actually,
and they are not secured with a job at the end.
when I asked, quit a long time ago, you had to be fluent in the Dutch language.

hope one of them will come up for further elaboration.


African Drunk
2nd May 2005, 09:45
Experienced instructors can apply to instruct for a couple of years then into KLM. Have to agree to learn Dutch.

Piltdown Man
4th May 2005, 19:28
120,000 euros or so per course - 1/3rd can expect to get a job with KLM. This year 50 or so will get in, some with KLM Cityhopper (F50/70/100) and the rest as Koko's (Kofie & Koffers). Money is more important than speaking Dutch - KLS is a business. However, I wouldn't expect a job in KLM unless you can speak Dutch - but only for social reasons!

15th Jun 2005, 11:46
only 1/3rd or so can be expect to get a job with KLM

That's BS. 92% of the KLS graduated got hirred last year. A few of the rest 8% already got a job elsewhere. KoKo??? It is CoCo in Co Co Pilot (Second Officer).

You can join KLM Flight Academy as an English guy. However, the Groundschool is given in Dutch, by Dutch teachers. But all the Lecture is English also the Exams. I say, just go for it.

If you don't finish the school a found will pay for your debts. So no problem.

16th Jun 2005, 12:17
wow, Ba had never seen guys "fly so great"

must be magic, or BS. I seem to lean towards the latter.

Piltdown Man
16th Jun 2005, 12:54
KoKo = Koffie & Koffers (coffee and suitcases).

16th Jun 2005, 17:50
Experienced instructors can apply to instruct for a couple of years then into KLM. Have to agree to learn Dutch.7 years to be precise (I was told this a few years ago when I got offered a job there). Needless to say I declined. I wasn't that desperate to move back to The Netherlands, let alone Eelde.

Holland, er zijn redelijk veel piloten die 'great' vliegen. Er zijn er zelfs een paar die het 'well' doen. Ik raad je aan je Engels wat bij te spijkeren voordat je bij BA aan de slag probeert te komen.



16th Jun 2005, 18:05
Last couple of weeks 2 guys did the BAC 1-11 flight at BA.. And BA had never seen guys fly that great, with only 180 actual hours. So if you don't want to join KLM you can a get a job at BA....

I know some guys, including the ones with KLM "baan garantie", that didnīt make into BA.


18th Jun 2005, 12:42
6 years for instructors...Dutch is a requirement. Out of the last 100 or so guys hired, 7 have gone to the F50, the rest 744/777/M11 as S/O.
F70 IS NOT an entry level position any more, in KLM it is ranked with 737 for pay and block.
The thing about the KLS students flying the best BA has ever seen is total bullsh**! They did a good job, nothing more.
(nb-KLS students always tend to tell the story of "Well, Jannie went to XYZ airlines, and they were so impressed it was the best interview they had ever seen, he flew the sim better than the Captain running ut, etc etc etc)
Unless you are Dutch, Belgian, speak Dutch or are an instructor, leave it be. It's expensive with no guarantees.

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