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30th Apr 2005, 18:48
Is it me or did the BBC just turn the object of many nights hiding behind a sofa into some manby pamby modern [email protected] with feelings!

Lets all get emotional and love each other..... WTF?

PC has even corrupted the daleks!

Rant over.


edited to remove the r

30th Apr 2005, 18:52
Or are you slightly 'wiser' since the last time you saw them?


30th Apr 2005, 18:52
The 'r' you inserted in Daleks actually belongs in corrupted.:}

30th Apr 2005, 18:53
I saw only a little of the Dr Who programme in question tonight but I know what you mean.

When I was 4 years old and I used to watch Dr Who, I was very scared of the Daleks and used to have nightmares about them. It's hard to feel anything but antipathy towards them - not touchy feely sympathy!

They are still the baddies and should be tortured accordingly!! :oh:

30th Apr 2005, 19:18
Maybe they should now be called Darlinks. (best said in a posh voice)

30th Apr 2005, 19:23
Yep the BBC ruined it.....and what's more they went and killed them off....wonder how many more of the Docs fearsome foes they'll redicule...what's next, Cybermen with handbags ? or maybe they've taken up morris dancing???


30th Apr 2005, 20:01
Having done a bit of revision recently, involving dusting off and watching the old Dalek videos from the attic, I couldn't believe what I was just watching.

Daleks with feelings, not killing humans when given the opportunity, wanting to feel the sunlight! To top it all, a 'Gold Dalek', saying he is a soldier!

All this and the real prospect of the labour party remaining in Government, really does push the boundries of civilisation.

I had the children $hi77ing themselves in the runup to tonights programme and now they are assured of a good nights sleep because the last of the Daleks is dead.

Wasn't The Sun running a save the Daleks campaign?
What a waste of time that has turned out to be, (much like a vote away from the tories)!

All the effort to get the relevant permissions to enable the BBC to use the Daleks in the show were, IMHO, wasted.

I just hope for 2 things;

1. A decent writer comes along soon and reads the novel 'War of the Daleks', in which Skaro wasn't destroyed because the planet Antalin had been terraformed to resemble it.

2. I haven't been part of a wind up.

Rant over, I'm off to relax............Exfoliate!!!


30th Apr 2005, 20:38
I saw a real Dalek yesterday, 'cept it had a Landrover Discovery badge on it. :hmm:

1st May 2005, 20:21
Sorry folks, I think that you have missed the point. The only reason old pepper pot turned into something with feelings is that it regenerated itself with the DNA of a pure human hence became corrupted (Pure thoughts are not what I have faced with Billie Piper in that series, buts thats another matter). Of course Mr Dalek was so nice & PC, it managed to kill a couple of hundred humans (attracting I am told at least a dozen complaints to the BBC).

I loved the twist that made the Doctor appear worse than the Dalek and the throw away comment from the beastie that the Doctor 'Would have made a good Dalek'

So, are they killed off for real, or will they hapen to encounter another during their time travel. I hope so.

Incidently, am I committing heresy in thinking that Christopher Ecclestone is by far the best Doctor so far - 'cos he is

1st May 2005, 20:34
Talk about PC spoiling Sci-Fi sterotypes of old....

How about the latest Battlestar Galactica series?

Starbuck is.... get this.... a CHICK!!!

And not only is Boomer ALSO a chick but she's an Asian chick instead of a black chick and been demoted from flying Vipers to hauling ass 'n' trash in a shuttle which is now called TV's favourite word.... the "Raptor".

The President is a chick.

Even the cylons are chicks. What next!!!???

Plus they have that 2000s jerky-cam thing happening which I absolutely loathe. WHY???????

Other than that.... not too bad. I like the drunken XO, Col. Tigh.

Tigh was black in the original series. Now's he's faded to white. Go figure.

1st May 2005, 20:34
Saw a Daleks Hooter sticking out of the panel on an Enstrom the other day.........told me it was the fuel mix setting....Yeah Yeah.
Daleks are hiding inside Enstrom panels ...True .......I swear!!!!
:E :E

Capn Notarious
2nd May 2005, 08:15
Cyclicmicky is sholutely correct, and if operated incorrectly, you become derelict!

2nd May 2005, 09:33
Well at least the dalek mixture control isnt right next to the Carb Heat like it is in the R22.

Lost count of the amout of students that have hit the mixture control instead of the carb heat during the start up procedure, even with the guard in place!!!


2nd May 2005, 09:49
Too right heligurl,
why didn't uncle Frank put it somewhere else, the heater is in a bad place as well. What makes it worse is all of those pull/push controls are the same shape and size.
I am just completing my training on a 22, twitchy little divils ain't they!!!

2nd May 2005, 09:55
Yes they are, but great for learning in, if you can fly one of those in windy/gusty cnditions I think you cn fly anything!

I put my hand over the mixture control when they get to that bit of the check list and also when they need to use the carb heat uring flight for decents etc just to be safe, we have a guard on on it but typical Frank not the best designed thing in the world, even had one student try to remove the guard during the flight confusing it for the carb heat!

Even so, they can be a lot of fun and in helicopter terms are nice and cheap!


Crazypilot A
2nd May 2005, 10:19
Walking trashcans with a thing on its head...how orginal...i thought the BBC had a bigger budget these days...at least they could have updated them....:zzz:

2nd May 2005, 10:19

Yep, gotta love them mixture/heater/carb heat controls.

As with so many things in life, it's:

Touch - Look - Confirm what you've got hold of - before you pull it ! :eek:

2nd May 2005, 10:39
I agree Grainger...

If you're a student it's usually my hand they grab as I cove the Mixture control, having ha stidents grab the wrong one on the ground I live in fear of them doing it in mid air, it's an automatic response, I cover it always incase they get the wrong one!

Had a few control punch happy students so just keen the day doesnt end badly


2nd May 2005, 10:50
This is a serious thread about daleks - not those thingies that are so ugly the earth repels them - please!

My tuppence - too touchy feely PC, but I liked the zapping seeing the skellington effects! Would've had me behind the sofa when I was 8!

2nd May 2005, 16:53
at least they could have updated them
I thought the rotating chest was a brill update.

No more sneaking up behind the Dalek and blinding it with a coat, like Roy Castle did.

2nd May 2005, 17:41
As with so many things in life, it's:
Touch - Look - Confirm what you've got hold of - before you pull it !
But...... she insists on the lights being out.

Despite my magnificent physique.

16th May 2005, 15:01
The latest series of Dr Who, has just been released on DVD. The eoisode featuring a tied up Dalek, has been given a 12 certificate.
The reason? According to a British board of film clasification spokesman;

"However cross one might be with the Dalek, being cruel is not the way to deal with the issue. Some children might take it in to the playground
We were concerned at the use of violence to resolve problems. The Doctor is a roll model for children, but he takes out his anger on the Dalek. It is not an acceptable way to deal with problems of power"

WTF do they think he should have done? Given the Dalek a kiss, and ask it out for a drink!!

16th May 2005, 16:35
I've just seen the episode....what a crock of shite. Why now have the Daleks learnt they can "fly" (don't tell me it's something he downloaded off the net........the only things it would have learneed is how to make his dick bigger and the Jenna Jameson official site)

16th May 2005, 16:38
They may have found their way here..:suspect:

16th May 2005, 16:39
And I wanted to see the Doctor fire that BFG (big frickin gun) :(

Mostly Harmless
16th May 2005, 19:55
Just saw the Dalek episode a few nights ago and someone is going to have to bring me up to speed here. The Daleks and the Time Lords are wiped out?!? When, and how did this happen?

Thanks in advance.

17th May 2005, 11:32
I thought Doctor Who was having a go a being all Star Trek, y'know, dealing with social or personal issues through the medium of drama. In this instance, as in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, "I, Borg", the loss of one's own identity was the issue. As a direct result, The Doctor was forced to draw uncomfortable parallels between....

....oh my God, I'm an anorak.:sad:

Richard Taylor
17th May 2005, 11:54
I just thought that Dalek fancied the pants off Billie Piper.

Mr Evans must have been jealous...:E

The Dalek may have LOOKED like it committed suicide...but was it not just disappearing into another time continuam-continuum-another time & place?

(ok,i'll get me anorak...:O )

17th May 2005, 12:05
I bet your fingernails get in the way sometimes too Gurl. Still better wrapped around the guard than.........(see proonettes rugby thread)

Still wincing.


17th May 2005, 14:09
At least we now know what they use that sink plunger for.

That's the daleks, not R22 pilots.

17th May 2005, 14:21
Mr Evans must have been jealous

I think you'll find Mr Evans and Ms Piper have parted way.

Can you blame Billy for choosing the dalek over that ginger ****. The Dalek actually has a personality and a huge, errect appendage