View Full Version : Film Night at the Airways Museum: Friday 13 May

27th Apr 2005, 07:31
Film Night at the Airways Museum, featuring films from the Civil Aviation Historical Society archive.

Theme: Air Safety.

Date: Friday 13 May.

Place: Airways Museum, Essendon Airport

Time: Museum open 6.30 pm, films start 7.30 pm.

Cost: Entry by gold coin donation. Tea and coffee provided at interval.


Safety is no Accident (1962) Colour, 30 min.

A review of civil aviation in Australia in 1962. Shows the Air Traffic Control and communications services in operation, navigational aids and ground aids in use, and the work that is being done to maintain one of the highest safety records in the world.

Graveyard Spiral (1972) Black & White, 20 min.

Graveyard Spiral is a dramatised lesson in light plane flying safety that examines a weather related accident.

Ready on Ocean Station November (c.1950) Colour, 10 min.

An authentic documentary on the ditching of a large commercial plane [a Stratocruiser] at sea near a Coast Guard ocean station vessel.

Crash Impact Survival in Light Aircraft (1960) Colour, 19 min.

Simulates crashes of light aircraft at various speeds. Shows effects of crash on dummy pilot and passenger. Illustrates graphically the deceleration forces set up on impact. Deduces the safest construction for light aircraft and emphasises the importance of the right kind of safety harness.

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