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23rd Apr 2005, 23:58
Former Conservative prime minister John Major has received England's highest award for chivalry - the Order of the Garter.
The 62-year-old former Huntingdon MP becomes a Knight of the Garter - an honour given personally by the Queen.

24th Apr 2005, 00:04
Since he tucks his shirt into his underpants I presume that he will use the Garter to keep his socks up, or at least one of them.

24th Apr 2005, 00:14
How very appropriate !

Didn't see the Queen as someone with a sense of humour !

Onan the Clumsy
24th Apr 2005, 00:28
Astro I don't get it :confused:

24th Apr 2005, 01:10
Major had an ongoing affair with a lady MP called Edwina Currie, hence the garter comment (stockings/garter!)

I do have a rather dry sense of humour I admit, one for the connoisseur

tony draper
24th Apr 2005, 01:11
Aways thought John Major was a decent man, perhaps to decent to be PM, he was totaly porked by events and his own party, his example must make Political leaders now look with dread on the thought of a hung parliament, at the mercy of a few of their own back benchers.
Not that I agree with the honour, it long past the time the honour system was done away with, it wont be though, its the ultimate bribe,the movers and shakers the powerfull and the rich men and women in public life will strangle their own children in public for those letter in front of and after their names, and thats how its done folks,thats the way the system works.

24th Apr 2005, 07:19
it long past the time the honour system was done away with,
MR Draper

So then you tell us, that in the event of the discreet envelope arriving on your mat, a decoration offered by HM would be turned back?

24th Apr 2005, 14:13
Unfortunetly for our Tony, it'll probably be the other, Tony Blair who is commanded to "arise Sir Tony"... :O If I understand correctly, ex. PMs are automatically awarded the highest honour. But one has to wait until a previous holder vacates the position, the number of such living knighthoods being limited... ;)

PS. But one could conceive of Tony Draper, OBEY or I shall blow the living daylights out of yers with me 12 bore... :O

24th Apr 2005, 14:25
he was totaly porked by events and his own partyOh do be fair, Mr D.! It's a matter of record that he was porking one of his own party right back...... :E

24th Apr 2005, 15:52
A fan of cricket to is he and a member of the MCC board. Unlike our current incumbent who prefers that very CH sport called soccer....

Ian Corrigible
24th Apr 2005, 16:57
Another milestone in our ever-worsening celebration of mediocracy...


24th Apr 2005, 17:09
A fitting accolade for a very succesful and intelligent Prime Minister.

24th Apr 2005, 18:02
And an entirely new definition of "success" to boot, it would seem....:}

24th Apr 2005, 21:38
A fitting accolade for a very succesful and intelligent Prime Minister With respect, Major was the most atrocious and incompetent Conservative Prime Minister ever.

His total inability to manage resulted in a variety of differing views being regularly pedalled by ambitious non-entities.

Instead of clinically excising one or two of these individuals at the first stirrings he pontificated and didn't have the courage to take a tough line.

Had he sent one or two into political oblivion he would have been a stronger leader and could have led a more unified Cabinet. By failing to exercise decisive and clear leadership he failed both the Country and the Party.

He was solely responsible for the shambles that is now our so called national railway system, failing to heed the advice of Mrs Thatcher and political heavy-weights such as Norman Ridley who counselled that the railways could not be Privatised.

Unfortunately for us, he needed something to assuage his desire to be remembered for 'something', hence Railway Privatisation.

HIS disasterous policy of following the European exchange rate resulted in Black Wednesday. He later had the gall to balme this on Norman Lamont.

For the Lefties on here, I would remind you that Labour fully supported the shadowing of what became the Euro, so please remember that next time you are tempted to throw it into the ring !

I am sure you may find something that Major may be considered to have achieved. I am at a loss right now.

His longer legacy was to destroy everything that we won between 1979 and 1992, and give us the current corrupt, incompetent, lying and vindictive Government.

Thanks a million John !

24th Apr 2005, 22:01
Do you mean Nicholas Ridley, who sadly died in 1993? :confused: