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23rd Apr 2005, 18:23
Sir John Mills has died at the age of 97.

Will always remember Ice Cold in Alex.


23rd Apr 2005, 18:51
God bless you sir John and thank you.


tony draper
23rd Apr 2005, 19:20
Hobsons Choice, trully deserving of the name classic.
A good innings, well done sir.

23rd Apr 2005, 21:03
Truly one of the greats...he will be sorely missed.

Rest In Peace.

23rd Apr 2005, 22:32
Dam' fine actor and I believe he was still wandering aound until very recently despite suffering from his old age.

No telegram but the K was richly deserved. RIP.


tall and tasty
23rd Apr 2005, 23:14
It seems like every year another great actor is added to the list in the sky :(

A sad day for the great artists of screen/stage and for those who love their performances.

TnT :sad:

24th Apr 2005, 02:57

A good pom

Conan The Barber
24th Apr 2005, 05:05
One of the last true gentlemen.

24th Apr 2005, 15:10
A true legend has passed.

As well as "Ice Cold in Alex", "Great Expectations" would be a favourite of mine.

RIP Sir John, I wish I could state we will see your like again...

24th Apr 2005, 18:00
"Look boys, shot through the 'eart".....In Which We Serve. Got to agree with Mr D, Hobsons Choice :ok:

24th Apr 2005, 20:52
RIP Sir John - to me you epitomised what is truly best about a real "British gentleman" - you always displayed an understatement, a courtesy and a gentility that crossed all boundaries and scorned no-one.

24th Apr 2005, 21:03
Really enjoyed the ending in Ice Cold where the levels of the 4 Carlsbergs were up, down, up again without being touched. Poor continuity but a good film. The first of his films that I remember seeing was Swiss Family Robinson - fantastic, and quite scary for a young sprog.

tony draper
24th Apr 2005, 21:07
Special prog on tonight about Sir Johns career, narrated by Steven Fry,worth watching just for Mr Fry
11.20 BBC1