View Full Version : My Dad wasn't at Gallipoli. . .

23rd Apr 2005, 11:27
. . but he was an Anzac all the same.

Some say the British commander made a major tactical blunder. But out of sacrifice victories were won and not til years later are the true repercussions felt.

Gallipoli did "forge an identity", which gains a greater following year by year. At least in NZ.

As an ex-serviceman I have a special bond with my Dad, who served in the islands, WW2. Yet, the civilian public now, mpre than ever, seek to instil on the next generation the abhorrence of war that 1914-18 et. al. failed to extinguish.

I wonder who has family or ancestors who still don't talk about it with those "who weren't there". . .

23rd Apr 2005, 13:13
It wasn't only the English who committed blunders there.

The Australian 3rd LH Brigade commander and his majors, for example, ran the show at The Nek which people like to blame the English for. Especially in view of the movie.

Old tactics, new war.

My Great Great Grandfather's brother was there, and still is.

He got a mention on the wall at Lone Pine. Headstones are only for those whose bodies are found, apparently.