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23rd Apr 2005, 08:41
In fear of being branded racist or inciting racial hatred in this society today !!!

I would like to wish you all a happy Saint Georges Day.

Yet again, little mention on the Radio, (this DAB is good kit!) or on the TV. Even Google, renown for its images on the front page hasn't bothered to recognise the day.

For fear of appearing racist, have a good St Georges Day one and all.
Roast Beef and Real Ale all round!


Mrs Sid gets into the St Georges 'thing' ! :E

Celebrate with others. Find out where here. (http://www.stgeorgesdayevents.org.uk/st_george.shtml)

23rd Apr 2005, 08:48
That google they ignored St Pirrans day as well......

Maple 01
23rd Apr 2005, 09:31
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Boy George!'

23rd Apr 2005, 09:35
...also, St Pirans day (March 5) :=

"According to legend St Piran was fond of a tipple or two, and the phrase ‘drunk as a Perraner' has become common place amongst the Cornish to describe those who share his fondness for alcohol! Despite these tipples, he is rumored to have lived to the age of 206! "


Following in the family geneology line, I shall report back in 164 years :ok:

23rd Apr 2005, 10:23
Happy St George's Day. :D

Windy Militant
23rd Apr 2005, 10:55
Shuffles side ways into view whilst being prodded with a stick and through gritted teeth mutters.

Dydd Sant Siôr Hapus*

Before stomping off in high dudgeon!;)

*Happy St Georges Day

tony draper
23rd Apr 2005, 11:09
Happy St Georges day,
today is also the Birthday and err,Deathday of the Bard.
He was born on this day in 1564 and rounded off his life with a sleep on the self same day of the year in 1616.

23rd Apr 2005, 11:14
Happy St. George's Day to all the pom ... errrm ... English folk wherever they may be. Have a good one full of ploughman's lunches, English ale and Morris Dancing.


23rd Apr 2005, 13:39
The French celebrate Bastille Day, the Americans 4th July,many countries celebrate a national day.

What is rascist about England St George's Day???

23rd Apr 2005, 13:52
I wouldn't say there's anything racist about st. george's day - it's just that Brits - or better, the English - aren't a nationalistic bunch. Whereas nations such as the Welsh, Scots etc - for obvious reasons need to reaffirm their identity in the face of an overbearing neighbour.

The sole popular outlet for English nationalism seems only ever to come in an us vs them way - ie our political dealings with Europe and of course the great English football fans, proudly emblazoned with their three lions, can of stella, nobbly stiles jig and flag of st george - and these are most certainly often antagonistic to our foreign chums.

23rd Apr 2005, 14:05
Shhhhhh Silsoe old chap!

Don't let this mob know about Skinners Ales. If there's a rush on the stuff, we will have nothing to toast St George with:{

Such a shame the football yobboes stole the flag. I would love to fly it, but someone may think I give a t_ss about footy:mad:

23rd Apr 2005, 14:31
We're gonna go celebrate it with a bunch of local English folk.

Happy Georgie's Day you mob.

Standard Noise
23rd Apr 2005, 14:56
Happy St George's day my english friends. 'Bout time you celebrated your own saint! :}

23rd Apr 2005, 15:25
Apologies if this seems too forward, but is that really a picture of Mrs. Sid, and if so, does she hire out for parties? :suspect:

23rd Apr 2005, 16:59
Howling Wind,
Well said, Now that is the sort of picture that makes you proud to be English.

Response to all who can bothered to read this,
I have never knowingly acted in an overbearing manner regarding my 'englishness' to anyone and quite frankly am a bit hacked off when folk mention that the English adopt an 'us v them' attitude. No I don't and nor will I ever. To be quite honest, in many parts of the world to be English or to have English ancestry is not as talked about much as say being Irish, Scottish or Welsh. Ask an American if he is proud to be an Irish American (even if his family actually left Ireland many years ago) and the chances are he will say 'yes'. The same applies to Scottish Canadians (go to Inverness at certain times of the year and there is a large influx of Canadians tracing their ancestry). There is nothing wrong with this and I am only mentioning this to paint the picture.
Please do not tar all Englishmen with the same brush! I like to feel that I am well travelled and resonably 'worldly wise'. Whenever I return to England, I never cease to be amazed and impressed by how tolerant this country is to many, many things. The only time that the English and indeed the British as a nation (and I am not referring to the minority who attend sports events in the guise as previously described) will take adopt a national identity is when the chips are down. Ask the folks who lived in the first half of the 20th Century for example.
I am very, very proud to be an Englishman, but I do not feel that I have to make a big scene about it. And , no I am not extreme right wing, National Front or any other such following.

Gets off soap box



tall and tasty
23rd Apr 2005, 19:43
Went to spend the day by the sea at Brighton to celebrate in good old British style. Eat fish and chips, go on the pier and eat ice creams, candy floss and then to a local pub to watch the morris dancers.

Got to Brighton to find it swaming with the police in every conceviable outfit that you could imagine (riot outfits, CCTV patrols and armed). Them jumping on groups of young men and frisking them all the way down to the sea front and back to the car!!!!!!! (So what was going on did not wait to find out)

The poor kids, terrified that they were going to get caught up in it, so ended up in one of the local village pubs around the corner from the house to watch the Morris dancers (kiddies giggling eating ice creams) and have a quiet drink.

Happy St Georges day (what is left of it)


Ps I would like to know when our National Day is going to be a holiday!!!

23rd Apr 2005, 22:00
Tempsford sums up very well how I feel as an Englishman; Quietly proud of my country but not really one to go waving flags and comparing willy sizes...that's just not cricket old chap!

Happy St Georges to all :ok:


BlueDiamond, nearly choked on my beer when I read what appeared to be a genuine message of warmth from down under!! Good onya cobber.:ok:

23rd Apr 2005, 23:51
I wish i'd said that like that.

25th Apr 2005, 00:58
How 'typically' English Tempsford is.

I'm not typical, but I still had it off.

St Georges Day I mean.

I remember the flag being flown from churches and public buildings when I was a kid. Not anymore; It seems that the Royal Navy, with their white ensign, are the only folks to publically display their Englishness these days, even though so many of them are from the other British nations.