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spud's on the job
23rd Apr 2005, 08:51
stuck for what to do for dinner tonight? Play Chinese Lotto, when the lotto balls are drawn immediately phone up and order corresponding items on the menu, for added fun, be stood in a chinse where they have the draw on telly and tell the guy to write down your order straight off the telly, let us know what you ended up with!

23rd Apr 2005, 09:10




With 7 poured all over.

Delicious! Thanks! :ok:

23rd Apr 2005, 09:31
Just went out and tried it

number 69 - a bit tart on the tongue

number 33 - I'll get back to you on that one

number 88 - well she has been stacking it on a bit lately

number 2 - tasted like [email protected]

Think I will stick to my English heritage, a bit of pork with some crackling.

Heat :E :E