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22nd Apr 2005, 19:45
As wonderful as the internet is for communication, research, booking travel etc two frightening stories in the news caught my eye recently.

One related to some weirdo planting a file on a young girls computer whom he'd got to know over the internet through a chatroom I think. Her computer was located in her bedroom & the file allowed her computer to act as a webcam where he could view her undresssing etc. Can't remember did he send images to her of his errant spying or just tell her, either way she became aware she was under surveillance by him in the so called 'privacy' of her bedroom. While online communicating with him & on realising this she began to cry. He told her "There's no need to cry". To her further horror she realised he was actually watching her cry.

The second story relates to a very evil Irishman I'm ashamed to say who married a woman with the full intention of murdering her for life assurance even before they'd tied the knot.

He befriended a Welsh lady in a chatroom, let on his wife was deceased when she was still alive. He used the internet at work to research how to 'asphixcate' his wife even though he worked as an IT expert & should have known that their would be a record of his online actions, these actions helped catch him in the end.

He knew the Welsh ladys phone number & address, he even sent a picture of himself, well his face imposed on a male models body to her which she pinned up on the wall. He killed his wife, was arrested & while out on bail fled stupidly to Majorca where he was eventually spotted by the Irish man from his locality & shopped to the police. The Welsh lady he'd befriended lay in fear that he would come over to her & she would be the next victim. She was spared the ordeal of testifying at his trial because he pleaded guilty.

Finally while down in Connemara over Easter I befriended a lovely American couple. He used to work in the IT area & knew alot about the internet so much so he said he'd never input his credit card details on the internet becaiuse of his behind the scenes knowledge. I told him I'd being doing so for ages, though not on a regular basis & hadn't been duped yet. Wonder is there any basis to his claims.

Have a nice weekend. :)

22nd Apr 2005, 19:58
the file allowed her computer to act as a webcam
stories in the news


Must have been a slow news day then

Sorry, Omaha, I think you're way off in giving this lot much credence.

22nd Apr 2005, 20:04
That's a lovely cashmere jumper you're wearing Omaha. Is it new or do you use Woolite? ;)

22nd Apr 2005, 20:06
You're not far off mate, you naughty peeping tom you, but it isn't cashmere. ;)

22nd Apr 2005, 20:20
Webcam Trojan perv gets slapped wrist (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/02/28/webcam_trojan_case)

Onan the Clumsy
22nd Apr 2005, 20:51
Some people just shouldn't be allowed to have computers and I don't mean the guy, I mean the girl :rolleyes:

It's like all thoe people who answer those fishing emails or respond to help get the millions out of Nigeria. I mean it's only a matter of time before there's a computer license, just like a driving license. At least I hope so.

Howard Hughes
23rd Apr 2005, 00:09
Ok from where I'm looking, I am thinking anyone who has a webcam has a little voyeur exhibitionist in them anyway, so all we are really talking about is wether or not permission was given to view!

Cheers, HH.


25th Apr 2005, 17:37
Well I was becoming a bit concerned when I saw SLF's post & was beginning to think she/he might have a point; that I was becoming a gullible twit believing everything the media dished out...

...until I was watching one of my favourite programmes the other day called 'Newlyweds' over on MTV. Chewing gum for the brain I know but hell I like it & there's no accounting for taste. :\

Jessica & Nick were separated for a time, working & playing in different parts of America so they set up a webcam on their respective computers so they could see & communicate with each other in real time.

I saw this with my own eyes on TV, but perhaps I'm just being a gullible twit falling for any trick I see in the media. Ths time however I don't think so. :p

Onan I think the girl was quite young & innocent. I don't blame her. Alot more worldwise 'mature' people have been caught out on the internet.