View Full Version : Monkey-Man Attack Russian Airliner!

12th Jun 2001, 01:11
Even the Russians have air rage, as reported very calmly by that favorite and official news organ, Pravda (The Truth). The story is asleep at the wheel, but I have to give them credit for the headline. Spelling and context is Pravda's problem.

14:12 2001-06-11


PRAVDA. Russia has already reported of an outrageous behaviour presumably displayed in the Indian capital city’s outskirts by some huge and impudent apes.

One starts to involuntarily believe in such things in the light of the recent incident aboard a Aeroflot airliner flying from Delhi to Moscow.

One of the passengers, resident of Delhi, behaved very strangely. So strangely that in Moscow he arrived heavily guarded by security personnel with his arms and legs tied (before he was tied he managed to bite a stewardess).

The Indian started to behave inadequately immediately after the plane took off, the passengers say. Не shouted something crazy and made indiscriminate assaults on other people.

First, stewardesses tried to subdue him, but he offered resistance, having bitten one of them. Other passengers interfered, and, finally, the trouble maker was tied with adhesive and placed in the plane’s rear compartment. On the arrival in the Sheremetyevo airport, the man was detailed by the local police.

When his documents were checked, his entry visa proved invalid. So, the strange passenger was deported back to his home town.