View Full Version : The real election question.......

22nd Apr 2005, 14:28
The real election question..............

....is how much will each party spend on the Aviation industry?? Contracts with defence, funding for others etc. Who's going to stump up more in the next 4 years. Is that possible to determine or am I just being a gimp? :ugh:

22nd Apr 2005, 20:48
Three-fifths of naff-all, is the answer. Labour (the forthcoming winners) will make quite a gain from turning North Weald into a Chav farm. Funnily enough they (and the Tories) will forget how they got helicoptered around for a month or two when busily engaged in hoodwinking the country into voting for them in the first place.

It would be wonderful if they couldn't find anyone to fly them round next time.

26th Apr 2005, 21:33
This afternoon I sent off my postal vote; I quite enjoyed imagining that the slot in the post box was Tony Blair's a*** as I stuffed my vote into it....

Empty Cruise
26th Apr 2005, 21:47
...but how can Smudger be sure that his postal vote does not go forth to multiply - to, say (thinking of random number...) - 3000??? :D

Hat - coat - door - trench - cover.... :p


tony draper
26th Apr 2005, 22:37
Someone is prolly tipexing out your choice as we speak,the news reported some candidate is being critized for registering 18 postal votes from his home address.
He had folks staying he said ,oh yeh.