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21st Apr 2005, 20:22
When [and where] did Ascot [RAF c/s] originate?
[Done a "Google" nowt found]

Onan the Clumsy
21st Apr 2005, 20:27
Wouldn't the chaps in AH&N be a better source of info?

You might get humourous and unhelpful answers in JetBlast.

21st Apr 2005, 20:52
ASCOT = Air Support Command Overseas Task

21st Apr 2005, 22:11
Thanx willo.....but when was the c/s formed?

tony draper
21st Apr 2005, 22:54
"Don't tell him Pike"!!!


22nd Apr 2005, 11:06
I used RAFAIR c/s certainly up to 1966.Ascot came in shortly after that date (I think). Also it was used in my day to denote Air Support Command On Training. I think today it just denotes " On Task "

22nd Apr 2005, 12:35
Probably about 1968 or 9, tying in with the formation of Air Support Command to replace Transport Command. If you Google for "formation of Air Support Command" you'll get an answer.

IIRC the "On Task" "Overseas Task" came later as a "back formation" - ASCOT just being a useful short word that begins with ASC.

Edited to add: OK, out of the kindness of my heart I did the Googling - looks like Ist August 1967 (http://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/milestones-of-flight/british_military/1967.html) for the formation of Air Support Command - so that'll probably be it - between us McFunkeltrumpet and I had it bracketed as they say in the artillery.

22nd Apr 2005, 21:43
That's when Fighter and Bomber Commands went to "Strike" :ok:
Thanx to all
we aim to please, it keeps the cleaners happy

22nd Apr 2005, 22:39
Thank the stars for another silly callsign translated:}

tony draper
22nd Apr 2005, 22:49
Mr Trub I surf another website where signatures on posts can run to three or four paragraphs ,entire pages from books, pages of dialog from their favourite movie ect, never understood the point of it, especially when generaly the post they accompany says sometthing like
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26th Apr 2005, 14:24
I concur, Mr Drapes, some aviation sites (http://www.studentpilot.com/interact/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=18) permit silly long "signatures" at the end of posts, some even have photos. Quite unnecessary.