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21st Apr 2005, 11:06
OK - no cheating, home vids, CCTV, etc don't count. Got to be broadcast (local or national) telly.


In the audience on 'The Price is Right' (clearly visible near the back waving manically)

Granada TV's 'World in Action' - filmed in a committee meeting during a documentary about our ever so trendy school.

21st Apr 2005, 11:07
Interviewed for 6 o clock news re Railtrack.

21st Apr 2005, 11:12
Does America's Most Wanted count?

21st Apr 2005, 11:14
I was an 'expert' on a Kilroy programme about women in prison. I was amazed by the number of people who said they had seen it - I never realised so many people watched telly at nine in the morning.

21st Apr 2005, 11:16
Appeared in telly series shown last year. Too embarrassed to watch it either live or on the video that the company sent. Dire! :yuk: :yuk:

Jelly Baby Freak
21st Apr 2005, 11:45
Yep. Appeared in a documentry on Midlands ITV in the early '80s.
Programme about a company that gave business advice to the
travel company and airline that I worked for.
A few minutes of footage of me in the ops room looking at weather,
and a made up conversation on the phone about SKG takeoff
performance restrictions due high temperatures.
Didn't get an Equity card though!
Programme went out 10:30 or 11:00 on a Monday night,
amazed at the number of people who stopped me in the street
having seen the programme! OK, well both of them!
Got it on VHS tape somewhere.....:sad:

Biggles Flies Undone
21st Apr 2005, 11:46
At a Biggin Air Show many moons ago. Close up of self & pal screwing our faces up as a F-104 went by at M0.999 - Raymond Baxter doing the commentry "Well, it seems that not everybody is enjoying the display". D'Oh!

Was in the background of a London Marathon shot and also managed to get on Norwegian TV (!).

My kids appeared on a TV travel prog while skiing in France and my daughter has appeared on the local news a couple of times (not Crimewatch!).

Buster Hyman
21st Apr 2005, 11:47
I appeared briefly in Braveheart. You could see my left buttock...no, no...the blue one!:}

21st Apr 2005, 11:48
I was an extra in the kids dramatisation of Moonfleet shown on BBC1 back in 1984, in fact I even got my own little three second clip when I had to laugh at a school teacher being smacked in the chops with a big slimey salmon.

Then appeared on a documentary shown on Discovery channel about a large Anglo/American Airborne joint exercise held in North Carolina in '96. Blatting away with an M16 on some US Marine range...piece of crap against our kit I thought.

Last appearance on ITN news chatting to Prince Charles when he came to see a demo by my old unit at RAF Wattisham in '97.

Am available to appear at weddings/Bar Mitzvahs for a negligable fee.

21st Apr 2005, 11:57
In 1991 I and some chums performed a Morris dance on Top of the Pops as a backing to The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (aka the KLF) with their seminal Morris dance tune It's Grim Up North!

Buster Hyman
21st Apr 2005, 12:03
Crikey goldfrog! That's a thread in itself!:ooh:

21st Apr 2005, 12:03
What about the internet?

Like them pictures of yer mum!?!? ;)

21st Apr 2005, 12:18
In school many moons ago when the beeb were doing a thing about Grammar Schools.

And interviewed for Discovery Wings a while back.

Ah the fame and the g(l)ory!

Flip Flop Flyer
21st Apr 2005, 12:25
At the tender age of around 10, deboarding a Conair B720 having been 'evacuted' from Rhodes following a Greek/Turkish skirmish over Cyprus.

TV person thrusts his camera in my face and reporter asks "Were you very scared little friend?" to which I reply "Of what". "The shooting and the war" he replies . "What shooting? The only thing we saw was a Greek jeep that crashed in a road accident". Reporter retreats and find another victim, a lady in her mid 30ies and asks "Were you very scared?". "Oh yes, all the time. I hate flying you see, but the Captain did a fine job!".

Reporter goes away. Story obviously never made the news, as the statements apparently ran contrary to the horror stories the newsies were intent on broadcasting. They all have an agenda, remember that if you're ever approached by one of the vultures!

21st Apr 2005, 12:42
Yep have appeared on low budget quiz show on channel 4 called 10-1 or something like, it had Krishnan Guru-Murthy presenting it. What a to$$er.

Also appeared on telly when I was two, wearing a bright yellow cagoole in a stripy buggy on some Isle of Man ferry, no I don't know why either.

neil armstrong
21st Apr 2005, 12:43
did make it onto a Irish TV program after being interviewed in Dublin.
A colluague saw it and told me ,something about the elderly and caring for them and respect!

Think thats the only time


21st Apr 2005, 12:45
I do interviews from time to time as an 'aviation industry spokesman', mostly radio, occasionally TV.

My first broadcast though was about a rowing race, shot on the banks of the unlovely river Irwell in Manchester. They set up a slow 180-deg panoramic shot while the interviewer asked the lead-in question and I stood there watching the lens slowly swinging round towards me - when it arrived of course I just choked. So they did it again - this time I started off OK but just rambled, and rambled, until they pulled thr plug. The third time they dispensed with the panorama, they were wasting too much film.

21st Apr 2005, 12:47

Aren't you forgetting 1969? I'm sure I saw you in some hazy TV pictures climbing down a ladder :E

21st Apr 2005, 12:53
First TV appearance was on 'Crackerjack!' sometime in the mid-60s. Foreign readers can Google Glaze and Crowther along with the aforementioned programme.....

While I was in Singapore, one TV company used to interview me twice a week about what Asian currencies were up (sic) to. It was quite easy really....they were going down.

Nope, I didn't get paid for it, but since I was interviewed direct from the dealing room, the bank's logo was hung from the ceiling and duly appeared prominently behnind my ugly mug. 'Great branding!' the bosses said.

'Another pair of brown trousers,' quoth I.

I never really got used to being interviewed.

21st Apr 2005, 12:56
Appeared on a Tyne Tees kids show in the mid seventies. A group from our school interviewed a famous journalist that none of us had ever heard of.

Got a day off school and a five quid record token (I bought Technical Extacy by Black Sabbath and heartbreaker by Free).

Minty Fresh
21st Apr 2005, 13:17
A few years ago our local Rugby Union team got to the finals of the consolation cup played in the build up to the Powergen Cup final.

Camera's pointing directly at us so I made a particular hand gesture saying "I don't wanna be shown on tele - this'll stop em"

Later informed programme was live and Minty was slap bang in the middle of the screen lookin like drunken job!!!

Not one for the Grandkids!!!!

21st Apr 2005, 13:24
FF, good point about the newsies. As an air display co-ordinator I was interviewed by a local BBC TV reporter. He neally lulled me into a false sense of security by prebriefing the questions that he was going to ask on camera. However, previous experience of the little wart made me wary and, sure enough, he threw in a potential crippler about the carnage likely to be caused in the event of a crash!! Unfortunately for him I had prebriefed myself!.

Other appearances include:

Flying the presenters in to the last Pebble Mill at One.
As an extra in the late 60's remake of Good-Bye Mr Chips (awful film interesting to meet P O'T)
Driving a go-fast on caribbean counter drug ops
In the crowd at Twickers in the act of ducking as Erica Roe turned round!!


21st Apr 2005, 13:38
Yeps, many centuries ago I was interviewed for having chosen unusual "interests" for the Gold DofE award ... my contribution to the Most Embarrassing Moment thread here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=12025&perpage=15&highlight=embarrassing&pagenumber=3) tells you that my attempt to look smart was a little thwarted :E :E

I did, however, enjoy being shown round the studios, seeing how programmes were made and the interviewer at the time was male, quite young and good looking so all-in-all, despite ending up in a mismatched outfit I had a great time :ok :)

21st Apr 2005, 14:07
Used to be the weather bunny on TV NZ One back home in NZ before I moved to OZ where I got involved in a TV company called Zero1Zero and did the weather, mostly OB (outside broadcasts) from top of Sydney Harbor Bridge and other wacky places, ended being in some little known programme called Aerobics Oz Style smiling politely for the camera while thinking "does my bum look good in this" and "if only my soon to be EX-BF could see me now!"


21st Apr 2005, 14:25
You doing anything this evening Helli-Gurl?

21st Apr 2005, 14:51
Day after the World Cup, November 2003, I was reffing our clubs U14s vs Twickenham U14s. A marquee had been erected on one of the pitches so we could have a huge screen and lots of TVs scattered around to watch one of our ex-players drop the winning goal. Sky, BBC TV & Radio, all the dailies were there and we could hardly get to the bar at 8:30 am on the Saturday! I digress. On the Sunday, Sky and The Times were still there filming and doing background stuff for the huge interest that followed the win. The weather was absolutley appalling, horizontal sleet and bl00dy freezing, yet everyone still had this rictus grin on their faces from the previous days events.

At half-time, the cameras pan around the two huddles of players, then stop on this solitary figure, me, getting drenched and with the only sour face on the whole pitch! Apparently it made the 6 0'clock news on Sky, and I was severely castigated for not looking happy and fined a barrel of Guinness for letting the club down.

:{ :{

21st Apr 2005, 15:16
I'm Carol Vorderman.

21st Apr 2005, 15:17
was on the set of "10 Days to D-Day" - well the airfield where they filmed the Charlotte Grey bit and the para's getting in the DC3 (was part of ground team for DC3)

21st Apr 2005, 15:43
Inadvertantly appeared on the East Kazakhstan edition of Globe Trekker nonchalantly ordering beers (quelle surprise) in one of the very few Oirish bars East of the Ural River.

Missus wasn't impressed for some reason. I wasn't that drunk, honest!

21st Apr 2005, 15:49
RAF recruiting film, steely eyed fighter controller intercepting bear bomber with QRA. Also provided the script and voice as the "pilot" dubbed over the film of the F4 doing tanker join, turns, Bear intercept etc. Nearest I ever got to be a pilot. ;)

The Invisible Man
21st Apr 2005, 15:51
Appeared 11 years ago on Noels Houseparty.

My wife and friends set me up with NTV. Had to conduct an orchestra in my garden. Good fun, and still cannot believe I did not know a thing until the cameras came on and the door burst open.

Have sworn revenge.

21st Apr 2005, 16:07
I'm Dale Winton.

21st Apr 2005, 16:08
5 times so far!

1. Around the age of 7, filmed at a Multicolured Swopshop visit to my home town.
2. At primary school filmed making paper for Playschool's through the window thing, about 10 then.
3. 1989 during the ambulance dispute driving out of the station , narrowly missing a car!
4. Driving different ambulance on a call for local TV news story.
5. Walking into court giving evidence against local scrote, and they named me etc MUCH to my disgust!

And one radio interview when I broke a UK record for largest cod caught on a certain size fishing line - was 17 then!


21st Apr 2005, 16:25
Started with my appearance as parade commander for the Princess of Wales's first military appearance when she was appointed Honorary Air Commodore at RAF Wittering in 1985.

Interviewed at RAF Benson about evicting some toe-rag that had been living in airmen's married quarters since he left the RAF 5 years previously (and not paying rent and turning the place into a pig sty).

Since emigrating to Oz and becoming involved in politics it has now become a fairly routine event.

Although my last appearance was on the news as a spectator at the Cunderdin air show at Easter standing in front of Jurgis Kairys' aircraft after he had done his aerobatic 'thing'

Onan the Clumsy
21st Apr 2005, 17:09
I was interviewed for having chosen unusual "interests" for the Gold DofE award You doing anything this evening Brockie?

21st Apr 2005, 17:15
No, I'm Dale Winton!

Actually, that's bullsh*t. He's Dale Winton.

Biggles Flies Undone
21st Apr 2005, 17:21
some little known programme called Aerobics Oz Style
That prog used to be on UK TV weekday lunchtimes. A group of us would gather in the pub each day for a pint to watch it. Very little talking, just the occasional "strewth" or muffled groan.

Happy days :E

21st Apr 2005, 17:23
As an avid watcher of said program Heli, the obvious question is "Which one were you?"

Biggles Flies Undone
21st Apr 2005, 17:26
My money is on the girl with the silver (http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/) bikini top :E

think I need a lie down now......

21st Apr 2005, 17:28

Nice work there BFU.

Right *scratches down on bookie pad* Silver top you say? How much you wanna put down? A tenner? Right sir. Next........

Minty Fresh
21st Apr 2005, 17:30
I'm Spartacus !!!

21st Apr 2005, 17:32
I did a piece for C4 Right to Reply after that bloody awful Despatches programme about BA flight crew drinking (or not) while overnighting.

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Apr 2005, 20:32
Various. Used to do a late night radio show on a local station. Gave it up and began flying commercially.

On local television for national skydiving championships. On CNN unloading my boss from an aircraft in a box after she'd been killed by rebels. Nescafe advertisement flying a DC3.

21st Apr 2005, 20:40
Channel Four were doing a documentary about the male sexual organ a couple of years ago. I was the bloke with the twelve incher :}

Oh, and I'm also Fern Britten :ok:

21st Apr 2005, 21:25

Up until I clicked that link, I misread it as 'Aerobatics Oz Style'.

On one hand I was disappointed, but on the other I was very happy :8

21st Apr 2005, 21:28
Was on the anti Iraqi war march in London, mrs Loki was watching the news and saw me. I can only remember one camera near me as I walked down Piccadilly towards Hyde Park. When I got home she said she had spotted me, I turned on the news later and sure enough there I was for about 3 whole seconds.

21st Apr 2005, 21:41
I'm a stunt man for the Tweenies.

21st Apr 2005, 21:42
Probably shoudn't admit it, but I've appeared as an extra on the ghastly 'Dream Team' and as an ambo type extra in The Bill.

21st Apr 2005, 22:07
Yes, in 1978 for a children's educational "for schools" prgramme on Quinquireme and Trimeme :ok:

Interviewed on Radio 4 a couple of times in my capacity as Chairman of a "particular" classic car club!

...I try not to let fame go to my head but...



B Fraser
21st Apr 2005, 22:07
I had a screentest for the Beeb as a weatherman in the mid 80's but was beaten by Suzanne Charlton (not literally :} )

I had another go a couple of years back but probably failed that one for fancying the makeup girls, not living in Brighton and not knowing the words to any ABBA songs (know what I mean guys :bored: )

I reckon that saying "bugger, the weather's gonna be too crap to fly, throw a sickie another day" may have caused a few letters :E

21st Apr 2005, 22:11
Well, did it? :p

21st Apr 2005, 22:16
First Tuesday did a documentary on us as we were the first ladies to do all our Officer training at Sandhurst, i was one of the 4 they made the programme around.
Having us drill on the second day with DMS boots on but civvie clothes was a site, gypsy skirts ( yes they were the vogue in 1984 fashion always goes around) and dull DMS made for some good shots.
The programme makers were a pain always wanting us to act up to the camera but very few of us would. The eventual programme portrayed us badly and wasn't how it was in reality at all.

Then appeared in an awful local HTV Wales documentary on Cardiff International " our airport" it was so cringworthy I am glad we only appeared in the one episode.

21st Apr 2005, 22:19
Well, did it?
Modesty forbids! It's not for me to say now is it?

However, when people stop me in the street and say, "hey, aren't you that bird who was interviewed by Radio 4 about Women and Classic Cars?", I demurrly bow my head and reply that I'm not sure which programme they are talking about. When the offer of a pint of Broadside is proferred, I leap up and down and yell, "Yes, it me, me, me." Sometime last year. And it will cost anyone a pint of Broadside and I will tell them about the travesty of the making of the programme.



Onan the Clumsy
21st Apr 2005, 22:27
http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/aos/gallery/img_gllry/sml_plts.jpg http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/aos/gallery/img_gllry/sml_bgbll.jpg http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/aos/gallery/img_gllry/pSml_yoga.jpg

21st Apr 2005, 22:35
I turned down my chance of fame when a certain Chief Constable invited me to appear in a 26 part TV series about the force's police helicopter.

A few weeks later, he strongly suggested that I might reconsider my position. I asked if he would indemnify me and my family against any repercussions from the criminal fraternity. The subject was quietly dropped.

Or was it that I said I wanted my own dressing room and a police limo to fetch me to work?

They did get some really good shots of the back of my head though. :hmm:

tony draper
21st Apr 2005, 22:41
Special branch will have a good tape of you then Loki,contrast stretched digitised enhanced and overlayed,hee hee
You should see what they can do with taped images now.

21st Apr 2005, 22:50
Yes several times.....

But usually I am only on the television when someone else is sitting in the only chair in the room...

Onan the Clumsy
21st Apr 2005, 22:57
Or was it that I said I wanted my own dressing room and a police limo to fetch me to work? so they DO have Police limos. I always knew it.

21st Apr 2005, 22:58

still waiting for Heli's response.

(I think Onan is as well ;) )

Buster Hyman
21st Apr 2005, 23:17
I'm Bwian! :E

Howard Hughes
22nd Apr 2005, 00:20
http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/aos/gallery/img_gllry/pSml_fhm1.jpg http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/aos/gallery/img_gllry/sml_mntge.jpg http://www.zero1zero.com.au/aerobics/aos/gallery/img_gllry/sml_grp.gif

Would the real Helli-Gurl please stand up!

Cheers, HH.


PS: I think Heli win's having really been part of telly history!!

PPS: Where is my autographed photo?

22nd Apr 2005, 00:54
Interviewed on channel 10 in Miami as an accused arms smuggler for Ronnie Raygun's contras, which I wasn't. Then, later on Chicken Noodle News (CNN) as the proud seller of a PBY-6a, which I was. Flew the DC-6A in "Bluesky" and the PBY for a Skybound episode called "Planes/Water". Flew a hotair balloon for a Lady Clairol commercial in the late 70's and a DH125 in the 80's for a Seiko advert.

Send Clowns
22nd Apr 2005, 01:03
Recent National Geographic Channel documentary about the BAC 111 that nearly lost the Captain when he leaned out of the window. Was filmed at Bournemouth Aviation Museum, and on a grotty day they came to see if anyone was available as the extras had failed to show. I couldn't fly, so offered, and was cast as the aviation psycologist in the AAIB investigation. Said nothing, but looked shocked and wrote notes (the notes were genuine, btw, as it was all new to me and I was trying to use my knowledge from the Human Performance and Limitations ATPL course to work out where the failings were!).

I was on Newsround as well, twice, but have said that before.

Local news had me climbing out of the wreckage of my car between two artics up near Warminster. Footage taken by the air ambulance crew, apparently they often sell them to TV news for funds to support the helicopter. Unfortunately the ground ambulance was there by that time, so i didn't get a lift! My car was a state, by the way - ask AerBabe :ooh:

22nd Apr 2005, 08:22
Whichever one is Heli, she's the fittest pilot I ever clapped eyes on... :ok:

25th Apr 2005, 15:50
Still waiting Heli.

25th Apr 2005, 15:55
my Sister got caught by Keith Chegwin on the Big Breakfast, when we lived back in the UK...the silly one where he came round your house at half past a sparrow's fart in the morning!

Sister was suprised, me half asleep fetching glass of milk in baggy shorts,,,,not the intorduction to the world of fame I had been waiting for!:{

25th Apr 2005, 16:14
9 o'clock news, being interviewed about the NHS.

Film crew filmed me for over an hour, and used the most controversial 40 seconds.

Kids liked it though.

Little Blue
25th Apr 2005, 16:59
Must have had some kind of "15-mins-of-fame" fixation, last year, cos I managed to get my ugly mug on three different quiz shows...
I actually won one of em..."Memory Bank", on Channel 5.
Got told off by the foxy bint, presenting the show, for mentioning me mates names, subtly.
Appeared on another one, "Brainteaser", about a month later,
in the same studio, but had my ass wupped by a Welsh Librarian...
15 mins of fame well and truly over, thank gawd.

25th Apr 2005, 17:55
A few years back.....in another country.....I appeared in a live news broadcast..(well the back of my head) as I was the very junior sound assistant....who popped my head up at the wrong moment..oooopppps...never liked that job anyway..prefer my 757:p

25th Apr 2005, 18:07
I appeared in a documentary about the glorious A380 and all its various possible acoutrements like on board golf course, cyclocross track, swimming pool and lecture hall etc etc.

I happened to mention how this aircraft was poised to usher in a new golden age of air transport and they interwove this bit with one of a bearded, dishevelled character mumbling something about the 747.

25th Apr 2005, 18:15
A few times. Never been the interviewee, just lurking in the background.

Regional soccer championships when I was 16.

On the local news when my brother decided to wrap his car around a telegraph pole. I'm glaring at the policeman who'd just said something (off camera) very offensive within ear shot of my parents. I was 21.

Lastly in Broome after landing the Islander after a long night search over water...

25th Apr 2005, 18:34
I 'appeared' (blink and miss me) in 'Goodbye Mr Chips', not in the film with Peter O'Toole, but in the 80's BBC serialisation. That's about it.

25th Apr 2005, 20:58
Interviewed by ITV news once and the lass asking the questions kept getting them wrong. When the interview was over the sound man said it was time to do the voice over and the lass read the questions, again, off a card. When I asked if i could answer one of the questions again cos I had been a bit hesitant, the sound man replied , "No, we are trying to keep her in a job, not you!"

26th Apr 2005, 08:21
As a first grade rugby referee in Oz for a number of years, I quite regularly appeared on TV doing various club, sevens, and rep matches. Even appeared in NZ (Christchurch) refereeing the local Senior A competition TV match of the day when over on interchange.

But the worst "gotcha" I've ever made was when appointed to referee a non-televised 1st grade fixture in Brissie, but rostered to work at the same time. I took a sickie. Thought, noone from work will be at the game, noone will know.

It was the first match back for all the Wallaby players involved in the Rugby World Cup (1995), and unbeknown to me, a local news crew came out to do some film of some of the Wallabies playing the match I was refereeing (there were 7 playing, eg.Tim Horan, Jason Little, Paul Carossa, etc.).

Well, get to work next day where my boss says, Hey ........., SPRUNG!


26th Apr 2005, 08:44
Dear all,

I my younger years I was a rather good singer.

I was a choirboy and medal winner at that. (No jokes please SC or Jerricho)

I did this for about 6 years before chucking it in to join the Air Cadets.

I appeared on Songs of Praise, Highway (with Harry Secombe), local and national news, half a dozen radio boradcasts and 3 albums.

I think that beats any scantily clad firm bodied (Mmmmm) Kiwi.



26th Apr 2005, 09:33
Interviewed by Meridian about a plane crash that occured off Bournemouth. Plus been in a couple of crowd scenes at footy matches

Going for the whole family set. Son been on national TV Election special (he was wearing an orange-ish coat when the Liberals were in town) he was two at the time. Daughter on local TV at her school. Just one daughter to go.

The ex might appear if they find her body :E

Send Clowns
26th Apr 2005, 10:02
Hey, no jokes BHR. Much respect to those as can sing; my karaoke is used by pubs at 23:20 to hurry people through their pints and out of the door :p

[Rushton isn't your callsign is it, Rushton?]

26th Apr 2005, 10:19

----I was a choirboy and medal winner at that.----

No, it doesn't beat any scantily clad Kiwi. OK, well in certain quarters out here it might after a wee while in the boondocks :E

26th Apr 2005, 10:24
BHR 's post has reminded me I was also on Highway when in the Uni chapel choir, most comments afterwards were about my earrings rather than the singing. Remember the poncy producer-chappy though, who flounced around in a pink puffa jacket .... after our fantastic rendition of the anthem we were doing, he came down the aisle of the church and said "Well, that was lovely". I felt like dinging him one - lovely? It was effing orgasmic! (we wus quite a good choir in those days).

26th Apr 2005, 10:45

That was then and this is now. :O :O


It was not a church (well an Abbey) not a chapel choir. IYKWIM :eek: :eek:



26th Apr 2005, 11:31
As a pre-teen, was filmed frollicking naked in a Lake District stream for some arty-farty BBC drama. Don't think it would be allowed now, I'm probably in Michael Jackson's video collection.

26th Apr 2005, 11:55
As a youngster I played the part of a casualty in a major disaster exercise testing the effectiveness of the emergency services. I was appointed the role of a fatality. The local TV news appeared and interviewed the various powers that be with me, lying on a stretcher under a sheet, in the background. It took all of my great acting skills not to move... Does that count???

As an aside the most amusing part of the day for me was my arrival in A&E at the local hospital (again assuming the role under the sheet). After ten minutes of laying there listening to the hushed comments of people waiting for attention, unaware that I was part of an exercise, I got bored, promptly jumped up from under the sheet and went in search of my complementary cheese roll. I think I was lucky not to have caused another serious incident in there too...

26th Apr 2005, 16:06
Found silver screen fame in Twentieth Century Fox's blockbuster???? "Fathom" , knew you all knew it. I was stand in for Raquelle Welsh, and subsequently seen in silver lame jumpsuit, false boobs and blonde wig freefalling in competition scene. Also drifting gently onto balcony of cliffside villa under a pretty red canopy. I must however confess that for that scene I did use the dummy double for that one, since I am not that dumb a blonde. The cliff was two hundred feet down, the rocks were sharp and jagged and the water ice cold. My cowardly testicles huddled high and refused to come down, my voice became rather shrill as I refused politely the offer of another free jump.

I was then interviewed by John Arlot on TV's South Today having made the front cover of the DailyMail. Headline was "Student acts as chaperone as Skydiver businessman Ken Voss links up with British Female Freefall Champion Hellen Flambert over AFFC Netherhavon, filmed by Red Devil Capt Charles Shea-Simmonds of the Parachute Regiment." Or words to that effect. I think it was what they describe as a very slow newsday.

Aaaah for our 15 secs of fame as promised by that Scuzzbag Andy Wharhole. Tracy Enim eat your front teeth out girl, oh sorry you already have.:\ sorry.

Darth Nigel
26th Apr 2005, 17:11
Many moons ago, when I wuz working at a company called Digital Equipment. A local charity (the Easter Seals, which turns out not to be aquatic dog-like mammals which leave chocolate eggs -- first disappintment) had a Trivial Pursuit tournament, which we placed in. But we reaised more money than anyone else, so they invited the four of us on to their telethon fundraiser in Manchester, New Hampshire.

So we're sat in the green room, and the line producer comes in and asks who wants to be the spokesman. I got volunteered as the least shy. So the line producer says to me, "don't worry, she'll ask you who you are, and you answer, then she'll ask what you did, and you answer, and then she'll ask what company you're from, and you answer, and then she'll ask how much money you are donating, and you give her this big cardboard cheque, and then you're done"

So we get into the studio while they're running some b-roll or other, I get introduced to the woman with the microphone, she makes sure I have the cheque behind my back.

Now picture the scene -- the b-roll is winding down, studio lights come up to speed, floor manager starts talking:
"Coming back in 5...4...3..." remaining two counts on his fingers, and then he points at the woman with the microphone.

She speaks:
"Trivial Pursuit is a game that has swept the nation, and here's Nigel to tell us why it's important to the Easter Seals"
and then sticks the microphone under my nose :ooh: and waits in silence. :uhoh:

25 years later, I still have no memory of what I said to the silly cnut, but apparently I did very well! :ok:

Krystal n chips
26th Apr 2005, 17:53
Never --fortunately--unlike a mate of mine at the time when I was in the RAF---slight problem with his appearance though--he was "sick at home with a back injury"---but had made a truly amazing recovery it seemed--so much so he was caught on camera at Edgbaston---celebrating yet another W.Indies victory!

Bit unfortunate but there you go !:ok:

Carbide Finger
26th Apr 2005, 18:14
Once hosted a kids TV show called Early Bird on Channel 4 accompanied by a few others from my school.

My TV career took a huge nose dive from this very short high point. Had to turn to ATC to make a living!

Provided sound effects/voice over for the Docudrama on Moseley but presume it doesn't count if you don't 'appear'

Had some friends do the beach scenes for Saving Private Ryan, they were most upset when Speilberg reshoot the whole thing!


uffington sb
26th Apr 2005, 19:33
I was interviewed a couple of years ago in a program about the railways in the East Midlands called 'Inside Out'.
It featured me in my signal box at Uffington (Uffington SB) and a lovely young lady called Nina asked me about signalling and my previous life as an Air Traffic Controller.
Any one see it????

26th Apr 2005, 19:35
Once hosted a kids TV show


Had to turn to ATC

Same thing really ;) ;)

Carbide Finger
26th Apr 2005, 19:46
Jerricho that was cold....

....so you've seen Swanwick in action?

26th Apr 2005, 20:23
Cold but true Carbide.

(I had the pleasure of OCT feed for 10 months down there ;) Nice cafeteria and duck pond)

26th Apr 2005, 21:02
Me and my mate appear on Hold Tight when it was filmed at Alton Towers. We had to dance to Fine Young Canibals and do the trailer for the following week

26th Apr 2005, 21:28
Was interviewed by Gloria Hunniford for one of those 5 minute charity appeals on Sunday night, about 30 years ago now. She hasn't changed much, covered in heavy slap even in those days.

Was recognised afterwards by a bank clerk, made my decade :ok:

Was interviewed by a roving Korean TV crew doing exit interviews the other day, rubbery.:cool:

Ali Barber
26th Apr 2005, 22:42
Famous for 5 questions, being interviewed by Chris Evans and Zig & Zag in the bathroom for Channel 4 Big Breakfast many years ago. Hard to concentrate when cameraman is sitting on the loo, soundman on the window sill, director in the sink and 2 mad Irish men on the floor with their hands up the a#ses of glove puppets and asking "what happens to your voice when you go supersonic?" Also interviewed on Omani TV for "Tourism in my country" while on a dive boat. The camera crew had got on the wrong boat and the tourists had already left; we all lived and worked there and had to pretend to be tourists. It gets repeated about every 6 months and guys at work keep telling me they've just seen me on the telly!

27th Apr 2005, 00:31
Hadn't really thought about it until seeing this thread.

Happy Hammond show circa 1963 - as a birthday boy I got a gift pack including a tub of strawberry icecream - more like a strawberry milkshake by the time I got home.

Was interviewed by local news a couple of years ago, outside my office. Took several takes because we were standing directly under (very) short final to YPDN :E (Then got the one week hassle of 'weren't you on TV?' from the local shop assistants :O )

Caught again last February by local news taking footage for a story involving an authority I serve on. Hate the way they try to focus on the papers you have on the desk. :yuk: :*

Been caught out a few times as 'the man in the crowd taking notes' at various public meetings.:E

But the one that I always wanted to see but have only heard about is a story run by SBS about a RAAF open day at Darwin in the mid/late 80's. The closing titles are apparently run over footage of me holding my (then) 18 mth old daughter while standing under the wing of a Hercules. The smile on her face as she's looking up at the aircraft is apparently a joy to behold. :)

27th Apr 2005, 00:34
OMG I'm touched by all the interest I had no idea you guys had such an interest in Aerobics?!


27th Apr 2005, 00:35
Hell yeah.

Now, the answer please.

27th Apr 2005, 07:26
I was watching TV the other night and thought the young lady in the film looked a bit familiar. (actually I was thinking "Really nice pair of b**bs!) She was. We're married and we've got 6 kids to prove it. Very strange out of context, 25 years and 6,000 miles away!

We both used to appear quite regularly in films and TV for about twenty years but while I see her on films occasionally I pretty well never see myself, I guess the ones I was in, (and plenty more I was cut out of!) are not that popular.

Howard Hughes
27th Apr 2005, 08:53
Yes Heli-Gurl,

Still waiting....(taps fingers);)

Cheers, HH.


27th Apr 2005, 11:32
I'm Davina McCall.

27th Apr 2005, 13:35
So I can expect to see you guys doing my aerobics class down my local gym when I take my next lesson then?


27th Apr 2005, 13:43

As sole proprietor, founder and owner of this thread (along with that Danny bod), could I possibly request that in order to satisfy the testerone fuelled lust of some of the contributors, you either

a: Identify yourself in the bikini clad gathering pictured above..

b: Admit that it's a wind up, and your real name is Norman...


c: cease baiting the aforementioned chappies.

Many thanks.

27th Apr 2005, 14:29
I can vouch for Helli-Gurls aerobics history....but most of you would probably recognise her anyway for her modelling career for a very well known cosmetics company.....

Biggles Flies Undone
27th Apr 2005, 14:41
Yeah, right.... It really is time to put up or shut up Helli.... :p

27th Apr 2005, 17:33
What a shame the world is full of cynics....

Onan the Clumsy
27th Apr 2005, 17:47
Come on, you can't fly AND be good looking.

you have to pick one or the other. It's a rule :*

Romeo Delta
27th Apr 2005, 18:08
Hmmmmm... :hmm:

I was in a Disney movie filmed in Helli-'s native NZ, playing (of all things) a gridiron coach.

Also been on local news several times (no, NOT on Crimestoppers! Geesh!) for my various gridiron exploits.

Helli, have you been back to NZ lately? You look familiar... (Well, since I know not which one you are from the pics, I must say ALL the young ladies look familiar.) :E


27th Apr 2005, 21:12
Come on, you can't fly AND be good looking.

you have to pick one or the other. It's a rule

Unless you fly helicopters off course! :cool:


Hostie from Hell
27th Apr 2005, 22:14
Got roped in to appearing on the Big Breakfast mid 90s.......spent the morning terrorising two mad irish puppets called Zig and Zag.

Think they regreted asking 12 hosties to appear on live television:E

27th Apr 2005, 22:16
Unless you fly helicopters off course!
Absolutely, my dear, absolutely :ok:



29th Apr 2005, 16:07
I'm Angus Deaton.

Sorry. I'll stop now.

1st May 2005, 16:37
I was once in a video with four blonde ladeez, does that count?

2nd May 2005, 13:28
I think I've seen it JJJ if your last thread about your female pulling prowess was anything to go by....

Jackanory wasnt it?


2nd May 2005, 15:56
We had to dance to Fine Young Canibals and do the trailer for the following week

Hahahaha. Those Fine Young Canibals were pretty insatiable then? The things we do for fame :E