View Full Version : Why England Will Loose the Ashes (Again)

21st Apr 2005, 04:10
Trying to ban Ricky Ponting's bat??

Just how desperate are you? :rolleyes: :}

21st Apr 2005, 04:17
Is it corked?

Merican baseball joke. It's just not cricket.

Howard Hughes
21st Apr 2005, 05:05
Now let me see :hmm:

They can't Bat...
They can't Bowl...
And they can't field...

No sorry, I can't see why they will lose again!!

Cheers, HH.


Edited for the spelling nazi!!

21st Apr 2005, 05:38
That Shane Warne character is living in Marbella and commuting to play his cricket in the UK this summer.:rolleyes:

Seems Marbella is where he holed up whilst he served his ban from the game and his family love it.

21st Apr 2005, 07:43
Pardon me for being the spelling Nazi (ooer did I cross the PC line here?) but it should be lose not loose in the thread title...

Howard Hughes
21st Apr 2005, 11:21
Bombay Duck,

When we've finished with the poms, we'll be over to whoop your collective @rses too!!

Cheers, HH.


PS: But you are completely correct, a massive oversight by me, I simply cut and pasted the original headline!!

Biggles Flies Undone
21st Apr 2005, 11:23
Actually, the original title was correct. 'Loose' - as in set free. It's about time the sledge came off the rails....... :p

21st Apr 2005, 13:31
England will probably lose the ashes because Australia are the best team in the world. It's fairly simple really.

England have been getting better and I hope they'll be capable of giving the Ozzies a better game than they have in the last few series. We might even win a game or two - but I can't see us winning the series.

21st Apr 2005, 16:44
It's going to be the closest it's been since we last won them in 1986, but the Ashes are going to stay down under, sadly.

surely not
21st Apr 2005, 17:13
As I have said before, I reckon a drawn series here this summer, with England winning the Ashes back when they next visit Oz.

Being away from UK at the moment, what is all this fuss about Pontings bat?

21st Apr 2005, 23:41
BFU - Well spotted. ;) I was hoping it wouldn't get through to the keeper.

I find it amazing that the MCC wants to hold on to a trophy that was born out of an English defeat, was manufactured by the victorious Colonials and sits at Lords as a constant reminder that England is a second class team. :E

Surely Not - The MCC has complained about Ponting having an unfair advantage by using a bat with a polycarbonate sheet on the back and bright, flourescent kangaroo logos. They want the ICC to stop him using it.:confused:
The debate this morning has moved on to the question of 'corking' bats and a suggestion that a Kiwi batsman used one in the recent tour.

Having tried out one of the polycarbonate-backed bats recently, I don't see that they offer any particular advantage. The old, fully polyarmoured bats introduced in the late '60s seemed to have a bigger kick.

Anyway, six weeks out and the MCC's action suggests a touch of paranoid panic on their part. A confident team wouldn't need to stoop to such pettiness. :E :E

Round 1 to the Aussies (and they haven't even arrived in force yet.) :ok:

22nd Apr 2005, 00:56
Surely for the poms to get an advantage from a carbon fibre modified bat the strips would need to be placed near the edge?


22nd Apr 2005, 03:43
tinpis :D

Howard Hughes

Whoop our @rses? And what joy will you get by beating a third-grade team whose collective @rses you have already whooped in our backyard?

And now the Pakistanis have given us a thorough whipping in the one-day series!


22nd Apr 2005, 07:04
Be afraid down under. Be very afraid... England will have their best chance for a long time with home advantage. Tickets to this summers main sporting event have gone like hot cakes because we know that the tide is turning in favour of England. Fair play to Australia for leading the way with their exciting Test cricket over the last few years but I suspect that they will be rebuilding their aging team after England regain the Ashes this summer.

Good to see Harmy back on form

22nd Apr 2005, 07:18
Nice effort airshowpilot

but you have to remember the quality of County cricket ain't that great.

Some bloke called Harvey celebrated not having his Cricket Australia contract renewed by knocking up 160 no today.

The Australian team will be drawn from the 25 players who did get a contract.

:ooh: :ooh: :ooh: :E

surely not
22nd Apr 2005, 08:14
If the MCC were in charge of Tennis they'd still be using wooden framed rackets!! Fer fecks sake no wonder the game doesn't have mass appeal to the young if it stays rooted in ancient technology! Providing the bat Ponting uses is available to everyone then what is the problem?

Fair point about the strength of English County cricket. Who was that young Aussie tyro who got smashed around when he played for Durham last season ? I guess he must have been really crap :D Then he went back down under and took heaps of wickets........................ so Aussie cricket could be judged as worse than English on that basis!!!! Isn't it fun twisting the truth to fit ones own point of view :D

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Apr 2005, 10:53
Cooda I think this fuss about the bat is more commercial than sporting!

English bat makers follow the law that the blade should be ‘made of wood with dimensions not more than 38 inches long etc.’ Traditional craftsmanship in willow. If a composite material element is permitted, it could be the thin end of the wedge and pave the way eventually for all-composite bats. As we all know, composite engineering is a lot less technically demanding than craftsmanship handed down over generations – and there are a lot of places outside of England where composite mass production is a lot cheaper.

When you consider that an English bat manufacturer (Woodworm) has just signed Andrew Flintoff to a lifetime deal that could be worth £1 million over ten years, you can see that they need to sell a lot of traditional bats!

Howard Hughes
22nd Apr 2005, 23:03
a lot less technically demanding than craftsmanship handed down over generations

You forgot to add, "in a sweat shop in Delhi"!!

I am sorry but even cricket bat's are mass produced these days, composite or not.

Cheers, HH.


23rd Apr 2005, 01:13
So what happened to Lillees all aluminium thingy?

23rd Apr 2005, 07:04
So what happened to Lillees all aluminium thingy?
Based upon my assessment of the guy, he probably polishes it vigourously every day.

Hope he's more accurate with it than he was with a cricket ball. :*

11th May 2005, 09:54
Australian Ashes Touring Squad 2005.

Ricky Ponting (captain)
Adam Gilchrist (vice-captain)
Michael Clarke
Jason Gillespie
Brad Haddin
Matthew Hayden
Brad Hodge
Justin Langer
Michael Kasprowicz
Simon Katich
Brett Lee
Stuart MacGill
Damien Martyn
Glenn McGrath
Shaun Tait

..and Warnie. :E

One-day squad:

Ricky Ponting (captain)
Adam Gilchrist
Michael Clarke
Jason Gillespie
Brad Haddin
Matthew Hayden
Brad Hogg
Michael Hussey
Michael Kasprowicz
Simon Katich
Brett Lee
Damien Martyn
Glenn McGrath
Andrew Symonds
Shane Watson.

Solid Rust Twotter
11th May 2005, 10:07
Bulletproof, Hawk.

Hope England gives 'em some competition. Should be a good series if they can do it.

11th May 2005, 10:17

POM.....a definition.

Prisoner of Mother England.

Surely that would be you guys and not us?

Said in the best of English humour. No offence intended, but some taken I'm sure.!

Sorry to split hairs, but history is history.

BTW, England will win Ashes 2-1 but will lose the triangular one day series finals.

11th May 2005, 12:21
PRISONER of Mother England?
YOU pommy bastards are the ones stuck there!
As far as i'm concerned you got the whole transportation-as-pumishment thing wrong. Locking up all the thieves in England while the rest of the country set sail for Bondi would have been a much better proposition for you :}

Oh well, what's done is done