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20th Apr 2005, 22:29
A few years past the "forty" barrier, I am wondering why nature, God, Allah or whoever deemes that aural and nasal hair requires an increase in length and quantity? Just at the same time that scalp hair is on the severe decline in the above quantities.

Any biological or religious explanations forthcoming?

[edited to add: I'm male...sorry, missus]

20th Apr 2005, 22:35
Don't worry about the hair on your head, it just falls of your head and onto your back !!

20th Apr 2005, 23:18
Mine must still be in the process of falling.

It's only got to my ears so far.

20th Apr 2005, 23:21
Hey Dub - d'you remember that Rab C Nesbit where he tugs on the nasal hair only to discover that it's connected to what's left of his comb-over ?

The more he pulls out of his nostril, the less there is left on top. . . :ok:

20th Apr 2005, 23:43
G I do remember...but why on god's earth do men only need longer nose and ear hair after we are forty?

21st Apr 2005, 00:11
Actually, I'm convinced there's no such thing as hair loss. It just migrates from yer head to yer ears, yer nose, yer back and the crack of yer butt. :ooh:

21st Apr 2005, 00:17
Arse hair. Now there's something useful as well.

21st Apr 2005, 01:24
Jesus, Jerricho

*sounds rather good*

please, not the rse/shaving thread!


21st Apr 2005, 01:36


21st Apr 2005, 08:43
Dub, you forgot that eybrows get ridiculously long as well.

Perhaps there is a reason: as one gets older, ones ears become a bit more delicate therefore ear hair deadens the sound and delays the onset of deafness for a year or two. Those long eyebrows do a similar job for the eyes and sight.

As for the nasal hair, is probably a cunnilingus thing :}

21st Apr 2005, 08:45
I believe it is designed to augment the onset of grumpyness.

21st Apr 2005, 09:13
Handy Hint No 4253

If you go to the dentist & have an injection in the front of your upper jaw, then shortly after is the ideal time to painlessly remove all your nasal hair.

21st Apr 2005, 09:18
Hey great idea.

Maybe the best time to remove one's foot as well........if one is prone to that sort of thing.

21st Apr 2005, 11:09
and the crack of yer butt.

A guy here at work gets his missus to trim his. He thinks it's normal. We have collectively advised him to the contrary in no uncertain terms.