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tony draper
19th Apr 2005, 21:44
Heard the chap on the news state that St Peter was the first Pope, one recals a rather heated debate on another website re this, and one is quite sure the first Pope was one of they roman chappies who's name escapes one at the mo, one is also sure that there is some debate as to whether St Peter was ever a Pope as such.
This question is raised in genuine theological curiosity not as a means to promote ones rabid atheism.
Mind you were he indeed a Pope, going from being the big boss down below to being a mere doorman and bouncer upstairs must have been a bit of a comedown.

19th Apr 2005, 22:19
Tony cant be bothered lookin it up but there was 2.
One for east and west.

Atlas Shrugged
20th Apr 2005, 00:47
From what I can recall, the first Pope was an apostle named Peter and I don't think there has ever been a Peter II. Apparently, in 1009 a cardinal named Peter changed his name to Sergius IV as a mark of respect to the first Pope as he believed that to become Peter II was to presumptuous

20th Apr 2005, 00:56
Peter yes..also known as Simon:p

After the Church became the Roman Empire's official religion in 380, it remained united until 1054. At this time, the Eastern Orthodox Church separated from the Roman Catholic Church, which from that point on would be identified as the western Church. There were many reasons for the schism, but the major issue concerned the Pope's claim of primacy.

20th Apr 2005, 09:22
Simon was renamed Peter by Jesus, as he was the rock on which the church would be built. The foundations of the Vatican, as it were.

I don't know why Jesus would use the Latin for rock (perhaps he was too petrified to use Hebrew), anyway I thought he spoke Aramaic? Perhaps the Arams (?) used the same word as the Romans?

If I'm not mistaken, there's a wrestling chap called The Rock but I don't know if he's a Catholic.

Rock on Tommy!

20th Apr 2005, 09:49
When Matthew’s Gospel was translated from the original Aramaic to Greek, there arose a problem which did not confront the evangelist when he first composed his account of Christ’s life. In Aramaic the word kepha has the same ending whether it refers to a rock or as a man’s name and in the aramaic version the word kepha is used twice.

In Greek, though, the word for rock, petra, is feminine in gender. The translator could use it for the second appearance of kepha in the sentence, but not for the first because it would have been inappropriate to give a man a feminine name. So he put a masculine ending on it, and hence kepha (Peter) became Petros and the effect of Christ’s play on words was lost. But that was the best that could be done in Greek.

20th Apr 2005, 12:44
ORAC, you impress the hell out of me sometimes. I'm not sure if you're human or just a huge bank of processors.

gas path
20th Apr 2005, 13:07
I'm not sure if you're human or just a huge bank of processors Got it in one Quork:ok:ORAC (http://www.sdc.org/~ragan/Orac.jpg)
'tis amazing the processing power of bits of coloured scrap plastic

20th Apr 2005, 13:16
List of Popes (http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12272b.htm) The English one is No 169, Adrian IV, aka Nicholas Breakspear from St Albans. :ok:

20th Apr 2005, 14:59
Breakspear rang a bell in my mind (such as it is) - a fine tipple.

Oxfordshire’s Brakspear Brewery has pointed out that the last Pope from these islands was a Nicholas Breakspear, who in 1154 became Pope Adrian the Fourth. A descendant, Robert Brakspear, founded WH Brakspear and Sons Brewery in 1779.

20th Apr 2005, 15:47
Aaah...Brakspears, my local brewery along with Hook Norton, both provide some very fine beers. I knew there had to be something of interest in all this Pope business.

20th Apr 2005, 16:02
The pope is the first representative of Jesus Christ on earth.

Furthermore he is Bishop of Rome; Vicar of Jesus Christ; Successor to the Prince of the Apostles; Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church; Patriarch of the West; Primate of Italy; Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Province of Rome; Sovereign of the Vatican City; and Servant of the Servants of God.

His business card should be rather large.

The pope mobile's license plate number is: SCV 1.

The word Pope originates from the Greek word πάππας or father or Papa and Pontiff or Pontifax derives from Pontifax Max (Roman for High Priest).


tony draper
20th Apr 2005, 16:16
Hmmm,one wonders what kind of salary the job carries,seems to be quite a few death benifits, marble tomb, sainthood ect.
Heard a snippet on the news tother night,apparently someone has been arrested for that Italian chap found dangling under that London Bridge,rumour has it that the Vatican was up to its cassock in that hit.

20th Apr 2005, 18:00
Pontifex Maximus to be exact, the highest or most senior bridgemaker, who is responsible for maintaining the bridge between man and god.

Darth Nigel
20th Apr 2005, 19:08
From what I can recall, the first Pope was an apostle named Peter and I don't think there has ever been a Peter II.

Would that make him a Re-Peter??

coat, door, etc...

20th Apr 2005, 20:23
He shoots, he scores. I was waiting for someone to lower the tone to a normal jet blast level