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19th Apr 2005, 17:22
Thought this was quite funny.

Ryanair (http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/news.php?yr=05&month=apr&story=rte-en-190405-2)

19th Apr 2005, 18:33
He'd be better off in the muppets than the Vatican :ok:

the grim repa
19th Apr 2005, 22:58
while he's there throw him to the lions,the disrespectful toerag!

19th Apr 2005, 23:52
On a related topic, the Cardinals in Rome today named Cardinal Ratzinger as the New Pontiff and succesor to Pope John Paul II.

Perhaps we should get those lads over to Dublin and lock them in to a room in somewhere to decide on a few aviation related matters currently facing the Irish Government such as, SNN stopover issue, sale of Aer Lingus, Second Terminal @ DUB etc..

After all these cardinals seem to be very good at what they do, deciding on the new leader of the catholic church, the new Pope in a matter of days. The Irish Government can't make their minds up over these issues!!!


20th Apr 2005, 00:24
Look foward to the day when he tries to pull a religious stunt if Ryanair ever decide to fly to the middle east!

20th Apr 2005, 07:56
RYR's management already get together in locked rooms. As for smoke during the their debate, well, there's always fire as we can see in other forums :uhoh:

20th Apr 2005, 08:47
- back to his old self, looks like Mick just couldn't resist this one. It must be worth the handbagging when he gets back to the pile in Mullingar - I thought his pre-nup agreement banned stunts like this?

20th Apr 2005, 17:31
It's a pitty you can get done for impersonating a police officer..............