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19th Apr 2005, 13:59
Hey Everybody,
Wasnt quite sure where to post this!In july this year my school are running the anual sponsor day, and Im finaly old enough to take part in a Jailbreak. Were going to be sponsored per km on how far away from the school we get. I was wondering which airlines would be the most generous and so which ones I could contact to get free flights to the furthest destination from the uk, and hence raise the most money for Charity!?!?



Onan the Clumsy
19th Apr 2005, 14:48
Is the distance measured on a linear or an exponential basis? :8

Send Clowns
19th Apr 2005, 15:31
Assuming that you are in the area, with a name like BOH, if you let me know when it is I can look out for people flying out in light aircraft in case Thompson Fly, European, Jet2 and Ryanair (hahaha, that's a comic idea, Mike O'Leary's generosity) are no help.

19th Apr 2005, 17:24
Wel Onan the Clumsy,

If F(n) where n is the numerical parameter, and there is a constant c > 0, then yes it is on an expotential basis. However if c < 0 then we will base it on a linear distance.

Cheers send clowns, its on the 1st of July, and il let u kno more information as soon as I know about it! I only just found out about the oppurtunity today but i need to start planning it soon before I go on study leave.


19th Apr 2005, 22:36
I suggest you contact the airlines before the day as just turning up at the airport is going to get you not very far at all I'm afraid. Good luck mate.

Maude Charlee
20th Apr 2005, 10:32
And wherever they agree to take you (if they do at all), make sure they also agree to bring you back again, otherwise you'll end up at some foreign airport with no money or ticket like those sad, greedy dorks who try to do stupid things like that to win competitions.

20th Apr 2005, 15:50
which school are you at? i was at school in bournemouth and we never did anything as fun as that. try one of the helicopter schools on the airport as well - the lads are always game for a laugh at bournemouth helicopters so they might help out.

Flip Flop Flyer
20th Apr 2005, 16:21
Yeah, get the wop-wop boys to whisk you off the school footy field and set you down in Heathrow, then quickly make your way over to BA and board the flight to LAX. Once there, board the ANZ flight to Auckland and you should be well settled for winning the competition. If that's not enough, I've been led to belive that the RNZAF does C-130 flights to McMurdo base on the Antartica, and that should deffo settle the score.

Let us know how you fare, and do bring a lunchbag though (as well as securing return tickets, but someone else pointed that out already).

20th Apr 2005, 17:19
Quote flying_tyger

which school are you at?

Im at Corfe Hills over in Broadstone, its just something they do, I dont know why, but its a good excuse for a day off!hehe Do you know the guys at Bmouth Helicopters then?

20th Apr 2005, 17:23
Do you know the guys at Bmouth Helicopters then?

I do. Gary was here in Canada last year visiting his mate TTNBD. If you get in touch with him (PM me if you need some help), tell him TTNBD's mad Aussie mate says "Hi!"

The Invisible Man
20th Apr 2005, 17:27

Pm me some details, I will make enquires to see if the Company I work for can be of any assistance. Which charity are you supporting ?

20th Apr 2005, 17:45
i used to do work experience there when i was at bournemouth school for girls - but havent kept in touch as it was quite a while ago - they are behind the channex hanger at BOH. let me know how you do!

20th Apr 2005, 17:47
Not sure which charities yet, we voted on them today, will post them as soon as I know anything. Each year group; yr9, yr10, yr11 & 6th form, each sponser a local, a national, and an international charity. We normaly give each charity about 1000. Apparently over the last 20 years or so of having a sponser day the school has raised over 250,000 for charity, so all in all it is a good day! :)

7th May 2005, 15:47

Not sure who you can speak to I think its generally a case of try everyone! Never know your luck!

Up at uni in Cambridge we have this every year, we get 36 hours to try and get as far away as we can. Although I don't think I'd ever win as last year a pair got to Tokyo :\

All the best, and good luck!


7th May 2005, 16:41
I picked up a couple of Cambridge bods hitching outside Duxford a year or so ago. I was on my way to Bucharest but they wanted to go to Paris for some reason.

8th May 2005, 01:57
No kidding! I was at Bournemouth School For Girls as well!

Then they realised that I was (a) male and (b) 30 years old and I needed to make a hasty exit... :( :E