View Full Version : Professional Cheese Racing?

18th Apr 2005, 13:36
Cheese racing (http://www.cheeseracing.org/)

This has got to take the biscuit surely?

And how the hell do you get injured participating in this? :suspect:

Anyone on here ever tried this?

18th Apr 2005, 14:50
And just how did you find this site?!


18th Apr 2005, 14:56
Errr...Had a link sent to me by a mate :\

18th Apr 2005, 15:12
Renewed my faith in humankind.

18th Apr 2005, 15:15
Seriously high quality waste of time website.

But I wasn't sure what happens to the cheese afterwards?

18th Apr 2005, 15:25
Welknown sport (http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southeast/fun/ecards/contents/bigcheese_cheeserace.shtml) Cheese Racing is............:rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
18th Apr 2005, 15:39
The cheese in Compo rations used to come in small semicircular tins which were an ideal size/weight for throwing and we quite often had cheese throwing competitions (safer than eating the stuff, even if you got hit on the head by a wayward tin).

Another sport was chucking unused tubes of compo margarine into the end of exercise clean-up bonfire and then standing well back. The end bit of the tube (like a toothpaste tube) would fly open with a loud *pop* and cover anyone trying to get warm by the fire :E However, on one occasion some idiot chucked a tin of cheese on the fire. The first I knew of it was a loud bang and a large burning log flying past my ear close enough to feel the heat..... :ooh:

18th Apr 2005, 16:07
I have cheese raced, I have the t-shirt (and baseball cap) and I am currently sat next to the inventor of the sport.

18th Apr 2005, 17:55
Done in Feb 2002, under exposed here, post above this posted the link way back then, still think its great :ok:

izod tester
18th Apr 2005, 20:00
On the other hand, it is possible to get hurt in this cheese race: http://www.truebrits.tv/cheese_rolling.html

18th Apr 2005, 21:38
I imagine it's possible to get injured in the other racing. Cheese heats up and puffs and explodes, showering anyone near with molten plastic cheese. That'll liven up the party.