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WE Branch Fanatic
17th Apr 2005, 18:31
Had to have my beloved Cat put to sleep this morning. She was very old, and has been having on and off health problems for seveal months, but it still came as a shock. A few months ago she losther eyesight, but coped bravely, and it came back. The same thing happened again in Feb/March. But she got it back, and never did she give up, or stop being the affectionate pet she always has been. A month ago she suffered what we think was a stroke, which was truely horrible to see. But Oxygen and Steriods from the vet made her a lot better, so she could have more time.

About a week ago she seemed to get a problem with excessive drinking and urinating, and on Friday thhe vet diagnosed an upper respiratory tract infection, and said she had an infection in her mouth and the toxins were impairing her kidneys. But she still had a chance, if we could get rid of the infection.

Last night she had a fit, and had another this morning, a much more serious one, and was struggling to move or breath. We knew the likely outcome when we took her to the vet. Her kidneys were failing to remove toxins from her blood, and it was these that were causing her fits. She was very, very quiet, her breathing was shallow and it was clear that she was dying. The only kind thing to do was to help her on her way.

She's peace now, buried in the garden she loved so much, and still close to the people she shared her life with and was loved by. She came into our lives in March 1989 (the 16th I think) and was our faithful pet for all that time.

:{ :{

I don't actually know why I'm typing this.......

17th Apr 2005, 18:35
I know why... :sad:

17th Apr 2005, 18:49
my sympathies... I do know how it feels.

17th Apr 2005, 18:55
Been there, awful state, know exactly what it's like and had a lump in my throat reading your post WEB. Deepest sympathy, mate.


17th Apr 2005, 19:12
{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{WE Branch Fanatic}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} <~~hugs

I am sure you have heard of the Rainbow Bridge - it has been posted here a few times - but if you don't, go here (http://www.rainbowbridge.com/) which is one of several sites :ok:

tony draper
17th Apr 2005, 19:13
Likewise WB,losing a four legged family member is as hard as losing a two legged one.
My condolences.

17th Apr 2005, 19:21
I'm very sorry to hear that WBF :(
Have lost a couple of four legged friends too, how painful.

17th Apr 2005, 19:25

I am genuinely, genuinely sorry.

I don't give a flying fcuk to anyone who says " oh, it's just a cat". This was a little personality with whom you spent much of yourlife.

My Lusty Lister Sex Kitten died just before Christmas. I gave him a good burial in his favourite spot and had a [email protected]@DY good wake for his little soul. My best friend wrote a moggie lament for him.

All you can console yourself with, is that you gave her the best she could have wished for.

Lots of love


17th Apr 2005, 19:31
Sorry mate.

They leave a hole, don't they?

17th Apr 2005, 19:42
It's always difficult to lose a loved one, regardless of the species. My deepest sypmpathies and condolences. :sad:

Solid Rust Twotter
17th Apr 2005, 20:49
Deepest sympathy, WEBF.

I don't have the words.....

17th Apr 2005, 20:49
Sad day... RIP Pinky.

Only those of us with four legged family will REALLY understand the the loss.

PW and Skippy the Dog.

17th Apr 2005, 20:51
WEBF, really sorry to hear that. It's crap isn't it. Have a look HERE (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=113234&highlight=my+poor+cat), many other ppruners know exactly what you are going through.

17th Apr 2005, 20:56
We had our moggy put down this time last year. We often still act like he's around, hearing a noise or saying 'hi' when we go into one of his haunts.

Vet said it was expensive to have him cremated individually.
"What kind of expensive?", I asked.
"£300," she said.
I didn't bat an eyelid at that, "Go ahead!"

17th Apr 2005, 20:58
Yup lost my Jeddah london flat owning mog a year or two back, lost one of the family.

17th Apr 2005, 21:05
Sorry for your loss, WE.

I know just how you must feel. My old dog was like my first born son, got him when he was just six weeks old. He was a black labrador/black collie cross with a great character, and he was very good looking - so much so that the had his own fan club in the local area, all women!

He was almost 17 when I had to have him put down. He had become crippled with arthritis and had severe kidney problems and we were emigrating. He was far too sick to go to someone else; I rather hoped that he would go naturally but it wasn't to be. Because I knew it would stress him badly seeing the removals men come into the house (he had moved house many times before with us), I took him to the vet's the day before the house was packed up.

Worst thing I ever had to do, almost like putting down a child. Couldn't go home for hours afterwards.

17th Apr 2005, 22:07
Sorry to hear about your cat, WE.

We had to have our dog put down, a couple of years ago - she was 17, good innings and all that. I don't particularly like pets, damn nuisances really. So why was I bawling my head off when it happened?

tall and tasty
17th Apr 2005, 22:53
don't actually know why I'm typing this.......

As others have said it helps with the grieving process. Unfotunately the shock of actually having to go to the vet and go through it is probably the worse.

Four legged animals are as much a part of our family lives as loosing a two legged companion. I have had many a person including fully grown men who have lost everything in their lives and to have to go through this was too much ( from vet nursing days). So never worry about how you feel it is natural

But the best comfort is the fact you were able to help her not suffer too long and she is at peace now.

I sympathise totally, been through days like this with my own pets and even now reading what you have written bought back memories for me too. :( :sad:


17th Apr 2005, 23:02
Oh you poor thing, I know exactly how you feel, I cried buckets when my cat died. So you have a good cry and don't apologise to anyone.

17th Apr 2005, 23:51
I share your sadness WEBF. We had to put down our dog some years ago under similar circumstances. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done. :sad:

17th Apr 2005, 23:53
Very sorry to hear it, mate.

Divergent Phugoid!
18th Apr 2005, 00:42

So sorry to hear the sad news. I had the exact same with one of a pair of 5 month old kittens, two years ago almost to the day.

Little Chuggley was suffering from the very same symptoms. His will to survive was amaising but alas he eventually died. He left me with many fond memories although he was only with me for a few months.

Pudd his sister is now the lady of the house, thinks she is human, rants at me if I am late in and even though she can't replace him, she certainly keeps me amused.

It isn't easy when you lose a close pet but time and fond memories do help to ease the pain... :sad: :sad:

Irish Steve
18th Apr 2005, 01:33
I don't actually know why I'm typing this.......

I do:( It hurts like hell!

We've had a cat (or three) in the house for the last 32 years, but it still hurts when one goes, and hurts even more when it has to be a decision like the one you've just had to make, we had something similar with a cat about the same age last summer, his legs sort of stopped working at the back, and the vet said that toxins were a problem, so we made the kindest decision, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I think we've got no 7 & 8 at the moment, and every one of them has been a personality in its' own right, no two have been the same.

All I can say is that it does ease with time.:\

To anyone else that's got an elderly cat, make sure you've taken some photo's, they help too.

18th Apr 2005, 02:00
Going through it here at Para towers at the moment, George, our cat from the RSPCA that we have had for 6 months or so has developed an illness called feline infective peritonitis.

Very rare disease, slim chance that he'll survive and the vets bill is heading for £1500 after two months of treatment.

If he goes into remission (might just be starting to now) it will cost us about £150 a month for the rest of his life.

Some difficult decisions to come here in the near future I feel and for me the worst bit is trying to prepare Para Jnr (5 yrs old) for the worst, as she now adores him.

Time will tell.


18th Apr 2005, 03:16
Know how you feel...

Though he died five years ago, we still miss Santa who slept on our bed for years and woke us up at the crack of dawn every day. Then we lost Little'un and Ujang in the past year

Brought up together from birth, the dog thought he was cat and the cat thought he was a dog. They're side by side now, with a bouganvillea marking the spot.

18th Apr 2005, 08:21
When our Tigger went I buried him in the garden in the shade of a weeping birch (before anyone says it, I know the EU has dictated that it's illegal. Who cares.) I laid cuttings from his favourite cat-mint at the bottom of the grave. A year later the cat-mint had sprouted and broken the surface. When we moved house, we couldn't leave him so I dug him up complete with the cat-mint and transferred it to a large patio tub. He (the luxuriant cat-mint he has become) now sits on our new patio with a small slate headstone which we had made in Wales. Mrs W won't have another cat.

Pinky the pilot
18th Apr 2005, 08:33
Know how you feel having nearly three years ago now lost a big lovable black and white cat called Kit Cat who was my best mate. He had an unknown heart complaint and the suddeness of it all really threw both Mrs PtP and myself.
And I still miss him!:{

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

18th Apr 2005, 10:30
Now having read every one else's entry, you will perceive the fellowship of pprune, everyone hurts Been there done that bought...etc.... So the others have proven you right to write.

18th Apr 2005, 11:09

We give them the food we can spare,
We give them the time we can spare,
We give them the love we can spare,
And in return...they give us their all.

29th Apr 2005, 09:29
Just thought I would post here as just reading everyone’s posts is a comfort.

I got up this morning to find Beamish (Lusty Lister’s brother) dead by the door. 8 years old and the healthiest cat I’ve had. I think he might have been a bit off colour for a few days but I thought he was ignoring me as I went away to South Africa for a holiday – they do that; try to make you feel bad.

He was very affectionate and liked to put his head on one side to look cute (which he did).

My ex- is coming over for his funeral and wake. Time to play Ashokan Farewell as his requiem.

Lister was found similarly just before Christmas. Con-genital heart defect? Pining for his brother?

Thanks for listening.

29th Apr 2005, 09:35
Really sorry to hear your bad news Whirly. We've only had our two for three years but it would leave a large hole if anything happened.


29th Apr 2005, 11:16
Whirly sorry to hear your news. There aren't any easy words to say.

29th Apr 2005, 11:56
Hadn't seen this thread until it got resurrected.

Got a kitten when I was 5. I grew up with Tommy. I left home at 18, but came back to see Mum, Dad, brother, sisters -- and Tommy -- each weekend.

I was 21 when I came back on a beautiful Saturday morning to find Tommy lying in the back garden panting. Mum and Dad let me do what had to be done. A call to the PDSA.

As I spoke to the girl on the phone, the floodgates opened. I hadn't cried since I was 16. The girl agreed to see Tommy, but I knew. I couldn't go. Dad and my younger sister took him down after I'd said my goodbyes.

Tommy's legacy is that I'm a real man now. I always burst into floods of tears when something sad happens, be it on the telly or whatever.

Trust your moggy meets him. He was a great cat.

29th Apr 2005, 12:40
So sorry, Whirly.

Evening Star
29th Apr 2005, 12:43
As a graduate back too long ago I started work a long way from my family. Trips home were rare, and I always made a point of saying goodbye to our cat, so I always parted with her purring. Then she had suffered cancer and had to be put to sleep between my visits home. Because of the distance the loss felt worse :sad:. I am just so glad I said goodbye properly each time.

Being so painfully aware of the fragility of life that for many years I resisted getting another cat. However, Mrs ES and Miss ES were most insistent that the ES household now includes a cat. Because of my experience, stroking the cat before I go to work is now as important a ritual in the morning as kissing Mrs ES.

Sorry, long winded way of saying I feel the pain.:sad:

29th Apr 2005, 17:34
Thanks everyone,

We buried him this morning next to Lister and Dylan. Four gazelles flew past just shortly after.

My ex wanted to have a port mortem because he died so shortly after his brother and was worried in case someone is putting poison down. I couldn't bear the thought of taking him to the vets and being cut up. There were no signs of poisoning but it did happen to someone's dog in the village. I hope we made the right decision.

I drove to work as I needed something to take my mind off things and missed my junction off the M4. Obviously in no fit state to drive.

It was so totally unexpected. I hope this doesn't anthropomorphic but I think it's upset the other cats too.

It helps to write about it.



30th Apr 2005, 11:32
Sorry to see your bad news whirly, I didnt really notice cats until my wife found a couple of abandoned ones, quite fond of em now, think I would be upset as you are if anything happened to em.
Chin Up!!

1st Aug 2005, 21:21
Sorry to drag up an old thread which I'm aware may bring back some painful memories for some pruners, but I need some advice.

Tomorrow, at 1200, we are taking George, our two year old long hair to the vet to be put to sleep, his rare illness has finally got the better of him so it is only kind and right to end his suffering.

My five year old daugher sadly doesn't live with me and is currently on holiday. She is rather fond of George, particularly as he tends to sleep on her bed when she stays.

I'm going to delay breaking the news until she is home to avoid spoiling her holiday but when the time comes.....

How on earth do I tell her ?

Any advice/tips/pointers are most welcome.

Thanks in advance,



1st Aug 2005, 21:26
Hi mate, sorry to hear about this. Very sad indeed.

Try videoing George in your house before he goes with a few words from yourself saying goodbye (from George to your daughter kind-of-thing) then play her the tape.

Not going to be easy but good luck. :)

1st Aug 2005, 22:02
Sorry to hear that mate. I vividly remember having the news broken to me when still a nipper. I can't say as there's much you can do or say.

As hard as he'll be to replace, have you thought of getting another cat?

1st Aug 2005, 22:24
Deepest sympathies... don't know how much you appreciate their company 'till they're gone :(

1st Aug 2005, 22:43
Para, if I may be so bold:

I personally have no memories, good or bad, from when I was 5 years old. But that probably only means that by the time I was 8, my recollections of being a 5 year old had already been superceded by more "pressing" matters. I truly believe that kids live mainly "in the present", perhaps something to do with how nature and/or DNA equips the young'uns in order to more readily learn and survive. I think it gets much more difficult as soon as one enters the teenage years and can become unbearable in later years... :confused:

But if I was a 5 year old today, coming back to find that my "best friend" was missing, I wouldn't hold it against you in later years if you were to say to me something along the lines of...

"George wrote you this letter while you were on holiday because he had to go away very unexpectedly:

My dearest little pumpkin *,

I hope you had a terrific holiday and I'm so very sorry I'm not here to welcome you back. While you were away, I got a letter from my mummy and daddy in heaven. They said they missed me very much and needed me to come home so I could help them with the butterflies. You know what butterflies are don't you? Well, my mummy and daddy asked me to come home because the butterflies there don't always know how to find the flowers. Isn't that silly?! So I have to help all the butterflies find the flowers, it's not very easy!

Anyway, I may not be coming home for quite a long time and I didn't want you to get too sad. I know it's difficult not to feel sad. Because I miss you too. Please don't cry so much. You're making me cry too!

I wanted to tell you a secret because you've always told me so many of your secrets. Shhhh! I won't tell silly! Anyway, my big secret is that I've got a little brother who would simply love to come and live with you while I'm away! Yes!!! Your mummy and daddy know where he lives but they don't know WHO he is! Only you do...! All you have to do is to ask mummy and daddy to take you to the R-S-P-C-A. Then, when you're there, you just have to go up close to the pudicats and whisper "Are you George's little brother?" You'll know it's my little brother when if you stroke him, he lifts his tail up in the air and shows you his bottom! And then, if he's really my little brother, he'll turn round and try to rub his head against yours. THAT'S how you'll know! He doesn't have a real name so you'll have to give him one. You might need your mummy and daddy's help with a name.

Just remember, anytime you need to speak to me or tell me a secret, you can just tell my little brother everything. He can keep secrets very very well, just like me. That's how we can talk to each other all the time.

Lots and lots of love and kisses and cuddles,

1st Aug 2005, 22:55
Sorry that you've got to do this Para.

In the end, I'm not sure that it matters what you say. The important thing is that you are there and that you don't try and pretend that everything is alright. If your daughter knows you are feeling sad then she will feel it's okay to be sad with you. Allowing yourself and the child the luxury of a miserable day or two and a few tears will bring healing far faster than trying to pretend that losing the cat is unimportant.

I like airship's way of introducing a new cat into the family - might bring a few well needed laughs.

1st Aug 2005, 22:55
I note with concern: Excessive drinking and urinating?
(1) Upper respiratory tract infection= prob with nasal cavity?
(2) Other toxins? What were they?
(3) Infection in her mouth? So the toxins were imparing her kidneys?

Q; Did not the vet (1) diagnose the conection of kidney concerns?

Sorry if I seem so hard, but vets can take the p£££ at times

1st Aug 2005, 23:03
dazdaz, thats got to be one of the most tasteless posts of the year.

1st Aug 2005, 23:07
Sorry to hear about Pinky
Theres lotsa lil fellas like this lookin fer a new slave :p


1st Aug 2005, 23:10
I know Tim, It's one hell of a job, but someone has to do it.


Now back to Thunderbirds................

1st Aug 2005, 23:14

Sorry about George; sad when they're young as well. I hope you have photos of him (like the one above if poss) and your daughter will be able to look back and remember him in 35 years time (just like I do with all my pets).


1st Aug 2005, 23:17
Our two family moggies (brother and sister) died earlier in the year within ten days of each other. Both from the same litter they lived with us (latterly just my parents) for seventeen years, a whole lot of years for a cat; both passed away peacefully in their favourite spots in the garden, in which they are now buried. Strange how these things happen, they never seemed that close in life but were not apart for long in death.

When we have kids ourselves we'll be sure to add a moggie or two to the clan, I grew up with those companions and good friends they were too.

1st Aug 2005, 23:22
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There is only one woman who brings my sense of manhood to the fore front, she knows how to handle a chopper, over the past weeks she has ignored my intention of amour....Pm plz

2nd Aug 2005, 00:11
Be gone from here dazdaz!

It has been written. Let it be executed!

(Well, something like that worked for the Romans didn't it...or was it the Egyptians, I seem to recall that chariots were involved anyway?!) :* ;)

2nd Aug 2005, 09:00
Can we bring this thread back on track please........

Deepest sympathies to WEB, PARA and WHIRLS from my furry friends, Barry, Sooty and Sweep. All rescue cats.
I dread the day I have to face the same situation.
Animals are far nicer than people...don't you find?