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16th Apr 2005, 11:46
Anyone see the weather report now being integrated into Newsnight??

Paxman (to those who didn't see Have I Got News For You last night) : Um, there will be rain in some places and no rain for the rest.

On Wednesday night he said : It's April. What do you expect the weather to be?

:ok: to J. Wish all weather reports were as blunt as that!

16th Apr 2005, 11:48
The last weather report is on tonights election special. The Markets return on Monday

16th Apr 2005, 11:50
damn. I found it quite funny......even if he does hate the Scots! :ugh:

tony draper
16th Apr 2005, 11:54
I love Paxman, he's the only one that treats politicians with the sneering distain they all deserve.

16th Apr 2005, 11:56
Spot on Mr D!!

16th Apr 2005, 11:57
...........and the brainy students on Uni Challenge. :8

Where do these people come from? I was at uni for 4 years and never knew or heard of ANYONE as intelligent as the people on that show. Mind you, not many of the students on the show are engineers :}

16th Apr 2005, 12:29
Why do we need those highly overpaid seaweed readers, when you've got Paxman?
More truthful and entertaining at the same time.:ok:

16th Apr 2005, 14:41
Here you go:ok:



16th Apr 2005, 14:59
Can't get it to work :(

16th Apr 2005, 16:06
Hmm.Strange..it works on Real One player with me, if that's any help:ok:

Kalium Chloride
16th Apr 2005, 16:11
Drapes in "admits to liking journalist" shock?! :ooh:

16th Apr 2005, 17:00
Excellent stuff! I think the Newsnight team might be imitating style of the old news satire program "The Day Today" featuring Chris Morris. Here's a quote from the weather summary in episode 3, series 1:

"Starting in the south-east where it should be dull and drizzly in the morning, a bit like waking up next to a corpse. In Wales, it should start nice but bits of old weather will drift back in the afternoon and the rain will bitch down. Things should improve in the north-east and the south-west, which will collide towards mid-afternoon, and there'll be loud thunderstorms in the evening, about the volume of a Thin Lizzy concert. In summary then, aaghh. [Stuart sticks out his tongue. On it is a label that says "Dry"] And that's all the weather."

Krystal n chips
17th Apr 2005, 08:35
How to start a cult following in a few succinct words !:ok: --although I have long been an admirer of Paxman and his "less than complimentary" interviewing style --:ok: --but yep, the Weather spots will never be the same again after watching his own version ---nobody could match him anyway!.

17th Apr 2005, 13:56
From the recommended list:

The Political Animal, by Paxman, J.

A very good read.:ok: